I Fell In Love With An Arrogant Sailor

By  Selina
Published on   Aug 21, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Deniz. You work in a fish packaging company as a sales expert. You have just been promoted and transferred to another location. After telling your family about the latest development, they insisted that your younger sister Daria goes with you. You had no choice but to accept.

Start To Test

You are in the new house in Kafa village. The serenity seems pretty amazing but judging from the building around, it was like they were living in the third century.

'Keep the bag there…'

'Oh my… I want to go back already…'

Daria carries some bags inside the room and a few seconds later, she came out screaming.

'There's a spider!!'

You decide to:

Shout too
Kill the spider
Stand there and laugh

You started screaming at the top of your voice and some villagers’ gathered around. When you told them that your sister saw a spider and that was the reason for the screaming, they laughed their hearts out.

One woman from afar screamed, “Get used to it!” That was when it clicked that seeing spiders was just the beginning.

You looked for the spider and killed it. You lifted the spider with a broomstick you found lying on the floor and chased your sister around the house with it. She kept on screaming for help but no one came to her rescue.

You just moved to a corner and laughed at your sister. On the other hand, your sister wasn’t having it as she ran out of the house screaming.

The next morning, you got all dressed up and to the shipping yard. When you got there, a man spilled slimy water on your white Versace clothes. That dress cost you thousands.

'Oh my world! Can’t you see?!'

When he looked up, your eyes beheld the most beautiful creature on earth. He was so handsome. The shining rays of the sun were nothing compared to his beautiful eyes.

I can’t believe this village has handsome men…

'And who the hell are you?!'

You choose to:

Tell him to apologize
Say you're the new manager

'I don’t apologize to people I don’t know'

'You poured slimy water on me… Arrggg!'

'Well I am not apologizing…'

'Oh my world! I can’t believe they sent a woman'

'Okay first off… Rude! Secondly, you know nothing about me! So keep your silly opinion to yourself'

'I don’t have time for this… Where is the captain of this ship?'

'And why are you looking for him?'

'To cut off his head… What the hell is your business with that?'

A man suddenly called out to him, “Captain Donald we are ready!”

'The heavens seem to be against me, are you the captain?'

'Well, yup...'

After feeling shocked for about thirty seconds you decided to:

Chase after him
Command him to stop

You began to run after him. You eventually caught up with him.

'We need to talk…'

When he turned around something awkward happened, your heartbeat became irregular. At a point, you forgot what you wanted to say. He then snapped his finger and said “Talk!” That was when you cleared your throat and started talking.

'Stop there! Or else you will lose your job!'

His reaction was unexpected. He went down on his knees and started begging that he didn’t want to lose his job. His crew members started laughing.

Why are they laughing if their captain is here crying?

When you looked down, you realized that Donald was just making fun of you.

While you tried talking to him, Donald ignored you and set sail with his crew members.

You decided to take a tour around the shipyard and noticed that a lot of management needed to be done.

The next day, you were walking around the deck and Donald approached you.

'I am ready to talk to you now…'

You reply with:

It's too late

'First off, I am going to be straight with you… I don’t like your attitude. I understand you feel that this company won’t survive without you, but don’t forget I am the boss around here'

'I am sorry'

'Are you being serious?'

'Yes I am. I shouldn’t have spoken to you the way I did. It was very wrong of me. That’s why I am sorry'

'I actually came to apologize to you. The way I acted yesterday wasn’t right'

'Look Captain Donald I just want us to work together to grow this company is that too much to ask?'

As days passed you and Donald began to work together and understand each other better. You both became good friends and the whole village was talking about you two.

Some even rumored that you and Donald were in a relationship. Donald is the most handsome bachelor in the village, a lot of women flocked around him. They also got angry when he chose to spend time with you instead of with them.

'So tell me… what makes you happy?'

You say:

Seeing others happy
Cannot think of anything

'There’s something about you that intrigues. It’s more like I get to find out new things about you and its amazing'

You both are looking at each other passionately. He tired kissing you but unfortunately the romantic moment was interrupted by a crew member.

'Ha! Really?'

Donald started telling you jokes about the sea and you laughed so hard. It was so funny.

Donald is an amazing but can be really hotheaded sometimes.

One day, Donald took you sailing. This shocked a lot of people because Donald never takes any woman on sailing.

While you both were on the ship, a connection began to form between the both of you. Donald could barely take his eyes off you and you neither. It was obvious that an intense love was springing between you both.

After having a long swim in the blue ocean you sat down at the edge of the ship.

'You look so pretty even when wet…'

Donald looked straight into your eyes and slowly caressed your cheeks. “You are so beautiful”, he whispered in your lovely ear and kissed you gently. You:

Kiss him back
Slap him

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