An Obsessed Lover Can Do The Unthinkable.. What Will You Do?

By  Selina
Published on   Jul 08, 2022

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Test instructions:

This story revolves around a doctor who was kidnapped on her way to work and an ex-detective who has to find her at all costs. Could the doctor and the detective be linked to each other?

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Choose a character

You were a dedicated police detective for five years until you lost your family because of a case you got involved in.

After the death of your family members, you vowed never to be a detective again. Your vow has been put to the test when your neighbor gets kidnapped.

You are a successful doctor at the peak of her carrier. Things came crumbling down when you got kidnapped on your way to work. You were taken to an underground building.

Story Begins…

I am: Sean
I am: Rose

'What do you mean Rose has been kidnapped? What makes you so sure?'

'She was meant to meet up with me before going to work. When I called her, I heard her screaming and the call dropped'

You choose to say:

What if you are making a mistake?
File a police report

'I am not. I kept on calling her multiple times but she didn’t answer. It’s evening already and no sign of her. I am so scared that something has happened to my sister'

'We both know that I can’t file a police report until twenty-four hours have elapsed. I can feel it. My sister is in danger. Please help me find her. She’s all I’ve got'

'Okay… Don’t worry, we will find your sister'

'Let go of me!'

The man threatened to blow your brains out if you kept on screaming.

You choose to:

Continue screaming
Keep quiet

You kept on screaming despite the man’s threat. He immediately hit your head with his pistol and you became unconscious. After some time you woke up and realized that you have been tied to a chair in a very big room.

Because of the fear of death, you remained quiet and entered the car. You were blindfolded. From the way you struggled to walk, and the smell of the serene. You felt like it was a desert you were brought to. The sun was scorching and the air was dry.

The man tied you to a chair removed the blindfolds and left.

You have to find Rose.

You need to escape from the building.

What do you think is the best thing to do to find Rose?

Search her house for clues
Question her coworkers

You and Ray entered Rose’s house and started searching for clues.

The first place you went to was her bedroom because from your experience of being a detective you realized that people often keep confidential information in their bedrooms.

When you opened the drawer you saw a picture of Rose and a man.

Who is this?

You eventually asked Ray and he told you that it was Rose’s ex-boyfriend named Max. Ray further told you that Rose broke up with him when she found out he was cheating on her. You decided to continue searching her house and the only valid thing you found was the photograph.

You went to her office and started questioning her coworkers. What caught your attention was when a nurse told you that a particular doctor named Max has been obsessed with her and that they both had a brief relationship.

When you asked Ray if he knew anything about this, it was obvious that he knew nothing.

'Where is Doctor Max?'

'He hasn’t come to work'

You are still tied to the chair. You started looking around for ways to escape but found only a glass opposite you.

What do you think is best to do?

Reach for the glass
Start screaming

You tried reaching for the glass but all to no avail. At this point, you remembered that your pen knife was in your pocket.

You slowly brought out the pen knife from your pocket but it fell to the ground and you couldn’t pick it up. When a man entered the room, you kicked the knife to a distance so that he wouldn’t see it.

I just really hope my brother Ray realizes that I have been kidnapped.

When you started screaming, a man entered the room and covered your mouth with a piece of fabric. He further threatened that if you screamed again he wouldn’t hesitate to kill you.

Why did they kidnap me?

You have to find Max.

Think of a new way to escape.

What do you think is the best way for finding Max?

Visit him
Research about him

You took his address from the nurse and went to his home. Fortunately, Max was home.

When you questioned him about Rose, he got very defensive and ousted you out of his house. You secretly placed a tracking device on his car and left.

A few minutes later, Max left the house and you followed him.

'What if he isn’t the one that kidnapped Rose?'

'We will find out soon'

You secretly followed Max until he got to an uncompleted building.

You called your friend who is an IT genius to find out the places that Max has been to in the last twenty-four hours.

After an hour, your friend sent you the details and you decided to go to the place Max was around 7:45 am which coincided with the time Rose went missing.

After some time, you were able to get a sharp object which you used to cut the rope and ran out of the room. A man held you from behind and when you turned around it was Max.

Oh, Max?

'Yes the one and only. Where do you think you are going to? I paid these men a lot of money to bring you here'

'You are the one that kidnapped me?'

'Well not really, I just gave the order for you to be kidnapped. In a literal sense, I am not the one that brought you here. My men did. You brought this upon yourself. I just asked for a bit of your love but you refused. I had no choice but to kidnap you'

What do you think is best to do?

Attack him
Run away

You immediately picked up the stick that was beside you and continued hitting him as he groaned in pain.

He picked you up and threw you on the floor. You screamed in pain. He tied you up and took you back to the room.

You started running but when you got to the door you realized that it was locked.

'You are not leaving here. You need to accept this place as your new home'

Max injects you and you become unconscious.

How will you reach max?

Enter the building
Lure him outside

What's your plan?

Distract Max
Provoke Max

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