What Do I Do? My Friend Is The Most Handsome, But He Ignores Me

By  Selina
Published on   Aug 06, 2022

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You are Lisa. Even though you are the most brilliant girl in school, you are mostly taunted by your classmates.

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You have a huge crush on Jason, the most handsome guy in school but he has never looked at you for more than a minute.

You are in the class and your teacher has just given instruction that there will be a drama presentation in school and you all have to pick a paper to know your roles.

The drama presentation is based on the Romeo and Juliet concept.

I have always wanted to act in drama… but I wonder about the role I’ll pick.

Your best friend Nelly sits down close to you.

'What if you pick Juliet?'

You say:

That would be amazing
Hell no!

'And Imagine Jason, being my Romeo'

'That would be fun!'

'It can happen… It would give you an opportunity to get close to Jason'

'That’s impossible… He barely looks at me. Can’t you see how ugly I am?'

'Stop saying that. Besides, the future is unpredictable'

It’s your turn to pick a paper and you anxiously walked to the basket and drew out a paper. To your greatest surprise, when you opened it, you picked the role of Juliet.

'I picked Juliet!'

'Oh, yes!!'

'The person that picks is in real trouble'

Beth enjoys picking on you and this makes you fear her presence. When Beth made that mean statement, the whole class started laughing at you including Jason. This made you sadder.

When Jason went to pick his paper it turned out that he picked Romeo. From his facial expression, it was clear that he didn’t want the role. Could it be because you picked Juliet?

You choose to:

Leave the class
Sit down in distress

When you left the class, you went straight to a corner of the school building to cry your heart out. Due to the constant taunts by your classmates, you often felt less of yourself.

When you sat down, your best friend gave you a sign that you should ignore the rest of your classmates. Honestly, you were used to their taunts.

A few hours later, you are sitting in a corner of the class and Jason approaches you.

'Can I join you?'

Yeah sure
Are you sure about that?

'So Juliet, tell me do you have any ideas on what the drama would be about?'

'To be honest, my head is blank'

'I must confess something, I have stage fright. That’s why I was sad earlier when I picked the Romeo role. I was hoping to pick an insignificant role'

Oh that explains it and I was here thinking he was sad because he didn’t want me to be his Juliet.

'What do you mean?'

'Earlier you were sad because you picked Romeo'

'Oh that! It had nothing to do with you… I hate acting and then I picked the leading role so I was sad because of that'

'I actually thought it was because I picked Juliet'

'Hell no'

'So tell me, what do you have in mind for the drama?'

You told Jason your brilliant idea for the drama and he fell in love with the idea instantly. He gathered the whole class and told them about your idea and to your greatest surprise everyone loved it.

You and your classmates are in the multipurpose hall practicing for the drama.

'It’s time to practice our lines, are you ready?'

You say:

I'm nervous

'Juliet … I can’t imagine a minute without you. I thought I had a purpose in life until I found you'

For a minute, you got lost in his words. His lips moved to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Jason noticed that you were drooling at him; he smiled and snapped his finger at you.

'Are you okay?'

'Oh, yeah…'

'Romeo… Your love is more alluring than a full moon… Your love is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you'

'You shouldn’t be… You’ve got this'

While smiling at him you both had intense eye contact that you didn’t know your classmates were looking at you. You cleared your throat and started practicing.

'Romeo… You are the one I have always dreamed of. Ever since you entered my life it has been full of meaning'

'I love you, Lisa…'

'What do you mean?'

'Uh… I meant Juliet'

You wished that Jason would confess his love for you. You instantly remembered when you were in fifth grade, you and Jason went to the same school and the both of you were very close. The shocking part is that Jason was your first kiss.

The day of the drama presentation has arrived and you kept on pacing around the hall nervously. When Jason came he managed to calm you down and lifted up your spirit by saying, “you’ve got this”.

You finally presented your drama to the whole school and you and your classmates were given a standing ovation. It was absolutely lovely. Everything was wonderful until something expected happened.

You were about to leave the stage before Jason asked you to wait.

'If I don’t say this now, I might end up regretting it for the rest of my life. Remember when we were growing up, we made a promise never to part ways'

'I have never stopped loving you, Lisa. You were my first love and still my present love. I am tired of hiding my feelings. I love you so much'

'Is it possible for us to continue our love from where we left off?'

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