I Found The Love Of My Life But She Doesn't Know Me

By  Selina
Published on   Aug 07, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Lucas. When you were in high school, you had a crush on one of the prettiest girls in school. You decided to take the bull by its horns by confessing your love for her at a school event in front of the whole school. Being a nerd, she turned you down and insulted you publicly.

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Fate seems to be cruel to you when you cross paths with the girl ten years later. This time you both have to work together on a billion-dollar construction project. She is an interior designer while you are an Architect.

You are currently on the construction site with her.

'Uh, hi…'

You choose to:

Ignore her

'Oh, hi…'

'No one told me that the Architect will be this elegant'

'Yeah right'

You ignored her and started walking around the site with your team. You instructed them on how the building was going to be structured. Meanwhile, Emma tried getting your attention but you kept on ignoring her.

The most annoying part was that Emma couldn’t recognize you because you had changed so much.

Every time you saw her face you suddenly remembered the embarrassment you had to go through because of her.

Your team and hers had a joint meeting to speed up the construction of the building.

After the meeting, you left and headed straight to your friend's house. When you got to his house, you sank onto his couch.

'Hey man, are you okay?'

You say:

Yeah, I am
No, I'm not

'I actually don’t think you are but I won’t pressure you'

Max gives you a bottle of beer to drink. After drinking you were a bit intoxicated then you decided to go outside for fresh air.

'She’s back!'

'Who is back?'

'It is Emma!'

'Wait… The Emma from your high school? The one you are in love with despite her disgracing you?'

'Hahaha very funny'

'It so happens that I’ll be working with her for about six months'

Your mind went back to a week ago when you were introduced to Emma. You got the shock of your life but she didn’t because she didn’t remember you.

I really need to get you off my mind once and for all.

The next day, you returned to the construction site, and you were blown away by Emma’s beauty.

You still look very beautiful in red…

'Uh, hi...'

You kept on drooling at her and she snapped her finger at you.

'Uh… Hi…'

'I must say, I am shocked… you didn’t ignore me or reply to me rudely'

'Why have you been so rude to me though?'

You say:

Let's get back to work
Because you remind me of someone that hurt me in the past

'Okay… That’s a really good way of ignoring my question'

As Emma tried climbing the stairs she tripped and landed in your arms. Having her so close to you made your heart skip a beat. Her fragrance was so intoxicating. She apologized as you helped her stand. You got lost in her eyes for a second.

'What? Who?'

'There was this girl in high school that disgraced me for professing my love for her. What she did scar me'

'That’s strange, I remember doing the same thing to a boy and up till today I regret it'

'Well that boy is…'

Before you could complete your statement one of the construction workers interrupted the discussion and asked you to resolve some issues. When you left, Emma went with her team to start work.

Its lunch break and you stood from a distance watching Emma eat.

You didn’t know when you smiled at her because watching her was so relaxing. When she saw you, she invited you to join her.

Accept the invitation
Decline the invitation

You went and sat down close to her and she offered you what she was eating. You took a bite as she was showing you her plans for the building.

How ironic, years ago you couldn’t stand the sight of me … Who would have thought that we would be eating together?

When you declined, she decided to stand beside you.

'I don’t take no for an answer, since you didn’t want to sit down beside me, I decide to come to join you'

You chuckled

Later, outside, when you looked up you saw that a block was about to fall on her.

You immediately moved her aside and you both landed on the floor.

'Are you okay ma'am?'

'Uh… Yeah'

'What about you sir?'

'Yes, yeah..'

One day, you were about to go home when you heard someone crying in a corner. When you went to check, it was Emma.

You immediately went to her and enquired why she was crying. She immediately broke down in tears and told you that it was her parent’s anniversary. You immediately felt sorry for her and consoled her by giving her a warm hug.

Emma brought out a bottle of vodka from her bag.

'What I often do on this day is drink into a stupor… Would you like to join me?'

Okay, but be careful
Nah, I don't drink

You and Emma drank your hearts out. You both were so drunk. As you both drank and laughed, you kissed Emma, and to your greatest surprise, she kissed you back. After having an intense kiss, you both slept off.

'You are such a bore'

You immediately stopped her and scolded her for hurting herself. She broke down in tears again. It was clear that she was hurting.

The next day, you woke up and your whole body was sore. Luckily it was a Sunday and the workers didn’t come to the construction site.

You woke Emma up and drove her home. You could remember everything that happened the previous night, but Emma couldn’t because she had a lot to drink.

You and Emma were beginning to be good friends and you realized that the Emma you knew in high school had completely changed and became a better person. Do you think you should tell her about your secret of knowing her since high school?

Yes, I want to tell her
I'd rather not

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