I Had To Pay The Price For Being Harry Potter

By  Selina
Published on   Aug 24, 2022

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You are Harry Potter. You decided to relocate to another city after you graduated from the school of magic. You decided that no one will find out that you are Harry Potter so you decided to change your looks.

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You have already spent some months in the new city and you seem to be loving every bit of it. One day while sitting in a coffee shop you saw a beautiful lady walk by. Her beauty struck your bone marrows.

What do you want to do?

Watch her from afar
Follow her

Your eyes followed her. Her hips swayed to the rhythm of your heartbeat. Her smile was heavenly. She seemed like a very joyful person from the way she greeted everyone.

Oh my! Why haven’t I met her before?

While following her, you inhaled her intriguing cologne. It was so intoxicating and seductive. You continued to secretly follow her.

After some minutes she stopped to cross the road, and you noticed a car coming in her direction.

You decided to:

Shout to get her attention
Put on invisibility cloak

'Stop!! Stop!!'

Unfortunately, she didn’t hear you. You decided to use your powers to avert the car but it brushed her a little bit.

You put on your invisibility cloak and dragged her out of the road. You went to a corner and instantly removed it. When you went back, you noticed that she stood there frozen.

'Are you okay?'

'Yeah… I’m…I’m fine'

'I’m Harry and you are?'

'I’m Sara…'

'So where are you headed?'

'I want to get groceries down the road'

You decide to say:

Same here
May I join you?

Deep down within you, you knew that you just told a big fat lie.

Darn it! I don’t even know what I will be getting from the grocery store…

You exhaled and continued walking with her.

'Uh sure… I needed the company'

'Cool! Yes!'

'Okay… That’s huge excitement'

'Uh... sorry'

'You don’t have to apologize'

You and Sara talked on your way to the grocery store. You realized that you and Sara had a lot in common. After getting some things from the grocery store, you escorted her home and exchanged contacts.

One day you both decided to meet at one of the cafés downtowns. You are in the café with Sara.

'So tell me are you scared of anything?'

You say:

I fear nothing

'Is that even possible?'

'Yes… I was formed that way'

Sara bursts into laughter.

'Well I have a great fear of heights'

'How about I help you conquer your fears?'

'I have a severe fear of darkness and confined places'

'Oh wow… Same here'

You and Sara finished eating and then went ice-skating in a nearby park. It was so fun and having her so close to you made you very happy. You were slowly falling in love with her. As days turned into weeks the love between you and Sara grew.

One day, Sara invited you over to her house for a movie night and you gladly accepted the invitation.

'So tell me are you a fan of romantic movies?'

You reply with:

Yes I do
Nah… I find it cliché

'That’s awesome! Cuz I am too'

You both selected a romantic comedy to watch. An hour into the movie, it seems like the romance was beginning to saturate the atmosphere. You slowly took Sara’s hand and she cuddled you so tight.

It was a very lovely moment. Having her so close to you was like a dream come true. You gently moved her hair backwards and gave her a lovely kiss on the forehead. After intense kissing you both made passionately love to each other.

'I love horror'

'Geezzz… That’s scary. Well since I invited you over I guess we just have to watch horror movie then'

While watching the movie, it was clear that Sara was getting scared, judging from the way she was holding your hand firmly. It felt good having her so close to you.

To ease her stress you gently inhaled her sweet smell and kissed her on the cheek. You could tell that she felt so safe with you. After watching the movie, you realized that Sara had slept off. You decided to put her to bed.

The next morning, you had breakfast with her and left.

One day, you were walking on the road and you noticed that a woman will soon get hit by a car. You instantly made use of your invisibility cloak to save her.

That was when you received the shock of your life. Despite making use of your invisibility cloak some people could still see you. After saving the woman, you rushed back home.

What’s happening? Why aren’t my powers effective?

Why still drowned in thoughts, your mother appeared to you.

'Hello, Harry...'

'Mother? You appeared at the right time. I think something is wrong with me… My powers seem to be fading. I made use of my invisibility…'

'I know you don’t have to tell me… Your powers seem to be fading because you are falling in love'

You say:

Wait... What?!
What does falling in love have to do with my powers?

'It’s a price you have to pay for having powers'

'Why wasn’t I told of this earlier?'

'Unfortunately I didn’t know this day would come'

'But love is one of my unique powers'

'Yes but loving is different from falling in love'

'I can’t believe this. Who placed the curse on me?'

'Lord Voldemort was the person who placed the curse on you'

'Unfortunately the only way out is for you to sacrifice your powers. You have to pick between love and your powers'

'I love Sara so much and at this same time if I lose my powers, I won’t be able to save lives. My life is meaningless without Sara or my powers. What do I do?'

After much thought you decided to pick:


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