I Have To Find My Child Before It’s Too Late

By  Selina
Published on   Aug 22, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Ama Leon. Unfortunately, you lost your husband when you were just eight months pregnant with your son Duke. Being a single mother with a 9-5 job hasn’t been easy. That was why you decided to take Duke to day care when he turned three.

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You are in your office when you got a call that your son Duke has gone missing. Sill extremely confused, you…

Wail in agony
Storm out of the office

You started screaming and crying at the top of your voice. Your workmates gathered around and you told them what had happened.

Your friend, Tina who is also your workmate, calms you down and drives you to Duke's school. When you both got there she had to head back to the office to attend to some pending matters.

You walked out of the office like an extremely confused fellow. Everyone was confused because you didn’t answer any of their questions even your boss’s question. All you could think about was your son Duke.

On getting to Duke’s school, his class teacher told you that Duke went missing during sports time. They realized that he went missing only thirty minutes later.

'How is possible that my son is missing?! What the hell are you telling me!!!'

You started screaming Duke’s name. You searched every corner of the school but didn’t find him. All you found was a pair of Duke’s black shoes. You broke down in tears.

'No, this can’t be happening to me… I have already lost my husband I can’t lose my son too'

While crying in the proprietor’s office, the police arrived and the teachers and students that saw Duke last gave their reports.

While holding Duke’s shoe, you noticed something awkward, there was paper inside his shoe.

When you brought it out, there was a note which read, you have twenty-four hours to find your son or we will kill him just like we killed your husband.

You decided to:

Request camera footage
Tell the police officer

You told the school proprietor to bring you a copy of the camera footage. The police officers were looking at you confused.

When the proprietor brought the footage, you took a good look at it to find clues. After some minutes, you eventually found something

You saw a man wearing a black mask forcefully take Duke away. When you looked closer you noticed that a black pen fell from the man’s pocket. You informed the police what you had found.

You showed the officers the note and it was at this point they realized that it was a very serious matter and they needed to find Duke as soon as possible.

Detective Logan, who is the major detective in charge, gave an order that the item should be analyzed thoroughly for fingerprints.

A few hours later, the forensic team found a fingerprint on the item belonging to one Mr. Joe Leon. You got the shock of your life because Joe was your husband’s younger brother.

'Are you sure about what you are saying? Joe Leon?'

'Do you know him?'

'Yes… He is my late husband’s brother'

You gave all the information you knew regarding Logan including his house address. You and the police headed straight to Joe’s house and you got the shock of your life. The house was deserted. It looked like a house that hasn’t been occupied for over thirty years.

You decided to:

Enter the house
Look for other clues

When you entered the house it was completely different from the house you knew. Joe seemed to be messing with your head or you were just mixing things up. When you went to the rooms, you noticed something.

The bed was new. You told Logan about it and he investigated further. He called his forensic team to investigate the building and it was detected that the building was not built years ago and in fact that it is a new building. It was only made to look old by some experts.

You decided to take a look at Joe’s social media handle because he was a huge fan of social media and to your surprise you found nothing. It was more like Joe had disappeared from the face of the earth.

You and Logan decided on getting clues from the building.

On the other hand, Logan had someone investigating Joe’s bank records. You instantly remembered that Chris, one of Joe’s friends is an architect. You and Logan visited Chris.

'Ama! It has been a while… Where is Duke? I have missed him'

'Duke is missing… I need your help. Is it possible to make a new building look like an old abandoned building?'

'Yes definitely… In fact, Joe asked me to do that for one of his houses. He said he needed it for a movie he wanted to direct. Is there a problem?'

'Darn it! Joe kidnapped Duke. Do you know where he might have taken him to?'

'I swear I don’t have any idea… If I did I would have told you right away'

You looked at your wristwatch and realized that you have just nine hours left to find Duke. After racking your brain, you instantly remembered Joe’s phone conversation. From what you heard, Joe made mention of buying a house in the Antikro for a beach party.

You and Logan are already halfway into the journey and his car broke down. Feeling extremely frustrated and scared that you might lose your son you decided to:

Help him fix the car
Flag a car down

You started helping him to fix the car. Thanks to your father being a mechanic before he died, you knew some things about cars. After some minutes of fixing the car, it started working and you continued your journey.

You flagged down a truck and begged the truck driver to help you both. After much pleading, the truck driver accepted and drove you both to Antikro. Luckily the truck driver was going to the same place as you.

On getting there, Logan had already gotten details of houses that were newly sold, and only three houses were on the list. You both visited the first house and a family was living there.

Then the second house was not yet occupied by anyone. When you were about to leave the second house, you heard Duke’s laughter.

You decided to:

Scream his name
Trace his voice

'Duke!!... Duke!'

'Stop screaming…'

Someone pointed a pistol at you and threatened to blow your head off if you kept on screaming. Two men came out pointing their guns at you and Logan.

'I have been expecting you'

You and Logan secretly traced the laughter and finally saw Duke sitting with Joe in a room as they both played a game.

When you moved to approach them someone covered your mouth from behind and took you and Logan to another room.

'It’s nice seeing your sister-in-law and whoever you are…'

'Duke is fine. Although bringing him here was very difficult. I had to lie to him that we were going on a vacation… and he fell for it'

'Why are you doing this? What did we ever do to you? Your brother loved you…'

'Don’t you dare mention my brother! He is not my brother! My parents adopted him before they gave birth to me. They loved him more and gave him the company which is meant to be mine. That was why I killed him'

'You killed him!'

'I am very sorry, you are a nice woman but I have to kill your son too because my silly parents willed everything to your child if anything happens to your son. So if your son dies everything will become mine'

While Joe was bragging about his atrocities, you were busy secretly untying yourself.

'Well, I will let you see your son one last time before he dies. You are also going to die as well so just make it brief'

Joe brings Duke into the room and Duke hugs you so tight. You then whispered in Duke’s ears that he should close his eyes and cover his ears until you say he should open them.

Immediately Duke did as you instructed, you attacked Joe. Logan also joined you and managed to collect a gun from one of Joe’s men. When you looked you saw that Duke was getting scared.

You then decided to:

Take Duke out of the room
Continue attacking Joe

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