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13 Barbecue Must-Haves Picked By Grilling Experts

By  montylian
Published on   Aug 12, 2022


Ahh, grilling season. Who can resist the allure of an outdoor cookout? Whether you're a seasoned pro or a barbecue pitmaster in training, we could all use a little inspiration to keep our barbecues fresh and tasty and our burgers less, well, hockey-puck-like!


So, we talked to barbecue and grilling experts, from a New Orleans grill master to a New Zealand food truck smash burger expert, to find out what grilling accessories, gadgets, barbecue seasonings and grill tools are their top picks for keeping their outdoor feasts filled with flavor. Pick up one or more of the items in this buying guide to up your grilling game and be prepared to impress your guests — and their taste buds!



Rapidfire Chimney Starter


chimney starter


Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter


Get your Grill fired up faster! This handy chimney-style grill starter will have you flipping burgers in no time. It’s quicker than using charcoal and lighter fluid, gets your grill evenly hot, and the design makes it easy to use.


A must for true grillmasters! Includes a cool, thermoplastic handle to keep the hands from burning and holds enough briquettes to supply a 22-1/2-inch grill. Eliminates the need to use lighter fluid to start your grill and compact design for transport and ease of use.


Real-time Price: $25.99 at Amazon



Burger Seasonings


kimchi chili pepper flakes


Mother-In-Law's Kimchi Chili Pepper Flakes


These Red Chili pepper flakes are not your average pepper flakes! This delicious spice is made with Korean chili peppers, Gochugaru-style. This means that the flavor will take your meals to the next level with a deep, sweet heat.


You get 3.5 ounces of Gochugaru chile flakes that add a sweet, spicy flavor to your meals! Use it to make Kimchi or simply to add a smoky heat to your grilled food, pizza, pasta, or snacks!


Real-time Price: $8.40 at Amazon



Smash Burger Press


burger press


Sasquash Smash Burger Press


This burger press is no joke! If you need a heavy-duty, no-nonsense tool to make your burgers seem like they were made for a gourmet burger restaurant, this is the one you’ve been looking for!


Stainless steel, welded construction for durability along with a flat, extra-wide handle for easy pressing. Has a 6-inch diameter and rounded, flat smash plate to make the thinnest, most smashed burgers ever!


Real-time Price: $24.98 at Amazon



Grilling Pads


grilling pads


Renook Grill Mat Set, 6-Count


These grill pads are super versatile and are perfect for a variety of uses! Make grill flares a thing of the past with these mats. They also can be used in the oven! Thin design that allows grill marks to form, yet thick enough to retain durability and form.


Prevents food from falling into the grill and causing grill flares. 15.75 x 13-inch pad is dishwasher safe, mess-resistant, non-stick, and is able to be cut and customized to size.


Real-time Price: $15.97 at Amazon



A Smoky and Tangy Charcoal Rub


charcoal rub


Sebastian & Co. Asado-Inspired Charcoal Rub


This seasoning blend is designed to infuse charcoal grill-fired flavor into your meats and vegetables! Perfect for those who love the flavor of charred food on the grill!


An 8.4 ounce dry-rub seasoning that makes food taste like it's been grilled, even if it has not! Sugar-free, and black in color, this blend gives an appealing grilled look to meats and veggies with a savory, smoky kick!


Real-time Price: $14.99 at Amazon



LED Grill Light Spatula




Grillight LED Grill Light Spatula


What do you do when you’re in the mood to grill, but it’s dark? Use your LED-light BBQ set! This set comes with a lighted spatula and tongs so that you can grill easily when it’s dark outside!


Stainless steel grill spatula and tongs with ergonomic handle design, with built-in LED lights that mimic the midday sun, allowing you to see the true color of your food. Fully waterproof and dishwasher safe, these grill tools are a breeze to clean!


Real-time Price: $39.95 at Amazon



Reusable Skewers


reusable skewers


GRILLART 17" Kabob Skewers for Grilling, 10-Count


These kabob skewers will change the way you grill! For use with meat or vegetables, with these skewers you will have a delicious grilled meal in no time! The specialized food slider lets you easily remove the kabobs from the skewer once food is done cooking.


The flat, wide stainless steel blade makes sure that food won’t spin on your grill, and will get an even cook on both sides! Extra long kabob skewers allow you to flip your food without opening the grill!


Real-time Price: $21.99 at Amazon



Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce


embasa sauce


Embasa Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce


If you like a little spice and need to kick your food up a notch, these Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce are what you’ve been dreaming of!


Perfect for marinating meats or incorporating into a sauce, these are smoked red jalapenos bathed in a spiced tomato sauce exploding with flavor. Adds a deep, powerful heat and smoky flavor to your meal!


Real-time Price: $18.96 at Amazon



Wireless Thermometer


wireless thermometer


MEATER Block Wi-Fi Thermometer


These remotely-operated thermometers may seem complicated and high-tech, but they’re surprisingly easy to use! Just download the app and get ready to cook your meats to perfect temperatures, resulting in perfectly cooked meats every time.


Four probes included with two sensors in each for a super accurate reading, and they are dishwasher safe! Receive a notification on your smartphone through the app when your meat reaches the ideal temperature.


Real-time Price: $299.95 at Amazon



Mandoline Slicer


mandoline slicer


Benriner Mandoline Slicer


Ever wanted to make your vegetables all sliced the same size like professional chefs? Get beautifully sliced veggies with this mandolin slicer! Cooks vegetables evenly since they are all the same size!


Use on any vegetable, make fries, hash browns, vegetables for grilling or snacks. Features 4 interchangeable stainless steel blades that allow you to cut veggies for different purposes. Includes safety guard and a non-skid rubber base for ease of use!


Real-time Price: $84.30 at Amazon



A Beloved Seasoning Blend


seasoning blend


Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend


This seasoning is a classic for a reason! It’s extremely versatile and tasty, adding flavor to any food. Contains onion, sea salt, garlic, poppy seed, and sesame seed blend that lends a strong savory flavor to dishes!


It’s extremely easy to use and goes with almost anything, just sprinkle the seasoning over your favorite food and taste the magic.


Real-time Price: $6.49 at Amazon



Smoke Box


smoke box


Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box


This smoker box may be small, but it will add a huge smoky flavor to your grilled food! Made from durable cast-iron and designed with six vents to allow smoke to flow into the grill, and prevents the wood from catching on fire.


This box adds a ton of real smoked flavor to your cookout, just add wood chips!


Real-time Price: $21.99 at Amazon



Sofrito…and a Little Love!


fresh sofrito


Cooking con Omi My Fresh Sofrito


If you need a delicious sauce or marinade for your grilled meats, Sofrito is a great option! This thick, tangy onion and cilantro-based sauce will add an exotic flair to your meal.


Real-time Price: $13.89 at Amazon


So you’ve decided you’re ready to step up your grilling game?


From seasonings that add a bold punch of flavor, to gadgets that will revolutionize your BBQ grilling techniques, our top picks will have your friends and family declaring you the master of the grill pit!


Don’t miss these incredible grilling essentials!


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