My Little Sister Is A Monster!

Published on   Aug 07, 2022

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You are Tasha. You are one of the most paid models in New York. You have a lot of fans and lovers but they don’t know how rude and annoying you are.

Your behavior isn’t entirely your fault. You were brought up to be a perfectionist. When things don’t go your way you yell like the world is about to end.

Start To Test

Nelly !

Why are you screaming?

I told you I wanted black plain coffee, what the hell is this?

(Spitting the coffee on her)

Nelly is your younger sister but people think that she’s your maid because of the way you treat her.

You can always make your own coffee.

You stare at her…

As far as you are here, you will always make my coffee.
That’s true, I’m sure I can make a better coffee than you.

Now go get me what I asked you.

I am not your maid. The earlier you realize that the better.

How about I give you $100?

Wait for real?

(Her eyes instantly glitter)

You show her the money. She tries taking the money but you remove it immediately.

Okay fine.

(Walks out)

You walk to the coffee machine.

You continue staring at it because you didn’t know what to do. You didn’t even know the button to press.

Nelly starts laughing at you in the background.

I can make a better coffee than you. (In a mocking tone)

You don’t even know how to boil water.

You seem to be forgetting that I am a popular model.

Oh please…

After some minutes, Nelly gives you the brewed coffee and you drink it without blowing out the air.

Oh my gosh!

(Spitting out the coffee)

It's Hot!

At least if you don’t know how to brew a coffee, you sure have the brains to blow out the hot air. My bad you don’t have brains at all.

(Laughing hysterically at you)

Nelly notices that you are not having the joke and she starts running.

Start chasing her.
Look for ice to put on your tongue.

You sure do know how to step on my toes huh!

You start chasing her around the house until you both jump into the pool. You both continue fighting like cat and dog in the pool.

What the hell is going on here?!

Pila is your best friend and also your manager. She drags you out of the pool as you continue trying to attack Nelly.

That’s enough!

You immediately squeeze out the water from your body and storm into your room. Nelly, on the other hand, continued to torment you with her laughter.

And where is the ice?

You continue to search for it. After some minutes of searching, Nelly gives you the ice from behind. You swiftly collect it from her while sticking out your tongue like a hungry dog.

You place the ice on your burning tongue while Nelly continues giggling at you.

This is not over.

(Storming out)

You are in your room and Pila walks in.

Here comes my most loved manager.

(Still sticking out your tongue)

What the hell happened to you?

My devil of a sister gave me hot coffee.

And you being dumb drank it without cooling it.

(Laughing at you)

Very funny.

(Putting on a straight face)

Why are you here?

(Sinking in your bed)

You have a vogue shoot in two days. This is a lifetime opportunity. Remember, you’ve always wanted this.

Yeah that’s true. (Feeling excited)
I don’t know if I want it again.

I knew you would love the news.

What do you mean?

I feel like I am already in a perfect place in my life and I don’t need vogue.

It’s too late for you to tell me this now, I already got a slot for you and there’s no turning back.

Okay fine…

Pila informs you about the necessary things that need to be done.

I will have the fashion designer come to take your measurement and get you dressed for the shoot.

Immediately Pila leaves, the only thought that saturated your head was how you would get even with Nelly.

It’s almost time for dinner and Nelly is in her room. You thought to yourself that the timing was perfect to get even with her. How do you want to torture her?

Pouring oil in front of her door.
Spraying the pepper on her immediately she comes out.

You immediately go to the kitchen and bring the full bottle of oil and pour it in front of Nelly’s room.

Nelly, it’s time for dinner.

Okay, I’m coming.

Nelly immediately rushes out and slips hitting her butt heavily on the floor.

You burst into laughter as you point at her.

Got ya! You little witch.

(Wearing a vile smirk)

Nelly breaks down in tears because the impact between her butt and the floor was enormous.

You stand in a corner of her room.

Nelly, Dad is back!

Nelly being her father’s favorite, rushed out in delight not knowing what was coming her way. Immediately she came out, you sprayed the pepper spray making sure it penetrated her eyes perfectly.

What the hell did you do?

(Trying to maintain a balance)

Oopps… My pepper spray comes off accidentally sometimes.


You and Nelly continue to scream at each other. Your parents rush up to see the ruckus and scold both of you.

You won’t get away with this.

I already did.

The next day was very hectic for you and Pila as you both were busy preparing for the photoshoot.

Later in the night, you decide to do a night skincare routine.

The next morning, Pila arrives at your house with the team in charge of your “Vogue look”.

What the hell did you do to yourself?

(Laughing very hard)

I don’t understand.

(Looking very confused)

You looked around and everyone in the house was laughing at you, including Nelly.

What’s so funny?

(Still looking very confused)

Pila brings the mirror and you look at yourself.


(Screaming in shock)

You were completely purple. It was like something had changed your skin color to purple.

You witch! You did this right?

You are the one looking like a witch now.

(Laughing at you)

What do we do now? The shoot is in an hour.

I mixed my purple dye with your skincare product and you didn’t notice. How less dumb could you be?

(Still laughing at you)

I also have the chemical that can wash off the dye in an instant.

Give it to me!

You have to apologize to me first.

After much contemplation you say:

I rather die than apologize to you.
I am very sorry. Please just give me the chemical.

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