Your Son's Soul Is Trapped In Spirit World, What Will You Do To Save Him?!

By  Nidhi
Published on   Jul 30, 2022

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Test instructions:

You have just moved to a new house with your entire family.

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You wake up in your cosy bed but something is wrong with your son, Dalton!

'Dalton? Why are you not waking up? You'll get late for school!'

Shake your son's body.
Sprinkle water in his face.
Call his mom, Renai.

You shake Dalton's body as hard as you can but the boy is still unconscious.

You start sprinkling water on your son's face, and eventually pour an entire glass of water! But he still doesn't wake up!

'Renai! You must come here. Something is wrong with Dalton. He's not waking up!'

Unable to find a way to wake Dalton up, you take him to the hospital.

'Dalton has fallen into a coma. We are as astonished by his condition as you. Till we figure out the cause for this, all we can do is wait.'

Several months pass and Dalton doesn't show any signs of improvement.

Call Elise, a paranormal investigator and an old friend.
Continue medical treatment.

You call Elise.

'Elise, dear, I think we need your help. Dalton has fallen into a coma and nothing is working. Please come by.'

Dalton's treatment continues to fail so out of depression, one night you go for a walk, trying to come up with a solution.

'Josh, is that you? Remember me? I am Elise. We met when you were just a child.'

Helpless, you invite her to your home.

'You don't remember, but you have a gift. And so does Dalton. It's hereditary.'

'Dalton seems to be in a coma because his soul has wandered away.'

You ask-

How can we bring his soul back?
If this is a gift I possess too, how have I forgotten it?

'You must go into the spirit world and bring your boy's soul back, Josh!'

'Your childhood was spent in fear and trauma. This gift of yours attracted evil spirits to your body. So I made you forget it....'

'But now if you want to save your son, you must go into the spirit world yourself!'

'Oh God! What a terrible decision to make. But I know I will do anything for my son....'

Project your soul and save your son.
Explore other options.

'I will help you project your soul. Close your eyes. Picture your soul leaving your body....'

'Ah, what a strange place! Wait a minute.... I think these blood stains lead to....... my Dalton.....'

'Elise, how about we try something else. Maybe Dalton is just hypnotized or something....'

Elise tries hypnotherapy on Dalton, as you sit beside your son. But you find yourself being pulled into a slumber......

As if your soul is leaving your body......

'What is this place?! Is this the spirit world? Wait, where do these blood stains lead to??'

'Father? Father? I am here....'

You follow your son's voice and find him trapped behind a red door. From your childhood memory, you recognize the door to be the lair of the demon that terrorized you!

Face the demon and save your son.
Go back to get Elise.
Stay where you are, ask Dalton to find a way out.

You enter the demon's lair and find your son tied. You untie him. Both of you start running away, but the demon blocks your way.....

'Not so easy, Josh. You must defeat me....'

Defeat the red demon.
Run away.

'Josh, I am here to help. But this demon is far too strong....'

Help Elise defeat the demon.
Run away.

'Son, listen to my voice. You must get out of the lair and come towards my voice...'

'Dad, help me. The demon won't let me go! Daaaaad.....'

Fight the demon and save your son.
Run away.

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