I Lied To My Ex-boyfriend And His Girlfriend...

Published on   Aug 13, 2022

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You are Luna. People often think that you have it all because you are from a very wealthy family and also very successful. Only a few people know that you yearn for your Mr. Right. You have been quite unfortunate when it came to love because all the men in your life were just after your money and also your fame. None of them loved you for who you really were.

Your driver resigned because he had to relocate to his hometown with his family. Your personal assistant found you another driver. The next morning, she introduced you to him and his look was mind-blowing.

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How can a guy this hot be a driver?(Saying in your inner heart)

Good morning ma’am, I’m Jasper.

Reply him.
Ignore him.

I’m Luna.

Thank you very much ma for this job.

You don’t have to thank me… we have to go or else I will be late to work.

You got into the car.

You entered the car and reviewed some of the documents your assistant sent you earlier. While looking at the car mirror, your eyes met with his and this made you a bit nervous.

When you got to the office your friend came in.

Luna! Damn! Who is that hot guy I saw standing beside your car?

My new driver.

Damn! He’s so handsome.

Yeah he is.
Stop exaggerating.

You smirked sharply.

Hmmm… Seems like he caught your attention.

I won’t lie, he did…

You went to your window and secretly looked at him and slightly bit your lower lip.

You know that I’m not. That guy is like a demigod. He’s more like a fallen angel.

You burst into laughter.

Oh my dear friend… Relax, it’s not that deep. He’s handsome but a demigod? Hell no.

You won’t believe this… Guess who’s in town!

The president?

No silly … Jones is in town.

What! (Wearing a shocked expression)

Jones is your childhood friend and your first love. The shocking part is that the love has been one-sided. You have always been in love with Jones but he just loves you as a friend and nothing more. Whenever you remember this, your heart breaks into a million pieces.

Two days later, you decided to go shopping to clear your head and also distract yourself and you bumped into Jones and a very pretty lady.

What do you want to do?

Approach him.
Pretend like you didn’t see him.

You slowly approached him as your heart began to beat rapidly.

Hmm… Jones?

Immediately he turned around, you felt your heart skip a beat.

You turned around to leave and Jones called out your name.

Luna! (Hugging you tight)

Please stop hugging me like that, you are making me fall in love with you more.

You and your silly jokes. (Laughing)

I am not joking.(Saying in your inner heart and laughing out loud)

Oh yeah… let me introduce my fiancée to you. (Gently pulling the pretty lady by her waist)… Cora, My fiancée…

Nice meeting you. Jones has told me a lot about you. He also added that you are like a sister to him.

Sister? (You felt your world crumbling down)

You forgot your purse in the car.

Who is he? Your boyfriend?

Uh… No. He’s my fiancé.

For real? You are engaged?

Yeah I am. (Pulling Jasper close to you as he looks completely confused)

Congratulations… Why don’t you swing by our place this evening? Let’s have dinner together.

Yeah sure.
Uh… I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Super! It’s going to be fun and we are going to have time to catch up.

I will be expecting you.

Jones and Cora bade you goodbye and left.

Why ??

I will be very busy tonight. Jasper and I had plans for the night.

Oh I see… (Winking at you)

Come on… It’s just for one night.

Okay fine.

That’s more like it… We have to go now. Bye!

When they left, you began to drown in regret for telling a lie.

Wow… I graduated from being a driver to being a fiancé in just two days. How wonderful. (Laughing)

Hahaha… Very funny…

Later in the evening, you and Jasper arrived at Jones’s house. From the way you were breathing, it was obvious that you were very nervous. Jasper then whispered in your ears, “ Relax”. Honestly, felt so good but just didn’t know why. When you arrived, Jones and Cora gave you a warm welcome. You went to the kitchen to help Cora out while Jasper stayed with Jones to chat in the living room.

Finally, dinner is served and you all are at the dining table.

So Jasper, how did you meet Luna?

Uh… I must say… It was the best day of my life. Well, I accidentally hit her car while we were stuck in traffic, and when she came out and started shouting at me like a fearless lioness. I wasn’t even concerned about her shouting at me. I was lost in her beautiful eyes. For a minute I felt numb. It was like my heart stopped beating. Then, she snapped her finger at me, and then I apologized and offered to get her car fixed. That was how it started.

Jasper kept on showering you with sweet words and it felt as if you were falling in love with him.

I know I don’t say this often but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Same here.
I think we should leave now.

You and Jasper got involved in brief eye contact and he kissed you softly close to your lips.

I am so happy for you Luna. You found your soulmate.

For the first time, you weren’t bothered about Jones's statement.

What the hell is happening to me?(Saying in your heart)

You bade Jones and Cora goodbye and left.

As you rode back home with Jasper, you kept on reminiscing his words and you had a feeling of butterflies dancing in your stomach.

It seems like the lie you told brought you and Jasper close. You both became really good friends and sometimes went to the club together. It was obvious that Jasper adored you.

One day you were in the garden chatting with Jasper when he suddenly kissed you. What do you want to do?

Kiss him back.
Slap him.

Depending on your choices, your ending is:

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