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Electric Toothbrushes, Whitening Stickers, Medical Masks... Amazon Personal Care Items Are Really Good To Use!

By  gaorong
Published on   Jul 12, 2022


The annual Amazon Prime day is coming! From July 12 to July 13,The editor recommends hot selling products of health care for you!


There are oral care, health care products, life care products, and women care products. Last year's popular top selling products are all here. Let's take a look at what must-buy good products are in the two-day big sale!


Which products have dropped to the lowest price in history this year? 


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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Power Toothbrush 



The high-value DiamondClean toothbrush!


Experience perfect cleaning and oral care in all aspects, and make brushing your teeth a pleasure! There are 3 different brush heads and 4 modes. The smart gum care brush can improve gum health up to 7 times in 2 weeks; while the smart whitening brush is twice as effective in removing tooth stains in 3 days than ordinary brush.


In addition, this new smart series allows the toothbrush to be connected to the mobile app through Bluetooth. The tender pink is super cute, the pearl white + rose gold color is elegant, the matte black is high texture, and the dark blue unique to the top-class model have a sense of low-key luxury Luxurious, this is a practical, intimate and decent gift!


Waterpik WP-660 electric waterpik Home Edition



After eating, there are a lot of food residues hidden in your teeth, which can be easily removed with this waterpik.


In addition to brushing, you can use the waterpik for pulsed high-pressure washing, which is more effective than traditional dental floss to clean food debris and go deep into the crevices and gingival grooves.


It can massage the gums, reduce gum bleeding, inflammation and reduce the risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease, and can better protect oral health.


Crest 3D Whitestrips+ Whitening Blue Light Instrument



This is Crest's STAR product.


Stick the Whitestrips and then use the blue light instrument until the blue light turns off automatically, which can remove tooth stains more effectively. The whitening effect is twice that of professional treatments.


Make your smile brighter. It can be used 10 times and the effect is also very good. You can see the whitening effect after 10 days of continuous use, and the effect will last for 36 months after complete teeth whitening treatment.


Heivy Collagen Oral Liquid



It can not only supplement collagen, but also meet health needs.


When used with mask, it will make you beautiful from inside to outside! Heivy comes from New York. the popular product is a variety of collagen drinks and mask with different functions to maintain skin from inside to outside.


Red bottle is nourishing, blue bottle is energetic, purple bottle is health, two new orange bottles are anti-sugar, dark blue bottle helps sleep. If you like it, you can try it!


Schiff Move Free



Move Free is Schiff's brand of health care products dedicated to joint health.


It is also a best-selling and well-known brand of Schiff. Meet different joint maintenance needs for different people. Red bottle daily joint maintenance, blue bottle more calcium, white bottle added collagen, product line diverse and targeted.


Braun Electric Shaver



It's a thoughtful, practical and decent gift.


He always doesn't take good care of himself? Buy a Braun advanced electric shaver for your husband or boyfriend to make him cleaner and more refreshing!


It has a variety of modes can be selected. Compared with the old 9 series, the new 92 series has added a titanium trimmer. The razor has higher processing precision, sharper, more corrosion-resistant and less irritating to the skin.


In addition, protective skin protective strips are added to make shaving safer and more comfortable, and can easily shave the beard cleanly. The focus is on the automatic cleaning and charging system, which is applicable to global voltages to make travel very convenient.


50 BYD Disposable 3-layer Medical Grade Masks



Wear masks, protect yourself and others!


This is a medical grade mask, which is different from the level 2 protection standard of daily protective masks.


This medical mask has ASTM Level 3 certification and can provide 3 layers of high-efficiency filtration protection. The masks sold by BYD on Meiya have been certified by FDA, and the after-sales service of fulfilled by amazon is also guaranteed !


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