When Love Strikes, It Comes Without Warning

By  Selina
Published on   Aug 26, 2022

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This is an unexpected love story between two partners in a firm.

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You Want To Be:

You are a wealthy civil engineer. You own one of the most respected construction companies in New York.

You work in one of the most popular construction companies in New York. You are a shareholder of the company.

Story Begins…

I am Omer
I am Asli

'Are you sure you haven’t fallen in love with Asli? I mean, Sinan is her friend and so are you'

You reply with:

He has no right to touch her that way!
It’s too early to talk nonsense

'I think you should take time to figure out exactly why you are angry. Because logically speaking you have no right to be angry about what happened'

'Of course I do… I love…'

You immediately stooped talking and gulped your water.

'You know that I am not. Have you noticed how you behave around her?I think you have fallen in love with her but haven’t realized it yet'

'His Ex is back'

'What! What does she want? I thought she was long gone'

'I fear that Omer hasn’t forgotten her. Besides, they make a good match. Although, she just came back because of a business deal'

'Girl look at me … Are you in love with Omer?'

Hell no!
I think so..

'I have been your best friend for years and I definitely know when you are telling a lie'

'I’m not lying. I feel nothing for Omer'

As Derya kept on looking at you, your thoughts were drowned in Omer and what he could probably be doing.

'My baby girl is in love!!'

'Okay could you stop? Besides, I said I think so. I’m not sure'

'Trust me, you are in love but you are just too scared to accept it'

Could Necmi be right?

Why can’t I get him out of my head?

As you sat down in your office, you remembered the first day you and Asli met. You went to a conference and she was the speaker. She looked so beautiful in her white palazzo suit.

'You are thinking about her right?'

You know me too well
No, I'm not

'Of course, I do we’ve been friends from birth'

As you and Necmi were talking, you saw Asli walk by holding a file in her hand. Your eyes followed her as she was talking to some of the workers and instructed them.

'You can keep lying to yourself. But remember if you keep doing so, you might end up losing her. I would advise you to act fast'

As you both were talking, Asli entered your office.

The first time you and Omer met was a very funny one. You were in a club and then you drank to a stupor. Apparently, there was no taxi to take you home, so Omer offered to give you a ride.

'I think you should express your feeling to Omer'

I will but I need to do it at the right time
I am definitely not doing that

'That’s more like it! I am very happy for you'

'Okay relax…It’s not that deep'

'Why are you so stubborn?'

'I am not being stubborn, I am being careful. What if I confess my feelings for him and then he tells me that he is still in love with his Ex? What will I do then?'

After some minutes Derya leaves and you go to Omer’s office to give him a file and also discuss your project.

'Omer … Are you free?'

'Uh… I’m not… Please come in'

'Hi Necmi… How are you doing?'

'I’m great… I have to get going. Take care'

'How are you doing?'

'Ummm… I’m okay. I want us to both look at the project plan and determine if it’s good for the company'

You both went over the project plan. While going through the projects, you both kept on having physical contact which made you a bit nervous. Well, that’s love. Love makes you timid yet fearless.

'Uh… Asli, would you like to have dinner with me?'

'Since we are done, is there any other we need to look at?'

'Uh…If that’s okay with you…'

'It’s okay by me but what about your ex? Isn’t she staying with you?'

You reply with:

Oh yeah that’s true… I will tell her that you are coming over
No she isn't

'I really don’t want to cause trouble for you. I think it’s best I don’t come'

'How is it possible that my ex would be staying with me? She has returned to Korea, that’s where she lives now'

'Besides she has a lot on her plate now. She’s preparing for her wedding'

'Oh nice!'

'Well… Uh … I think we should spend more time together… Uh… to get to know each other more of course'

You say:

How about dinner?
We have plenty of time for that

'Great! I would love to have dinner with you'

Oh gosh… His eyes are so pretty.

'Yeah… that’s true… but I think we shouldn’t waste any time then. We can have dinner at my house'

Later in the evening, you both met up at Omer’s house and he warmly welcomed you. After having dinner, you both began to talk about fun things and got to each other properly. It was at this moment you realized that you both had a lot of things in common.

'I must say I get jealous when I see you with Sinan'

'Do you still have feelings for your ex?'

'It’s more like my blood boils when I see him touch you'

'You don’t have to worry about Sinan, I feel nothing for him and besides, he has a girlfriend'

Do you think that it is the right time to confess your feelings to Asli?

I'd rather not

'I definitely don’t… I actually have feelings for you'

'Asli I… I have fallen madly in love with you and I would like you to be my girlfriend. I have been wanting to tell you this for months now but just couldn’t muster the courage to'

You choose to say:

I love you too Omer and I would love to be your girlfriend
I love you Omer, but I think if we go into a relationship it would affect our friendship

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