Over Summer Vacation, I Must Choose Between Two Brothers!

By  Nidhi
Published on   Sep 07, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Isabel 'Belly' Conklin. And you have just arrived at the Fisher holiday home to enjoy your summer vacation!

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'I hope this summer vacation is different and Conrad notices me finally!!'

'Belly? Is that you? You have..... changed so much since last year.'

'Hi Jeremiah! Yeah.... puberty I guess. Haha...'

'Well, how about we go for a swim, for old times' sake?'

There I was hoping for some attention from my childhood crush Conrad, whereas Jeremiah seems to be interested in me already! God, these Fisher brothers... what should I do??

Go swimming with Jeremiah.
Find Conrad.

You and Jeremiah have a nice time swimming and surfing.

You search the house trying to find Conrad and then finally succeed!

'Hi Belly. You look... nice.'

Hmm... I wonder what is wrong with Conrad?! He keeps to himself, doesn't talk much!!

'Belly? Let's go to the bonfire party. I am sure you will love it! '

'I am not sure it's such a good idea. She's really young!'

But the party sounds like fun.....

Go to the party anyways.
Listen to Conrad and stay at home.
Lie to Conrad and sneak out to the party.

'I still want to go. I don't care, Conrad! Let's go Jeremiah....'

You are sad but you stay at home anyways, just because Conrad said so.

You stay at home till the boys leave for the party. Then you sneak out of the house and go there yourself.

But Conrad catches you!!

'I asked you not to come, Belly. But you didn't listen to me. I am really disappointed.'

I can't keep up with Conrad. As much as I liked him earlier, I think it's time to move on!

To take your mind off things, you go swimming. You find yourself getting calmer in the water.

'Mind if I join you?'

Of course, Jeremiah!
No, it's a solo swim session!

'Thanks! Sometimes I wonder if you even see me when Conrad's around.'

'Of course I see you, Jer. What are you even talking about?!'

'Oh you know very well what I am talking about!'

Jeremiah leans in to kiss you in the water.

'Ah! I guess your choice will always be Conrad.... Never mind.'

'Belly, I need to tell you something. I can't keep it in me anymore!'

Oh these boys are causing too much drama in my life, especially Conrad!

No Conrad, I can't talk to you.
Tell me what's wrong.

'Okay, I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way.'

Conrad goes away.

The next day while talking to Susannah, Conrad and Jeremiah's mom, you take her phone and notice an email from a cancer treatment facility.

'My mom has cancer, Belly. I found out a while ago and I haven't been able to tell anyone about it. That's the reason why I'm not myself these days.'

The next day news about Susannah's cancer spills around the house and everyone convinces her to try out the new treatment plan. She agrees to do it on one condition only.....

'All I wish to see is Belly in a ball gown, dancing at the Debutante's Ball.... She can take whoever she wants as her date!'

There's Jeremiah--the one who always treats me nicely and then there's Conrad--though he didn't always treat me right, I know he had a weight to carry because of his mom's cancer! Plus, he was after all my first crush!!

Who should I take as my date??


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