When My One Night Stand Became True Love...

By  Selina
Published on   Aug 16, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are a physiotherapist named Cynthia Morgan. Being a doctor, life seems to be pretty busy for you.

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You are in your office and your friend Lara walks in.

'Hey girl… I need your help'

You say:

Is there a problem?
I am tired of helping you

'Not really, I know someone that needs a physiotherapist'

'Who is the person?'

Lara looks at you shocked and you burst into laughter.

'I thought you were serious'

'Hell no… We are friends so you can ask for my help anytime. What’s up?'

'My husband’s friend got involved in a terrible motor accident a few months ago and he became crippled. I was hoping you could be his physiotherapist'

'What’s his name?'

'Dickson Cruz'

The name sounded a bit familiar to you, but you just waved the thought off.

'Can you do me this favor?'

You say: yes of course
You say: I’m sorry I can’t

Lara hugs you tight out of excitement and gives you all the details regarding the patient. While going through the file, the picture of the patient caught your attention.

He was looking so handsome in his white tuxedo. Starring at the picture, you couldn’t resist the feeling that the person was familiar but you couldn’t place where you met the person or how.

'I don’t want any other doctor, I trust only you. I am willing to pay any amount'

'That’s a juicy offer but you know that it isn’t about the money'

'Please just do this for me and I promise never to enter your house without your permission'

You burst into laughter as Lara becomes more persuasive. You had no choice but to give in to her request. To show her gratitude, she gave you a huge kiss on the cheek.

The next day, you decided to visit your patient. You were in awe when you saw his huge white mansion filled with so many servants. When you got there one of the servants led you to the poolside where Dickson was.

'Uh, hello…'

Immediately Dickson turned around you got the greatest shock of your life.

It turns out that Dickson was the guy you had a one-night stand with a year ago. Standing shocked, you felt a bit shy but you just had to woman up.

'Look who we have here! This is like a dream come true'

You reply with:

I guess so
More like a nightmare

'I am so glad we got to meet again'

'Is this the part where I say the same here?'

'I guess so'

Oh gosh! His smile is heavenly

'I have been looking for you everywhere. It’s more like you didn’t want me to find you'

'Why would you say that?'

'I am not a fan of treating those I have slept with'

'What about you pretend that you don’t know me?'

'That’s not possible you have seen me naked'

You and Dickson burst into laughter.

'So tell me, what happened? To your legs?'

'I got drunk one night and then drove like a mad person. Thanks to that stupid act, I am in this wheelchair'

You kick his leg but unfortunately, he didn’t feel anything.

'We have to start physiotherapy immediately'

You have to do a physiotherapy session for Dickson, what do you want to do first?

Massage his leg
Take him for a swim

You took him to his room. While helping him to lie on the bed you inhaled his sweet fragrance which made you a bit horny.

When you laid him down, your hair tangled with the button of his shirt. In the process of untangling it, you both got involved in intense eye contact. Your heartbeat became irregularly rapid.

You changed to your swimsuit and one of Dickson’s servants helped him wear his swing trunk. You helped Dickson rest on the floater as you stroked your hand through his legs.

Something unexpected happened when you stoke his ankle, he chuckled. This means that some nerves in his leg are functioning.

'Instead of being a doctor, I think you should be a masseur. You are really good at it'

As days passed, you kept on having a series of therapy sessions with Dickson. It seems like you both are forming a bond.

One day, you were having lunch in Dickson’s house and you began to choke on your food. Dickson immediately rushed to help you despite being confined to a wheelchair. He literally wanted to tear the whole house down because we're choking on your food.

'Are you okay?'

'Yeah, I’m fine'

'I would have died if anything happened to you… I love you…'

You looked at him shocked because you weren’t expecting the “L” word.

'I have always loved you. You, being my physiotherapist isn’t a coincidence. It was all planned'

'Ever since that night I haven’t been able to get you off my mind. I left the country and returned a few months later and then I had an accident. One day, Terry and I were talking about me getting a physiotherapist that was when he mentioned you'

'He also mentioned that you are best friends with his wife Lara. That was when I made the decision for you to be my physiotherapist. I am very sorry if you feel like I deceived you'

You reply with:

Of course you did!
Does Lara know about this?

'What you did is pure deceit! How could you?!'

'I am sorry, I know I would have found another physiotherapist, but I wanted you to be the one to help me through this…'

'I love you, Cynthia… I have always loved you'

'No she doesn’t. Only Terry does'

'I can’t believe this…'

'I love you so much… That night we met has been the best night of my life… At this point in my life, I can’t imagine anyone else besides me except you. Forgive me'

Do you want to accept his apology?


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