The Humans Want To Take Over My Camp!

By  Selina
Published on   Jul 08, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Leo. You are the head of the street dogs in the community. You have to fight for the right of your fellow dogs because humans are unjustly killing some dogs. You have also been getting reports about the strange disappearance of your dogs.

Start To Test

You are walking on the street with your wife, Loja.

'I got a report that two dogs have gone missing'

You say:

I already know about it
Wait, what!

'How come?'

'You seem to be forgetting that I am the leader here, and nothing happens without my knowledge'

'Things seem to be getting out of hand. We need to stop humans from killing and mistreating us'

'I am currently working on that'

'How come I don’t know about this?!'

'Remember you have been sick and just recovering. We didn’t want to add to your worries'

'I hate it when things are hidden from me, especially something this delicate'

'What are the names of these sneaky dogs?'

'Billy and Nora'

You called for an emergency meeting with some of the dogs. In the meeting, you all discussed strategies for getting to the humans.

'Leo… How do we attack humans? Because we don’t have enough forces like them'

'We have our sharp teeth and intelligent sense of reasoning'

'Do you think that’s enough?'

You choose to say:

Of course
No, it's not

'We must start training the dogs to defend themselves. I think it will also be best if you have sign language to easily communicate when there is our camp'

'The humans often come to attack at night. So this time, we have to beat them in their own game'

'We mustn’t necessarily attack them. We just need to make them scared of us. The Rottweilers will be in charge of that. The Bloodhound will use their sense of smell to know when they are approaching our camp'

'And German Shepherds? What will they do?'

'They have to be ready to attack at any moment'

After the meeting, your wife serves bones as refreshment.

Later in the evening, you walked around the camp while the other dogs were sleeping.

You saw three men enter the camp injecting some dogs.

What do you do?

Start barking
Secretly follow the men

You started barking, and the dogs woke up and started chasing the men out of the camp. One of the men got a bite from Luca the Rottweiler.

You went to the dogs they injected and realized that they were deeply asleep, which meant that they were injected with sedatives.

The men bundled the dogs, and you secretly followed them. You stood in a corner and watched them. You noticed that they entered a massive building that looked like a laboratory.

So this is where they bring the dogs? What could this place be?

You decided to go home and inform the other dogs about what you discovered.

You were with Luca in a secret cage you built in the camp.

'I found out where those men came from. There is a laboratory where they take the dogs to. It seems like they are using the dogs for an experiment. They are trying out some drugs on them'

You reply with:

My suspicion was right

'Wait, you knew?'

'I wasn’t sure. They often come periodically, which only means that when they run out of dogs, they will come for more. Such things only happen when an experiment occurs'

'Everything seems so overwhelming'

Loja gives you a warm cuddle, and this helps in reducing your anxiety.

'And it has been going on for over six months now'

'That explains why they come monthly. Which means that we should be expecting them by next month?'

'Yes, exactly'

'I want a census to know the exact numbers of dogs in the camp and our species'

'We must start preparing for next month, or we will all be killed by these wicked humans'

The next day you instructed that the laboratory should be spied on as it will help determine your next move. Luca also gave you a report about the number of dogs in the camp and their species.

One day, Bokal came running to you, panting.

'What’s wrong?'

'I overheard the conversations of the humans, they are ready to launch an attack on us, and this time it will be more severe than the previous ones. You need to make a decision on what we should do next.'

What do you think is best to do?

Prepare for defense
Leave the camp

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