If You Go Back To The Ambiguous Period Of Selena And Justin, Would You Still Let The Two Be Together?

Published on   Aug 24, 2022

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You are Selena Gomez. You are a musician and actress loved by everyone including family, friends, and fans.

Start To Test

You attended a concert with your friend Melisa. The music and loud noise saturate your ears.

Here is so fun!

Yeah, it is but I am tired.

I need to rest.

Are you coming with me?

Nah… I love it here.

Okay… I will be going. (You hug your friend and leave).

On your way out, you bump into a guy.


Oh! I’m so sorry.

It’s fine.

Selena ?

Justin Bieber?

Wow… you know me…

Of course I do. I love your songs.

I listen to yours every day.

Oh wow.(You blush briefly).

I have been trying to talk to you but just didn’t get the chance.

Been very busy lately.

Yeah I figured.

One of the bodyguards comes to inform you that car is ready.

I would like us to meet sometime if that’s okay with you?

Yeah sure.
I will have to check my schedule.

Wait a moment, your result is coming soon