Scream Night: Slaughter Halloween

Published on   Oct 30, 2022

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You are a Madi. The screams and fear which linger in the minds of people during Halloween stay forever. The costumes worn by people create fear but little do people know that the real monsters leverage the costumes and attack.

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Please don’t kill me…(You said in your mind while drenched in sweat)

Two hours earlier…

You and your friend Dax have just gone to a relative’s house for Halloween dinner.

Hey! Look who’s here?! It’s Madi and Dax!

Someone wearing white appears from behind and the light shuts out immediately.

Who the hell is that?
Nice try ghost.

What happened to the light? You know I’m scared of the dark much less on Halloween… What’s …

You watched the person draw out a knife.

Run Dax!

Dax took to his heels and all of you broke out into laughter. The person wearing the white cloth was your younger sister Ladu.

Not funny guys…

The light was immediately restored.

It was Madi’s idea to scare you… (Laughing)

Madi !

You can’t deny that it was fun… Okay fine… I’m sorry.

You went and sat taking a sip from the glass of wine on the table.

I have been trying to scare you for years but it just doesn’t work.

That’s because you try to scare me with the same dress every time little sis. Try another trick next Halloween, instead of just shutting down the power of the house and wearing a white cloth.

I will keep that in mind for next Halloween.

The light was restored.

You all sat for dinner. After dinner, you, Dani, and Dax went to sit on the balcony. You three were chatting after some minutes you heard a loud scream from Ladu. You all quickly rushed into the house, it so happens that Ladu was watching a horror movie and screamed out of fear.

Dani got a text message asking him to check the news for the latest information. He immediately checked the news.

What the hell?

What’s wrong?

There’s a psychopath killing people, he killed ten people downstreet. The authorities have advised us to lock our doors and stay inside no matter what.

What !

The only thing the police know is that he is wearing a scary mask.

This is Halloween; so many people will be wearing scary Masks.

Let’s go lock our doors now.
I’m sure it’s fake news.

I will lock the front doors… You go lock the back doors.

You guys should be careful… Please.

You don’t have to worry… Just stay here with Ladu.

Even if it’s fake news, we have no harm in being careful. Because we should also consider the fact that it might not be fake news.

Dax has a point…

Okay fine let’s lock the doors.

After some time of locking the doors, you all stay in the sitting room chatting and laughing. You suddenly heard a noise by the window.

Did you guys hear that?

Hear what?

You went close to the window but you didn’t hear the sound again.

Darn it! I forgot my phone outside… I’ll go get it.

Dani went out to get his phone.

Noooo !!!!

You rushed out and found Dani on the floor covered in blood. There was a knife in his head.

Dani !!

A man wearing a mask was standing in front of you. You…

Began to scream.
Ran into the house.

As you stood there frozen… The only thing you could do was scream. The man with the scary mask was slowly approaching you. Dax immediately came from behind and stabbed him. The man fell to the ground.

Did you really think a knife would kill me? (Laughing hysterically and removing the knife)

What’s wrong?

The masked man is here! (Panting)… He just killed Dani… (Breaking down in tears)

Oh no… (Looking shocked)

The masked man went close to Dax and kept on hitting his head on the edge of the stairs until his head was squashed and a pool of blood flowed.

Dax !

You and Ladu went to the front door and tried unlocking it but because of anxiety, the key kept on falling from your hands.

Come on Madi! He’s getting close! Be fast!

I’m trying… (Sweating profusely) Darn it… (The key falls again)

You …

As you struggled to open the door, the worst happened.

Madi!!!! (Crying)

Not my sister… Please don’t kill my sister.

The masked man lifts Ladu by her neck as she kept on struggling to breathe.

You tried attacking him by stabbing him with a knife that was on the table but he didn’t feel any pain. Out of fear, the knife dropped from your hand.

You kept on screaming that he should let go of your sister but he didn’t listen. He picked up the knife and stabbed your sister in the eye.

Noooo!! Ladu!!!

He kept on stabbing her repeatedly in the same eye until she gave up the ghost.

You fell to the ground crying.

You and Ladu ran to the terrace and locked the door behind you.

Are you sure he won’t be able to get to us?

I really don’t know but we have to find a way to leave.

If we jump, we will die.

The man kept on kicking the door.

He is here!

Before you and Ladu could jump out he kicked the door open and grabbed Ladu by her hair.

Let go of her! (Smashing a long wood on his head)

He dropped Ladu and began to strangle you instead. You were beginning to lose your breath but Ladu came just in time to rescue you. She stabbed his head with a broken bottle. He turned around removed the bottle from his head and stabbed her in the stomach. He twisted the bottle in her stomach until she died.

LADU !!!

As you cried, you knew that you were doomed… you either had to jump from the terrace or let him kill you.

You decided to…

Jump from the terrace.
Let him kill you.

All of your choices led to the following ending:

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