A Dog's Revenge: You're Jealous Of Your Owner's Boyfriend Who Stole Your Love!

By  Selina
Published on   Jul 26, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are a dog named Karla. You have been blessed with an owner that loves and takes good care of you.

Start To Test

You were seated in a corner of the house late at night.

As you gazed at the stars, you noticed some sounds from the gate. You found it very odd because everyone was fast asleep.

Who could it be?

When you moved closer, you saw a shadow. What do you want to do?

Bark at the shadow
Attack the person
Hide in a corner

You started barking and the person kept on screaming at you.

When Lisa, your owner came out she told you to stop barking because the person you were barking at was her younger brother.

You waited quietly in a corner for the person to come out. Immediately he walked close to him you pounced on him as he kept on screaming.

Lisa, your owner immediately rushed out and dragged you from his body. In the process of struggling, you scratched Lisa’s arm.

Lisa then consoled you and told you the person you attacked was her brother. Luckily Lisa’s brother just sustained minor injuries.

Two months ago, armed robbers came to Lisa’s house and while trying to defend her, one of them shot at your leg.

You watched the man walk to the door and when he knocked; Lisa opened the door and welcomed him as her brother. That was when you felt relaxed and entered the house.

You are in the sitting room with Lisa and her brother. The way they kept on hugging each other made you jealous.

Lisa only hugged me that way. Why is she hugging him like that?

Separate them
Walk out of the room

Feeling extremely jealous, you walked up to them and sat down in between them.

'Oh my jealous Karla'

On the hand, Logan Lisa’s brother gave you a very stern look.

You walked out of the room and went to your usual corner of the house. You began to get drowned in the thoughts that maybe Lisa would stop loving you.

The next morning, you were walking around the house. It was just you and Logan, Lisa’s brother. Lisa had gone out early in the morning.

Logan came out of the kitchen and poured a bucket of water on you. You were shocked because you didn’t do anything that would warrant such an act.

What the hell is wrong with you?

'I hate dogs…'

Logan went inside the house as you dried the water from your furs.

Do you want to get back at Logan for what he did?

Not necessary

While Logan was inside watching TV you kept on thinking about the perfect way to make his life a living hell.

You went to the kitchen and picked the bottle of oil with your teeth and spilled it on the floor close to where Logan was seated.

Immediately Logan got up, he walked in the direction of the oil and as expected he slipped and hit his butt hard on the floor. You giggled in contentment.

You went to the backyard of the house and your friend Sandy came. Sandy is the dog of Lisa’s neighbor.

When you told her about the situation with Logan, she advised you to make his life a living.

Lisa eventually returned late at night and as usual, she went straight to bed without having a shower.

You and Lisa usually spent fun times together but lately, she seems to be barely around. When you walked out of the room, you noticed that Logan was staring at you from a distance.

I really need to teach this guy a lesson but after having my bone meal.

When you went to the kitchen, your plate was empty.

That’s strange, I saw Lisa putting my food for me before she went to bed.

You looked at Logan and saw him throwing your food in the trash.

Bark at him
Wake Lisa up

You started barking at him but Logan was clearly not scared of your barks. As you kept on barking, Logan on the other hand was laughing.

You went to the trash can and brought out the bone meal and left.

You woke Lisa up by barking repeatedly at her door.

You dragged her by her clothes and lead her to the trash can. To your greatest surprise, the trash can was empty. Logan had brought out the bone meal and kept it on your plate.

Logan is so cunning!

Lisa kept on looking at you confused. You just sat down sticking out your tongue. Lisa patted your head and went back to her room.

I need to do something about Logan. I don’t like his stay here. How I wish Lisa could understand my words, I would have told her what her brother has been doing.

One day, Logan was on his way out. When he approached the gate, you noticed that he was absent-minded. You looked to your left and saw a car speeding in his direction.

What do you want to do?

Bark at him
Remain silent

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