The US Government’s Secrets Have Finally Been Exposed

By  Selina
Published on   Sep 11, 2022

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This story is about the great secret of the American government and how it was released.

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Choose a character:

You have just hacked the US government database and released vital information to the press. The information contained the corruption occurring in the country and a list of people that were killed unjustly by the US government. You are currently on the run because you sense that your life is in danger.

You are a secret agent who has been hired by the US government to find the man who hacked into the US database and released information about the government to the press. You were ordered to kill him once you found him.

Story begins...

I am Max
I am Stella

You are currently in a trunk of a car as your friend drove the car to help you cross the American border. Unfortunately, the trunk is opened and the Police officer sees you.

You choose to:

Spit on the officer
Push him away

You spat on the police officer and began to run as fast as you could. You knew that you couldn’t trust anyone, not even the police. You continued running until they lost track of you.

When you pushed the officer away, you took to your heels and they started chasing you. One of the officers caught you but luckily you were able to escape from his clutches.

After being given the mission to find the man that hacked into the US government system. You knew that there was no point looking for the man in his house because clearly, he won’t be there.

As you kept on looking at his picture you got the idea to…

Make extensive research about his family
Get the time and location the hacking took place

You began to research his family and his childhood. You found out that he is an orphan and the cause of his parent’s death is a fall of a building that was constructed by the US government in the year 1999. This could only mean that the man blames the US government for the death of his parents.

You asked for the time the hacking took place and the location. When you got it, you checked the camera footage of the particular area and you were correct. In the video, you saw the man walking out of a store holding bread in his hand.

Where the hell am I?

This man is definitely in a place that isn’t far from here.

You looked around and realized that you were surrounded by trees and shrubs and there was no trace of a single soul.

You choose to say:

I have no choice but to spend the night here
I need to look for a place to sleep

You cleared an area and dropped your bag and laid down looking at the sky. You remembered when you and your late father often stared at the stars while your mother made smoothies. Unfortunately, you can’t have any of that because your life is in danger.

You kept on walking and walking but all to a dead end. It felt like you were just walking in circles. Out of frustration, you sat down beside a tree and slept off.

The next morning, you woke up and saw a woman standing in front of you.

Where will a hacker hide? Either a container, forest, or outside the country.

As you kept on thinking, you got information that the man was found at the US borders but then escaped.

You then:

Go to verify the information
Try to get the location of the man's best friend

You asked your superiors to verify the information to avoid mistakes. After some time, you got the confirmation.

When you tracked his location, you realized that his location coincided with the coordinates of the US border.

The next morning, you went to search the area, and the man sleeping on the floor with his property very close to him. Your plan was to gain his trust and then lure him into a trap.

'Who are you?'

'Are you okay?'

'Hi, I’m Stella… why are you sleeping in the middle of nowhere?'

You say:

It's none of your business
I have nowhere to go

'You don’t have to be rude. I often come here to camp with my friends but today I came alone and found you here. Are you okay?'

'I am just that I am a fugitive'

'Well, you don’t have family members or friends that you can call? I can give you my phone if that’s the problem'

'The issue is that me staying with them will mean me putting their lives in danger. I am wanted by the US government'

The man immediately got up looking at you scared.

You ask:

What's your name?
Are you lost?

'I’m Max and you are?'

'I’m Stella. I was walking by and I saw you. I’m so sorry that I scared you'

'Uh… I think so. I actually don’t know where I am'

'Uh okay fine'

'Why don't you come with me?'

You followed her to her house and after having a shower she offered you food. She was more like an angel sent from above. After spending some days in her house, you felt safe.

Your safety was unfortunately put to the test when you saw that the house was surrounded by cars. A man came out from one of the cars and held a megaphone.

Do you want to surrender?

No, they'll kill me
I have to surrender or else they will kill Stella

Immediately he turned around and you injected him and he fell to the ground. It’s time to go ahead with your job, will you kill him?


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