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10 Best Stress Balls That Can Help You Vent Your Emotions

Published on   Nov 22, 2022

Many things - from genetics to your environment - can lead to increased anxiety, feelings of restlessness and brooding. Fidgeting toys, such as fidget spinners or stress balls, are thought to help relieve stress and distract from brooding and anxiety. Thus, using a stress ball can be helpful in relieving energy and calming fidgeting.


"When you feel stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed, sometimes you feel the need to squeeze," says Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP, Somatic Experiencing psychotherapist, integrative coach and author. This is exactly where stress balls can help.


Here are the best stress balls on the market, according to a licensed mental health counselor.



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Toys & Games
Cute & Fun Face Stress Reliefs Balls
$ 19.99 AT AMAZON
  • Bring laugh and fun
  • Wonderful Stress Reliever
  • Great for party gifts and office fun
  • Easy to concentrate and great toys for children with ADHD

Angry at work? Can't focus on anything? Grab one of these adorable faces (comes in 12 packs), and squeeze. 

Squeeze it hard and feel all of the negativity get out of your fingers. Now you're all good to get back to work with 200% energy. 


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Toys & Games
Squishy Squeezing Stress Balls for All Ages
$ 13.99 AT AMAZON
  • 4 different styles of colorful
  • Portable and travel-friendly ball toys
  • Better touching and endure any abuses
  • Made of non-toxic silicone premium quality
  • Perfect for physical and emotional stress relief

Looking for a perfect stress relief toy? Here's your treat: the colorful Squishy Squeezing Stress Balls. Fit-all-hand size, fun tactile beads filled, and non-toxic materials offer a fun, safe, and relaxed squeeze. 

Its fine finish will give you a touch of "peaceful". We're not going to lie that we are obsessed with these "swishy swishy" balls.


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MindPanda Stress Balls with Spa Therapy Aroma
$ 21.99 AT AMAZON
  • Designed by professionals
  • Ultra Durable and non-harmful materials
  • Improve Blood Flow and Strengthen hands

Good news, adults. These are the ultimate stress-relief ball for you. The MindPanda Therapy Stress Balls come in 3 balls in a pack, each offering different resistance levels, fragrances, and empowering quotes. 

Premium quality and advanced design: soft gel core covered in a silky lycra coating, make it perfect for squishing, squeezing, and bouncing the pressure away. Squeeze hard, smell good, and remind yourself how AWESOME you are.


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Stress Balls with Motivational Quotes, Stress Relief Toys for Adults
$ 13.99 AT AMAZON
  • Unlimited Inspiration
  • Perfect Toy for Stress Relief
  • Amazing Hand Therapy Tool
  • Awesome display for your office or desk
  • Excellent gift for coworkers, family, and students

Manifest should be a day-to-day activity. Start from these Stress-less Stress Balls with positive affirmations that tap into the higher version of yourself. Stress-less made overcoming "under-the-pump" situations easier.


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Health & Personal Care
The Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Stress Ball
$ 5.99 AT AMAZON
  • Helps relieve arthritis pain
  • Reusable for multiple uses
  • Filled with 100% natural grains
  • Encourages gentle exercise for the hand

#FYI: heat and chill temperature affects your mood. Grab the theory, Carex bring The Iso-Ball to change your life. 

Provide gentle moist heat therapy for destressing and relaxing your joints. Throw a farewell to drug treatments. This is the greatest natural alternative stress relief gadget.


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Health & Personal Care
Power Your Fun - Arggh! Squishy Stress Ball
$ 11.04 AT AMAZON
  • Super safe for kids
  • Perfect calming toys for Kids and Adults
  • Rainbow anti-stress ball helps calm and concentrate

Arggh! Feeling overwhelmed runs through your veins?

Have you heard of the Arggh Squishy Stress Ball? Then SQUEEZE it. STRETCH it. SMASH it. Repeat till you feel better. Physical exercise and mental balance all in one grab. Arggh! Put that frustration away.


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The Friendly Swede Stress Balls for Adults and Kids - Set of 3
$ 16.99 AT AMAZON
  • Satisfying to squeeze
  • Improve grip strength
  • Great for injury rehab
  • Great keep their original shape
  • Highly tear-resistant and toxic-free

Round shape stress balls are not looking good to you anymore? Then switch to this egg shape Friendly Swede Stress Balls. 

Offer great form for training your fingers, hand grip, and forearm, these eggs are simple and comfortable to use anytime or bring anywhere. 

Working on the computer for a day? Friendly Swede Stress Balls is here to stretch your fingers and push the fatigue out.


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Serenilite Stress Balls, 3-Ball Bundle
$ 17.95 AT AMAZON
  • Spark Multiple Senses and Relieve Stress
  • Improve your Concentration
  • Strengthen your Grip, Joints and Muscles
  • Ultra-Durable, Premium Quality
  • Experience maximum grip and comfort

You might get blindsided by those colorful Anxiety Relief gadgets. But a lifetime durable stress ball like Serenilite will never let you down. 

Ergonomic design resonates with tear-resistant gel core ultra comfortable wrapped in non-stick fabric, this claims to be your all-time favorite distress tool.


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Health & Personal Care
GOTAZO 5-Pack Hand Exercise Balls - Physical Kit for Strengthening Grip & Reducing Stiffness
$ 7.99 AT AMAZON
  • Wide range of use
  • Five strengths levels
  • Comes in a cloth bag for take-to-go
  • Hypoallergenic, recyclable, and latex-free material

Is there any affordable way to get rid of Hand fatigue, muscle tension, or a high level of stress?

You're in luck! The low-budget & efficient tool your need for physical therapy is here. Offer multiple resistance levels (extra soft -> extra firm) on each stress ball, GOZATO gives you an ultimate & portable exercise from fingers to hand wrist. The ergonomic shape, as a bonus, helps workouts be more comfortable. Blood flow smoothly brings high productivity.


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Toys & Games
Lavender-Scented Stress Relief Stress Balls
$ 25.95 AT AMAZON
  • Handmade
  • Aromatherapy Stress Relief
  • Filled with Fragrant Lavender Flowers!

Lavender aroma is the black magic in the peaceful world. Now, you can find it inside the Handcrafted Lavender Stress Balls. 

It looks sparkling and stunning and smells amazing at the same time. The harder you squish, the sweeter it spread. 


There's nothing worse than turning your stress into angry stonewalling or crushing things. Use these stress balls instead. They may look tiny, but they've a huge effect: they lift your mood, repair your mental health, and let out every negative thought.

You'll feel like you're in control again and finally quell any angry feelings.

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