I Watched Them Kill Her In Cold Blood Now They Are After My Life.

Published on   Aug 24, 2022

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You are an Architect named Melek. On your way home you witnessed a murder at the corner of your office street.

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Oh no! He killed her!

Who are you?!

You started fidgeting and…

Ran away.

You hid behind a black car. While hearing footsteps approaching you, you drowned in fear because you knew that if you were caught, you would be killed. You started praying in your mind as you grinned firmly. All of a sudden, you didn’t hear footsteps. What you heard was the squeaking of car tires and when you looked, there was no one there. You immediately fled the vicinity.

You ran as fast as you could and the image of the way the man strangled the girl to death kept on replaying in your head. As you kept on running, you ran inside a restaurant and hid in the restroom. After some time, you realized that the coast was clear and then you came out.

The next day, you saw a picture of the girl that was murdered on the news.

She’s the Senator’s daughter? She was killed in cold blood.

Being the only witness of the crime, would you like to report this to the police?

It’s none of my business.

You deemed it right to at least help the girl get justice by informing the police about what you saw. You had a quick shower and headed out. Immediately you opened the door, you saw a man standing in front of you.

After having breakfast, you decided to do some groceries. While looking for your car key, you heard a knock on the door. When you opened it, a man forced himself into your house.

Who the hell are you? What… are you doing here?

I am Detective Dave and I am here to rescue.

And who said I needed rescuing?

You are the only witness to a gruesome murder and your life is in danger. I am the only one who can help you. You have to come with me immediately.

I don’t understand… What do you …

Get down!

What? ...

Dave pushed you aside as some men kept on firing shots at your house. As they continued shooting, you and Dave laid flat on the floor until they stopped and left. When you looked up, your house was in a complete mess and the windows were shattered.

Now do you believe that your life is in danger?

Dave dragged you by your hand as you both rushed to his car and zoomed off.

You both arrived at a deserted uncompleted building.

Don’t tell me you live here.
Where is this place?

You like it?

Geez… It’s more like where creatures live… or even aliens. What in God’s name is happening here? (As you looked at the dusty entrance filled with cobwebs.

This is the safest place you can be. You have to trust me. No one will find you here.

I feel like I have been moved to another planet. What the heck?!

Dave chuckles and opens the second door and to your greatest surprise it was so beautiful on the inside and that’s not all. The house is a voice-automated villa filled with a lot of technological gadgets.

What are you? A hacker or let me guess… You work with James Bond, right?

You have a nice sense of humor. I am a detective like I said.

I have never seen a detective with so many gadgets… You have more gadgets than the FBI.

Dave directed you to your room. He also collected your phone because according to him, it could be traced.

You are slowly beginning to lose count of the number of days you have spent in the building with Dave.

I really miss my family… I am sure that they would be worried. They haven’t seen me in days and I haven’t seen the police here. Dave … What’s happening?

You are so impatient.

You?... You are… (Moving back scared)

Melek… What’s wrong?

Dave… He’s the one that killed the Ambassador’s daughter.

Dave and the man both burst into laughter.

Oh really? My dear Melek, this is my partner Grover and we both killed the Ambassador’s daughter. I was shocked that you would agree to stay here with me.

Dave, your idea of getting some men to shoot the house was amazing. If we didn’t do that … I’m sure she wouldn’t have agreed to come with you. (Laughing)

I am such a fool.
Please don’t kill me.

Darling, don’t be too hard on yourself. You wouldn’t have known. I mean my plan was perfect. (Putting on a vile smirk)

Deep down you knew that your only means of escape was through a miracle.

I can’t promise anything. Well, Dave might not… but I think I will.

You break down in tears and they both scream “SHUT UP!”

They both tied you to a chair and left you in an empty room. While in the room, you remembered what happened two days ago.

Two days ago…

Dave went out and you decided to take a tour around the house and you entered a room filled with computers. What you saw in the room shocked you. You saw the footage of what happened on the night of the murder on one of the computers. From the footage, it happens that Dave was the one who stabbed the Senator’s daughter and Grover was the one who strangled her. After seeing this, you took your phone and contacted the police.

The police officer advised you to pretend like you didn’t know what was happening. The police officer further told you that Grover and Dave are serial killers who kill people related to politicians and that the police have been trying to track them for years. They instructed you to leave your phone for a while for your location to be traced. The next day, you secretly snuck into the room and called them and they told you that they have surrounded the house. You told them that once they heard you scream it meant that you were in danger.

Present day…

You started screaming at the top of your voice and Dave and Grover came in.

Shut up !

Continue screaming.
Keep quiet.

Shut up!

Dave continuously slaps you until you start bleeding. He began to brag about the number of people he has killed and how it will be very easy for him to kill you without thinking twice.

You are pathetic!

Dave slaps you again.

While you kept quiet, you decided to play mind games on them.

Why do you do it?

Do what?

Why do you kill people?

It’s fun! (Chuckling devilishly)

So you take delight in killing people? That’s very sad. It seems like something scared you in the past. Was it your loved one killed?

That’s enough…

Was it your wife or your child or your mother?

I said enough! (Pointing a gun at Melek’s head)

Grover… What about you? Was it your father?

You had better shut up!

It hurts right?

You immediately heard an explosion downstairs. You smirked because you knew it was the police. Grover went to check what happened and then you heard a gunshot. Dave quickly untied you and asked you to follow him quietly.

Follow him.
Attack him.

All your choices have led you to this ending:

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