I Fell In Love With My Tour Guide But Found Out His Dark Secret

By  Selina
Published on   Sep 11, 2022

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You are a banker named Alison.

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Love is like a deep ocean beautiful yet deadly. A single mistake is capable of burning everything to ashes. How can love be so sweet yet painful? I wish I never fell in love with him…

One year ago…

'Nooo!!! It can’t be!'

You had just received a call saying from a hospital informing you about the death of your sister and her husband.

You choose to:

Break down in tears
Rush to the hospital

You fell to the floor and cried like a little baby. After the death of your parents, your sister was all that you had. Now, your sister is no more and this has left you completely devastated.

When you got to the hospital, a doctor and nurse took you to where their dead body was kept for identification. Immediately you saw them lying lifeless, tears rolled down your eyes. You loved your sister so much that you were willing to die in her place.

Still grieving their death, your mind immediately went to your little niece.

'Bella is just seven, how do I tell her that she has lost both her parents? How do I break such sad news to her?'

The next day, you eventually broke the news to Bella and as expected she was broken. Bella became withdrawn as time went on. You decided to quit your job and dedicate your life to taking care of Bella. You opened a restaurant and became quite successful in the business.

'Hey aunt, my friends went to Disney land last week, I want to go too'

You say:

Let's go then
It's too far

'Yes! I actually thought that maybe you would oppose it'

'Please Aunt. Before the death of my parents, they actually promised to take me there'

'Okay fine'

The following week, you both traveled to Disney land. On getting there, you were introduced to your tour guide named Dylan. Dylan was so handsome. The rays of the sun and stars at night were nothing compared to the radiance of his eyes.

'You are Miss Alison right?'

'Uh… No… I mean yes'

After about two hours of freshening up, Dylan took you and Bella to sleeping beauty castle. The place was so beautiful and you and Dylan kept on engaging in a series of eye contact. You kept on blushing uncontrollably.

You choose to:

Leave the castle
Get to know Dylan

You went out and stood in a corner.

'A penny for thoughts…'

'Uh… It’s nothing. Where’s Bella?'

'You don’t have to worry, she is safe. She’s having fun with the other kids in the castle'

'So Dylan… How long have you been working here?'

'Well for roughly four months. I actually own a mall but I decided to drop everything to come to be a tour guide'

'Wow! You are joking right?! Why would you do such a thing? Is there a particular reason?'

'Uh… It’s a very long story and uh…'

The three of you are having enormous fun as you all visited other places, especially the park. The way Dylan played with Bella reminded you how Bella often played with her father. Remembering their death made you a bit sad. You quickly dried your tears and joined them in playing.

The next night, you put Bella to bed. Having insomnia, you decided to take a walk. While leaving the hotel, you bumped into Dylan.

'I was actually coming to you. Bella forgot her bracelet with me. I thought that I’d return it'

'Oh! That’s very kind of you. I guess I’ll just give it to her when I return to the room. I can’t seem to sleep so I want to go for a walk'

'I actually know some great spots that I can take you to. Would you like to come with me?'

You say:

Please show me
Uh… I don’t think I should come with

Dylan takes you to a rooftop where you could see the whole of Disney land.

'Wow… This place is beautiful'

'Not as beautiful as you'

I hear him clearly.

When you turned around, you missed a step. Luckily, Dylan was able to save you just in time.

'Trust me you won't regret it'

Dylan takes you to a garden filled with different species of flowers and surrounded by light.

You accidentally stepped on the irrigation sprinkler and water started springing out from different corners of the garden.

You both are heavily drenched as you both laughed very hard.

You are in Dylan’s arms enough to keep you guessing what his next move would be. He slowly stroked your hair and gently caressed your cheeks.

You both kept on looking at each other for a minute. The romance had stirred up and the gentle breeze elevated the feelings. He slowly kissed your soft lips. You…

Kiss him back
Push him away

You slowly entangled your lips with his. The kiss was so heavenly that you wished that it lasts forever.

'This shouldn’t be happening. We barely know each other'

'But you can’t deny the fact that you feel a connection between us. I don’t know how to explain it'

Dylan kisses you again and you couldn’t help but kiss him back it was so beautiful.

One day, while Bella was with her newfound friends in the hotel lobby. You went to your hotel room to get your purse and Dylan followed you. You decided to make use of the toilet.

'This cannot be possible!'

You rushed out and saw Dylan staring at the photo of your sister and her husband which you always kept at the side of your wallet.

'Who… who are they to you?'

'My sister and her husband. Well, Bella’s parents'

'They are dead right?'

'How do you know?'

'That’s because I killed them'

'You are joking right?'

'That night, I was coming back from the club with my friends and we were very drunk'

'We… drove recklessly and when I was approaching them at full speed, in other for them to avert my car colliding with theirs, they crashed into a truck that was parked by the roadside'

'I can’t believe this!'

'When we got there, we noticed that they were already dead. Out of fear, we fled the vicinity. I am so sorry'

You choose to:

Leave the room
Oust him out of the room

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