Bank Robbery: Who Was Behind The Robbery Of The Central Bank?

By  Selina
Published on   Aug 17, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are detective Clara. You were inspired by your late father to become a detective. You seem to be living the perfect life. A perfect husband, perfect family, and perfect job but is everything as perfect as they seem?

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After having dinner with your family, you received a disturbing call from your friend that the central bank has just been robbed and billions of dollars were stolen from the bank's safe including precious stones and valuable documents.

You immediately rushed to the crime scene and met the security guards.

The bank manager was looking like his whole life had perished in a split second.

After gathering valuable information from the police officers that were there before you arrived the first thing you decide to do was to:

Check for camera footage
Question security guards

You went and checked the camera footage.

You studied the footage thoroughly but didn’t find anything. You noticed something very interesting from the footage. A scene occurred twice.

That was when you suspected that the CCTV was hacked. You called the police official white hacker to confirm your suspicion and he did.

You began to question the security guards one after the other and they all had the same story. They slept off and by the time they woke up the bank had been robbed.

This could only mean that they were injected or they inhaled a sleeping gas. When you took them all for a test, it could show in their blood that chemical contents which cause deep sleep were present in their system.

This was when you knew that the job would be a bit hard because amateurs wouldn’t have been this careful in erasing evidence.

You went inside the bank with some of your team members to examine the safe that was broken.

It was a very large safe and the only way it could be open was by a combination of numbers and symbols.

From the time frame with which the robbery took place, it would be impossible that could crack the code that fasts.

You decided to:

Call the manager
Check for fingerprints

You called the manager for questioning and after questioning him thoroughly, you realized that he had nothing to hide.

He was very cooperative and provided the necessary information to help the investigation move faster.

When you asked the forensic team to check for a fingerprint, they found nothing.

Feeling a bit frustrated you decided to take coffee and think of a new strategy.

Sitting down in front of the safe and looking at it closely, you noticed something on the floor.

It was a unique shoe print. You immediately checked the shoes of your team to see if anyone was wearing a canvas but fortunately, no one was. You called the forensic team to have the shoe print analyzed.

After thorough analysis, it was discovered that it was the print of a Manlo Nike shoe and this shoe, and only fifty pairs of the shoe were produced. The most interesting part was that only ten pairs of shoes were sold in the city.

You instructed them to find the names of the people that purchased the shoe and their location.

After some hours, you finally received good news. One of the people that bought the shoe was a hacker and according to his family, he hasn’t been home for over a month. His name is Ryan Dylan.

This could only mean that he is the one we are looking for

You decided to:

Find him at all costs
Question his family members yourself

Using his name, you put someone in charge of finding him and also his current location. After so many hours, you got substantial information about Ryan’s location and where he usually visited.

It was discovered that there was a club Ryan often visited. From the information that was gathered, you found out that Ryan is a sucker for women and has alcohol problems.

You visited Ryan’s family home. His family consisted of just his mother and his younger brother. Apparently, he lost his father to cancer the previous year. After questioning his mother, you realized his brother was behaving a bit strangely.

You decided to question his brother and he confessed that he occasionally met up with his brother in a bar downtown but he did it without the consent of his mother and he pleaded with you that you should keep it a secret.

You decided to go to the club with some of your team members.

Stay outside
Enter the club

You and your team are positioned in every corner around the club. Luckily you saw Ryan approaching the club you walked to and bumped into him to be sure that he is the one. When you confirmed, you showed him your identification card and arrested him.

When you entered, you saw Ryan by the bar drinking in a stupor. You approached him and showed him your ID. He immediately took to his heels but unfortunately he was nabbed by an officer you had stationed nearby.

'Oh my dear Ryan, we have a lot to talk about'

You took to the interrogation room for thorough questioning. After hours of questioning, it was clear that Ryan wasn’t ready to give any tangible information. He didn’t want to snitch on his colleagues.

You had no choice but to:

Make him an offer
Threaten him

'Ryan I am going to make you an offer and you have just two hours to think about my offer. I would advise you to accept this offer because if you don’t, you will regret it'

'What is the offer?'

'If you tell me the location of your colleagues and also where the money is, I will make sure the judge removed five years from your sentence and I’ll also be giving you five percent of the money when it is found'

'That’s a very juicy offer but I can’t snitch on my friends'

'I doubt if they would do the same thing if they were in your shoes. Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision. Think about it. Remember you have just two hours'

'You have a pretty mother. It’s quite unfortunate that she has a weak heart. I wonder how she will take the news of your arrest'

'Don’t you dare tell my mother anything!'

'Okay… Then give me what I asked for'

'I will never'

'Then I guess I should pay your mother a visit. Well so you know if she dies, it’s your fault'

'Wait… I will tell you everything'

'That’s more like it'

When Ryan confessed about the location of the money and his friends, he also told you something that gave you the shock of your life. The leader of the robbery was your husband, Tyler. He didn’t know that Tyler was your husband.

Ryan just mentioned the name Tyler Royce which is the same name as your husband. You also showed him Tyler’s picture to confirm if it was the same person he was talking about and Ryan confirmed it. This discovery shattered you. You felt extremely betrayed.

After some hours, Ryan’s friends were arrested and the money and valuable items were recovered. The only person remaining was your husband. You decided to:

Confront him
Arrest him

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