My Beloved Girlfriend Actually Has A Son? Not Mine!

Published on   Aug 22, 2022

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You are a doctor named Harry.

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I can’t believe you this to me! All I did was love you! You lied to me while looking into my eyes… How could you?! (Storming out of the room)

It all started four months ago when your father died. Being the only son of a wealthy man is fun but came to be frustrating when a lot is expected from you. When your father died a lot of things changed for you. Your life literally became a movie. Your father willed you his entire estate and wealth on the condition that you would get married within six months.

Hell no! Marriage is like bondage.
I’m actually thinking of settling down.

Seeing the way your cousin is unhappy in his marriage made your perspective of marriage change. Besides your parents didn’t really have a great marriage because they always argued all the time.

You think marriage is a beautiful thing and the most sacred thing. That’s why you are taking your time before getting married but it seems like your parents don’t understand. You have tried making them see things from your perspective but all to no avail.

Four months ago…

Your father’s lawyer had just finished reading your father’s will in the presence of your cousin and your mother.

This is ridiculous! How does my father want me to find a bride within three months? Marriage is a serious matter… It’s definitely no child’s play.

Harry relax!

Don’t tell me that! (Hitting the table hard)

Mom… you know about this?

I didn’t.

I really hope that you are telling me the truth.
How is that even possible?

I am telling you the truth. It hurts me when you doubt me. I knew nothing about it.

You roll your eyes away in anger as your cousin tries to calm you down.

Father never does anything without you knowing. You both were in cohorts for this ridiculous idea… Right?

I have told you, I didn’t know about this!

Your time starts now. (Picks his briefcase and leaves)

The next day, while sipping your favorite Italian wine, you drowned yourself in the thoughts of getting a bride in three months.

One day, while on your way to your office you almost knocked a lady down. Well, it was her fault, one could tell that she was absent-minded and also in hurry.

Are you okay?

She didn’t answer you. She just picked up her bag and reached for a taxi. What caught your attention was her intriguing side view and the way her silk hair swayed with the breeze.

She’s beautiful…

You entered your car and zoomed off.

Being a doctor, things seemed to be very busy for you. Maybe that’s why you really never had time for a love life. You are in the hospital and a patient was rushed into the hospital. The person was an elderly woman. When you checked the report of the woman, you saw that the woman was a stage two cancer patient and had to stop chemotherapy due to insufficient funds. You started attending to the woman.

While attending to the woman in the ward, you could hear chaos outside the ward.

See for yourself what’s wrong.
Tell one of the nurses to stop the noise.

What the hell is going on? I can barely concentrate…

You opened the door to your greatest shock it was the lady you almost knocked down in the morning.

You told one of the nurses to stop the ruckus but it seems like she couldn’t. So you quickly attended to the patient and went out to check what was happening.

You? (Looking surprised)

Who are you?(Looking at you confused)

Your eyes are so beautiful… Uh… (Clearing your throat)… I am the resident doctor here. What’s the problem?

My mum was rushed here … Please where is she?

I have been able to stabilize her. Can you come with me to my office?

You take Carrie to your office and then started asking her why her mother hasn’t been brought for chemotherapy in a long time.

I lost my job and I don’t have the money for her chemo… (Breaking down in tears)

I don’t want my mother to die.

She won’t die… I have a job offer for you but I don’t know how it will sound to you. If you do the job I will cover the expenses for your mother’s chemotherapy and also get you a decent job.

I want you to get married to me and I will pay you handsomely for it.

What! Are you insane?!

Relax, please… I know it’s a very crazy offer. Two months ago, I lost my father and he willed everything to me under the condition that I get married in three months. This is the third month and if I don’t get married, I will lose everything. We will just be married for some months and then we will file for a divorce.

This is insane. I don’t even know anything about you. I can’t do this! (Storms out of your office)

The next day, she returned and told you that she accepts your offer because her priority is her mother.

It’s a win-win situation.

Can you start the payment for the chemo? I don’t want my mother to die.

I will do that after you sign this contract because I don’t want you bridging the contract in the future.

You hug her out of excitement.

Uh… I’m sorry… (While arranging her hair)

For a minute you were lost in her smile and shiny eyes.

This is the contract you have to sign. You can read it to see if it suits you.

After some minutes of reading, Carrie signs the document.

The next day, you both had a court marriage.

You and Carrie are in the sitting room chatting while drinking Mexican wine. While you both chatted, you could barely hear her words because you were carried away by the movement of her well-defined lips. “She’s so beautiful”, you thought as you continued to drown yourself in her dazzling eyes. You then took the bold step and stole a kiss from her beautiful lips. To your greatest surprise, she kissed you back.

You slowly moved her hair backward and seductively bit her on her ear lobe and whispered nasty things in her ears. You kissed her again and you both made love to each other.

You and Carrie are so drawn to each other. One would call it a “match made in heaven”. You always wanted her close and whenever she wasn’t around, it was like your eternity. The love between the both of you was intense and no one saw it coming.

Today is the day I’ll introduce you to my family.

Finally! I have been waiting for a whole month to meet them. They know about our marriage right?

Of course.

It’s unfortunate they weren’t there to see the wedding.

I think it's best they didn’t.

But… why?

My family…(Sighs)…They can be very complicated.

For real? We have been married for a month now and you still haven’t told them anything?

You burst into laughter.

I was joking… Of course, I told them about it, and trust me they were shocked. (Giving her a kiss on her forehead)

You and Carrie traveled to your family's house and she finally got to meet your family. Apart from the fact that it was just a deal between the both of you, Carrie managed to capture the hearts of everyone, especially your mother. She was thrilled to see Carrie. The lawyer eventually came and confirmed the marriage between the both of you and handed over your father’s properties to you.

When you and Carrie returned home, you were immersed in mixed feelings because you getting the properties meant that the marriage contract between you and Carrie has to be terminated.

Present day…

You are in the hospital. While standing at the door, you overheard Carrie’s conversation with her mother.

I love him so much. I never thought I could fall in love like this.

Have you told him about your son?

What?!... Do you have a son?

Harry… I can explain…

I can’t believe you this to me! All I did was love you! You lied to me while looking into my eyes… How could you?! (Storming out of the room)

When you left, Carrie ran after you and held your hand pleading for you to listen to her.

Save your breath! I don’t want to hear anything from you.
Give me a valid reason why you lied to me!

All of your choices have led you to this ending:

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