Murder Mystery: The Death Of A Prestigious Man

By  Selina
Published on   Aug 08, 2022

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The mysterious murder of a prestigious man in the city has destroyed the lives of two people. One was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment and the other was sentenced to a life full of regret. Who killed the prestigious man?

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Choose a character:

You were accused of killing Mr. Royce and sentenced to twenty-year imprisonment. You have already served ten years remaining another ten years. You have lost all hope of leaving the prison.

You are an intelligent lawyer with a heavy burden. You became a lawyer because you wanted to save a man who was unjustly sent to prison. You decided that you would get the man out of prison, no matter the cost.

Story Begins...

I am: Justin
I am: Sonia

You are in your prison cell and one of the guards came to tell you that you have a visitor. When you asked who the person was, the guard refused to give an identity.

Do you want to meet the person?

I don’t want to meet anyone

The guard led you out.

'I think the person is a lawyer'

A lawyer? That’s strange… My lawyer hasn’t visited me in ten years, why now?

The prison guard tried convincing you that you should meet the person even if it was just once. He then added that the person has come because of your case and there might be a chance for your case to be reviewed. You decided to meet the person.

You are currently in the prison meeting room and a woman walks in.

'Hello…I am Attorney Sonia'

You returned the courtesy by smiling at her. You kept on wondering why she came to see you.

'I am here to get you out of here'

You are currently in the prison to meet Justin your first client on a pro bono case.

You are pacing around the meeting room anxiously when he walks in.

'Hi… Who are you?'

You say:

I am Attorney Sonia
Sit down

You extended your hand for a handshake and he completely ignored it.

'Why are you here? What do you want?'

'Easy with the questions'

When Justin sat down, you slid his case file to him.

'This is your case file. I noticed something interesting about your case… You changed your statement a week later. Why did you do that?'

'Why do you want to know why I changed my statement?'

'I already know the reason. You wanted to protect your mother'

'How did you know?'

'I know a lot of things…'

'I am here to help you. I have reviewed your case and there are so many loopholes'

'It’s been ten years already, and I have lost hope'

You burst into laughter.

'I think you shouldn’t'

You burst into laughter because deep down you knew that was close to impossible. When you looked at her, she was wearing a straight face. That was when it clicked to you that she was serious.

You say:

I no longer want to be saved

'You are saying that because you have lost faith in justice'

The fact that Sonia was so sure of your innocence kept you wondering. She was so sure that you didn’t commit the murder. One would think that she was there on the night of the murder.

When Sonia explained her plan of how to prove your innocence, you were convinced that she can actually save you from the hell of prison.

'Okay fine. I guess I have to trust you in getting me out of here'

You had to look for a way to convince Justin that you can save but how?

Give him a breakdown of pro bono cases you have done
Tell him your life story

You gave him a file of the case you worked on two months back. In this case, a woman was accused of killing her estranged husband. To make matters worse, the murder weapon was found in her house. Despite that, you were able to save the woman from getting life imprisonment.

That was when you told him that your father was sentenced to prison for a crime he didn’t commit and you couldn’t do anything to save him because you were very young. Unfortunately, your father died in prison.

After talking to Justin, he eventually agreed to you reopening his case.

'So what next?'

'It’s time to find those that killed that man'

'We have to start from the bottom in solving the problem. Can you tell me what happened that night?'

You say:

Yeah sure
And how would that help the case?

You went back in time to that unfortunate night. You were meant to go to your friend’s wedding but then got an anonymous call. From the call, a man told you that your father had just been shot. When you got to the location the man told you, you saw a man covered in blood.

When you rushed and turned the man around, you realized that it wasn’t your father but instead it was the mayor of the town. Before you could get up the police had arrived at the location and arrested you.

'I need you to corporate with me. That’s the only way I can help you'

You began to narrate to her what happened. You were on your way home when you saw a man covered in blood. When you walked closer, you realized that it was Mr. Royce, the richest man in town.

You moved the gun away and then lifted his head up. That was when the police arrived and you were accused of a crime you didn’t commit.

'The arrival of the police was too fast so it is clear that someone framed you. I have to go now because my time is up'

You returned to your cell. The thought of who that woman was kept on clouding your head.

'I have spent a lot of time on your case and also took time to check the camera footage and also read a lot of journals regarding your case'

You ask about:

Ask him about his own side of the story
Ask him about his relationship with the victim

When you asked him about his side of the story, Justin told you that it was clearly a setup. This is because the man was found dead in his apartment and the murder weapon in his house. He also added that he had never met the man in person.

Due to the fact that he was a prestigious figure, he often heard about the victim on the news. That was when you confirmed that someone related to the man who killed him and made Justin pay for his crimes.

When you asked him, he told you that he met the man occasionally but never had a chance to talk to him. He told you something that caught your attention and it was the fact that he was friends with the man’s nephew.

It’s time to decide your fate.

Court case reopened.

Sonia came to visit you again in the prison. While she was talking to you, you noticed something that shocked you. She had the same god mark as one of the girls that testified against you ten years ago.

When you confronted her about it, Sonia confessed that she was the little girl that testified against you in court ten years ago. She fell to her knees and started pleading. Do you want to forgive her?


You spent days making extensive investigation and then joining the pieces together, you were able to find evidence that could release Justin from jail. You also found a witness from that night. Which do you think is the best option for winning the case?

Presenting the evidence
Calling the witness to stand

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