Live Or Die? My Friends And I Accidentally Woke Up The Wicked Witch

Published on   Aug 13, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Jessie. You and some of your friends rented an old building for the weekend. The first night was amazing and you loved the serene. Although, you had a nightmare but just waved it off.

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It’s late in the night and your friends are fast asleep but you found it very hard to sleep. You decided to take a tour around the house. You felt like someone was following you but when you turned around, you didn’t see anyone. You went to the basement and pointed a torch and you saw something like a wild animal covered in blood.

You screamed.
You ran for your life.

You started screaming at the top of your voice and luckily Josh your boyfriend woke up and came to your rescue. When he arrived, you realized that it was just artwork. That was very weird because it looked so real.

You ran as fast as you can still having the feeling that the strange-looking animal was behind you. Still running, you bumped something. You started screaming at the top of your voice.

Relax, It’s me. Why are you so scared? (Holding you firmly)

I saw something… Like a… It was covered in blood. (Stammering and fidgeting)

Josh went to the basement and returned laughing hard. It was just a painting. You nervously laughed with him.

While chatting with Josh on the balcony, the lights started blinking and this made you scared. After some time it stopped.

The next day, you and your friends went sightseeing, and when you all got back. Laura came out to the balcony holding a book she found in the basement. The title of the book was “Awakening the spirits” Immediately after you read the title of the book out loud, a mighty storm saturated the whole house.

It was so weird considering the fact that it was summer. You then told Laura to return the book where she found it because it was very creepy. She immediately went to return the book. You all continued chatting and playing games that was when Josh remembered that Laura hasn’t gotten back from the basement.

You went to the basement to check if Laura was there and you found her there. The only issue was that you found her dead body covered in blood and her head ripped from her body.

Laura!!! (Screaming in utmost fright)

Everyone rushed to meet you and also screamed when they saw Laura’s body. When you looked at her head, her eyes blinked at you and immediately darkness saturated the whole place and you all began to hear spirit sounds.

You …

Ran out of the basement.

You kept on screaming and suddenly the windows started opening and closing by themselves. When you looked closer at the wall, you saw writing with blood. The writing read “Awakening the spirits”.

You all scrambled for the door. You finally ran out of the basement and someone tapped you from behind and you got the shock of your life. It was Laura’s dead body. You kept on running as a body without a head kept on chasing. You finally ran inside your room and locked the door.

You are in your room and you scattered everywhere looking for your phone. Finally, you found it and tried making a call but unfortunately there was no network. The worst part is that blood started dripping from your phone and when you looked at the mirror, it divided into two and blood kept on gushing out from it. You quickly ran out of the room as the rest of your friends kept on looking for a way out. It turns out that you all couldn’t leave the building because all the doors were locked.

What the hell is happening?! (Screaming and breaking down in tears)

I think we are being haunted by spirits. (Approaching you slowly)

The book! That is the only way we can find out what is wrong.

Where is it?

It’s in the basement.

Do you want to go with Logan to get the book?

No way.

You and Logan slowly approached the basement. When you got to the door it opened by itself and immediately you both entered, the door closed.

Oh my Jessie… I don’t think we will make it out of here alive.

You nervously went to where the book was but before you could pick it up, Logan picked it up and the strangest thing happened. Logan kept on hitting his head on the wall like a mad person.

Logan!! Stop!

I can’t stop! (Crying as he continuously hit his head on the wall)

After sometime, he stopped. He then picked up a piece of glass that was lying around and stabbed himself in the neck and died.

Logan!(Breaking down in tears)

Logan went inside to get the book. When he entered, you heard sounds of him struggling with something. After sometime, you didn’t hear any sound from the basement. You and Josh rushed in and found him dead with the book beside him.

Another scary storm saturated the house and the book a page in the book opened. On the page, only four words were there and it was, “Do not touch me”.

So what do I do? (Trembling)

Another page in the book opened and it was, “Chant Spirit three times and I will appear”.

Josh then stood close to you. At this point, it was just you and Josh that were in the house. Your two friends had died and only one person left.

Do you want to do as the book instructed?

I’m too scared.

You then chanted spirit three times and then something unexpected happened. A strange-looking woman erupted from the book and you and Josh jumped backward.

Holy shit!

You have to do it. There’s no other way.

Another page in the book opened and it read “Do it or you will die”

You then chanted spirit three times and a woman appeared behind you and Josh.

Feels good to be free.

Who … Who are you?

I am a witch; I have been trapped in this book so many years ago and today made it exactly one thousand years that I have been trapped in this book. According to the curse that trapped me, in the one-thousandth year, I will have to kill three people before I can be completely free.

Who trapped you?

It’s a long story and I don’t have enough time to tell it. Besides, what will you be doing with such information? So let’s get down to business. Who I’m I killing between the both of you?

Please don’t kill us… (Breaking down in tears).

I have to darling…(Laughing hysterically)…That’s the only way I can have a gate pass to the kingdom of witches. Earth is completely boring I must say. I miss my fellow witches.

Kill meI am ready to sacrifice my life for the love of my life
Kill him, I don’t want to die!

Depending on your choices, your ending is:

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