My Boyfriend Only Loved Me For Money

By  Astra
Published on   Aug 29, 2022

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You are Risa Choi. You grew up in a very abusive household. You were beaten pretty often during childhood and sent off the streets to beg for cash. You live separately from your parents now, but your father still treats you like a cash cow when you got a decent job, while your mother just sits around doing nothing····

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You lean closer to the door and listen to Theodore’s muffled voice. He is talking to someone on the phone.


Yeah, she’s asleep.

He continues to talk with giggles in between, making your heart beat like a drum.


Could he be…? He wouldn’t. He said he loved me.


I can’t wait to see you, babe. I hate it here.

Your eyes widen in shock after hearing his words.


I know. Just wait a little longer, okay? Once I get the money from her, I’ll treat you to something nice. I love you too, bye.

After hanging up, Theodore comes over in your direction.

He almost jumped out of his skin when he saw you.


R-Risa…you were listening…?


How could you, Theodore? I gave you everything! I thought I could trust you! And all you wanted was money?!


Listen to me, Risa. It’s a misunderstanding!

Kick and punch him


I’ve heard enough, you jerk!!!

You charge at him, giving him punches and kicks.


I’m not stupid, Theodore. All this time, you were playing with me. I loved you even when you didn’t have anything.

The realization starts to sink in on you, and you sob harder.


Stop it! This is why I love Mari more than you!


Mari…as in, my best friend?


Yes! It’s because you’re so annoying and don’t fix yourself anymore! You don’t even look at yourself in the mirror!


Mari treats me better than you do. You’re always busy and barely have time to dress up!


The only reason why I look haggard all the time is that I work to feed my family!


I work to feed you and pay off your stupid debts!


I can’t even buy the things I want because I have to look after you!


No one told you to do that. You’re so stupid.

Furious, you throw all of his stuff outside.


Get the hell out of my apartment before I call the police to drag you out!


Gladly! This place is a shithole!

You watch Theodore walking out, every footstep breaking your heart. You sit in a corner and cry your eyes out.

It was only 10 PM, and a bright idea popped into your mind.


I don’t dress up anymore, huh? Well, let’s change that!

You washed up, put on some makeup, and slipped into a nude-colored-silk dress.

After that, you call a taxi and instruct the driver to take you to…

Quiet bar
Dance club


After all, I did for them…I end up being the fool. Should I just rethink all my life choices?

You stare outside the car window with tears in your eyes.

Soon enough, you arrive at the bar. The vibe is pretty chill and cozy.


I need just one day for myself. I won’t hold back tonight. I’ll get drunk and vent my hurts and frustrations.

After a couple of minutes, you arrive at the club.

The place was a bit crowded, but it’ll get more packed later.

You approach the counter and sit down on one of the chairs.


I’ll have tequila shots, please.

While drinking, you drown in a sea of thoughts. You think of your parents and Theodore and how much they’ve ruined your life.

You became so immersed that you didn’t even notice how much you drank.

Suddenly, a man sits on the chair beside you.


Whoa, now. That’s more than you can handle.


Huh…who is this? He’s handsome…

The man stares at you with a warm smile and reaches for the glass you’re holding.


It’s dangerous to drink like that. Do you have someone to pick you up?

Shake your head
Ignore him


No… Do I know you? Why did you approach me?

Even when tipsy, you still had the energy to be cautious.


He could be someone dangerous. I won’t talk to him.

You ignore the man, but he is adamant about getting your attention.


It’s me, Justin. Don’t you remember?


Justin Han?! That child was you?!

You suddenly remember your old playmate when you were young.


It’s been so long! I can’t believe you’ve grown into such a promising man.


Nah. But thank you. It seems like you’re in a bad situation… If you don’t mind, you can tell me about it.

You hesitated for a bit but decided that it was okay to tell him.

The two of you had a deep conversation regarding the past and your circumstances until you were passed out drunk.

The last thing you remember is that Justin drove you back to your apartment.

The next morning, you go out in a hurry and go directly to your workplace.

When you arrive, your friend, Mari, approaches you.


Risa… about Theodore…

Roll your eyes
Turn away


Don’t. I don’t care about you two anymore. Stop pestering me at work.


We love each other! I’m not going to apologize…he’s mine now.


Okay. Good luck dating him, then.


You’re quite accepting. Are you not jealous and mad that I snagged your boyfriend?


How can she be jealous when she has someone like me?

Justin wraps his arms around you with a smile. You and Mari, as well as the other employees, are all shocked.


Mr.Han is Miss Choi’s boyfriend?!

[Employee 2]

This is a shocker! Our CEO dating his own employee?


CEO?! Justin is?!

Justin grabs you and leads you outside the lobby, leaving everyone speechless.

He tells you to get in the car and drives you to the park.

As the two of you walk under the cherry blossom trees, you ask him.


Why didn’t you tell me? That you were the CEO of the company.


I didn’t think it was important.


It is! Now the whole office will get the wrong idea!


Let them. You used to protect me from bullies. It’s my turn to protect you.


Huh? My heart’s…

After the shocking revelation, you and Justin became closer. When off work, you both hang out together and have so much fun.

One day, your father barges inside your office, demanding you give him some money.


Dad! Stop causing a scene here! Let’s go home!

[Risa’s father]

I won’t leave until you give me what I want!


Sir, if you don’t calm yourself down, I’ll call security.

And as always, Justin is there to step in.

As expected, Risa’s father fell silent. He spews out a few words before going out.


I’m sorry, Justin…


It’s okay. I'm sorry you have to go through that.


Risa, I…


I want you to come with me. I’ll take care of you. You won’t have to deal with any of this anymore. I love you.

I love you too.
I can't.

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