Being A Female Driver Made Me Meet A Wonderful Man.

Published on   Sep 17, 2022

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You are Adela. You are a female driver struggling to make ends meet. Your life changes when a wealthy man hires you to be his chauffeur.

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It’s your first day at work.

How are you feeling?

Mike is your boss.


I can see that. I actually hired you because the time you drove me to the airport, you were very skillful.

Thank you, sir.

Please drop the sir, I want us to address each other casually but with respect.

Okay Mike. (Smiling)

I have never been anyone’s personal driver. I am scared that I will screw this up.

Mike bursts into laughter.

You don’t have to worry… I believe in you. Besides just take it like that you will be driving your friend to work and not your boss.

And yeah I don’t like sitting at the back of the car. I’d rather sit beside you.

That’s fine.

As you drove him to his office, your favorite Spanish song was played on the radio and you got carried away and was singing to it. Mike watched you sing and smiled uncontrollably. When you noticed him smiling at you, you stopped abruptly.

Please continue, I am enjoying it… It’s been a while since I smiled.

Why is that?

Let’s just say life hasn’t been fair with me.

Life has been hard on everyone.
I find that hard to believe.

But the most important thing is how we handle every obstacle life throws at us.

You are right about that but sometimes it gets very frustrating.

We will be fine at the end of the day.(Smiling at him)

I mean… you have everything. Just your wristwatch alone will pay my rent for ten years. What more can you ask for?

Genuine love and happiness.

Hmmm… Love won’t put food on my table so I have no time to think about that.

Mike smiles at you.

You dropped him at his office and decided to take a tour around his office. You were blown away by the interior and infrastructure.

This man is rich! Holy shit!! Look at this place. (Looking around)

Later in the evening, you took him home and he invited you in for a drink. You accepted the invitation. You both drank and talked about random things. You didn’t know when you slept off on the couch.

In the middle of the night, you had someone shouting. When you got up it was Mike, he seemed to be having a nightmare. He kept on struggling in his sleep.

You …

Tried waking him up.
Watched him hoping he would stop.

Mike… Mike… Mike!

He woke up in shock breathing heavily.

Relax… you were having a nightmare. Take a deep breath.

Mike held your hands and continued breathing heavily. You gave him a glass of water for him to cool down.

After having the water, he went back to sleep.

As you watched him struggle in his sleep, you were so scared of what his reaction would be if you woke him up. He kept on mentioning the name “Lucia”.

Who is Lucia?

After some time Mike stopped struggling and screaming and continued sleeping.

The next morning, after having breakfast with him and taking a shower, you were stuck on the thought of what happened and why had a nightmare.

Do you think you should ask him about it?

It’s none of my business.

Can I ask you something?

Go ahead.

You had a nightmare yesterday… and you kept on screaming. Is something wrong?

I actually can’t remember… (Drinking a glass of water)

Uh… Okay.

Maybe I am just overthinking things.(Saying in your inner heart)

Is there a problem? You seem lost.

Uh… No… I am perfectly fine.

You drove Mike to his office. This was the routine between the both of you for months.

One day, Mike invited you to be his date to a business party. He offered to take you shopping and make sure you were looking your best for the night.

On the night of the party, Mike came to your house to pick you up. When you walked through the door, you noticed from his countenance that he could barely take his eyes off you.

You … (Clearing his throat)…You look so beautiful… Wow!

Mike opened the door to the car like a perfect gentleman. Throughout the night, Mike barely left your side. He protected you so much. He even went as far as telling people that you are his girlfriend. After having fun at the party, because it was too late, you had no choice but to spend the night at Mike’s house.

In the middle of the night, what happened the previous night happened again. Mike was screaming and struggling in his sleep. You woke him up and he hugged you out of fear. You decided to ask Mike the reason for his nightmares. That was when he confessed that he was married to a woman named Lucia but unfortunately she committed suicide because she was diagnosed with a terminal disease.

That’s very terrible.
I understand what you are going through.

She didn’t want to burden me with her sickness. The day I finally found the doctor, that was researching her sickness was the day she took pills and killed herself. If only I was at home, she wouldn’t have done it.

You don’t have to blame yourself. It’s very obvious that she loved you so much and didn’t want to make you go through the pain of seeing her suffer.

My brother also committed suicide. The painful part is that no one in the family knew that he was going through depression.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Yeah me too.

You and Mike continued talking and one thing lead to another, you both were so close to each other and he kissed you on the lips.

You …

Kissed him back.
Pushed him away.

All of your choices led to the following end:

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