Bomb Explosion: Finding Revenge For My Dead Family

By  Selina
Published on   Jul 08, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Rio. You are a detective who just lost his family to a bomb explosion. You decided to take it upon yourself to find those behind the bomb explosion and bring them to justice.

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The bomb exploded in a stadium and killed millions of people; your family was included. You lost your brother, sister, and mother in one minute. You would have been part of the explosion but what saved you is that you arrived at the stadium late.

To find out those behind the bomb explosion, you decided to:

Go back to the place the bomb exploded
Ask for CCTV footage of that day

When you got to the stadium, you saw that the area was sealed because of the police investigation. Immediately you entered, you started searching for clues. While walking, you stepped on a knife with the inscription of a scorpion.

You went to your office and requested the CCTV footage of that day should be brought to your office.

When they got the footage, you spent hours watching it.

Suddenly something caught your attention. A man was carrying a school bag and walking strangely. It was more like he was scared. When you zoomed into the video, you discovered that the man had a scorpion tattoo on his neck.

Scorpion? Only one group identifies with the scorpion mark, and that’s the Mantilo cartel.

What do you do?

Look for more clues to confirm your suspicion
Make extensive research on the Mantilo cartel

You began to look for more clues but, unfortunately, found nothing solid.

'Hey… I came as soon as I could. What’s up?'

'I need to penetrate the Mantilo Cartel, and only you can help me'

'Have you lost it? Those people are dangerous'

Landa is a journalist who investigated the Mantilo Cartel but had to stop when they threatened to kill her husband and children.

'I know. There’s a possibility that they are the ones behind the bomb explosion'

'I will give you this because I want your family to get justice. They didn’t deserve to die the way they did'

Landa gives you all the information about the Mantilo cartel and also where they have their meetings.

Mantilo is a Mexican cartel famous for its drug involvement and fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, they were always clever and witty, which made it impossible for the police to find solid evidence against them.

You spent days researching their every movement and also about everyone surrounding them. While doing your research, you found out that they usually met in a casino on the outskirts of the town every Friday night.

I guess it’s time to pay them a pleasant visit.

You are in the Castro Casino dressed in a dashing brown suit. You saw some members of the Mantilo cartel sitting in the VIP area dressed in black.

What do you think is best to do?

Confront them
Watch from a distance

Here goes nothing…

You stormed into the VIP section, and they all turned, looking at you, confused. Their bodyguards immediately bundled you.

You used your head to crack the head of one of the bodyguards and then your fist to give the others a merciless beating.

'Who the hell are you?'

Grant was the leader of the Mantilo Cartel.

'Your death sentence'

Someone suddenly knocked you out from behind with the edge of a gun.

You sat down at the bar as you secretly watched them. Not to be noticed, you were also having a drink.

Suddenly a man came and stood behind you, demanding that you should follow him. You turned and saw the scorpion mark on his hand, which meant that he was a member of the Mantilo Cartel

When you tried resisting, he injected you with a sedative.

After some time, you woke up and realized you were tied to a chair. You kept on struggling to let loose, but all to no avail.

'I would advise you not to. You will just end up hurting yourself for no reason'

'Detective Rio. I heard that you have been investigating my Cartel'

'You are the one that ordered the bomb explosion, right?'

'Yes, I did, and I’m so sorry your family was part of those that died it was never my intention to kill them'

You reply with:

So what was your intention?
You scumbag!

'Well, I don’t give people reasons for my actions, but I will tell you anyway. The president is to blame for the bomb explosion'

'What do you mean?'

'I told him to legalize my Cartel, but he refused. So I decided to kill a few people to teach him a lesson'

'You are a psychopath. A lot of people lost their families. You killed the loved ones of people! How can you be so relaxed?'

'I hate that word. Kindly don’t repeat it'

'You scumbag!'

'I told you not to repeat it!'

He proceeds punching you hard a few times.

'Do you think I became the leader of this Cartel by showing mercy?'

'You disgust me'

'I know. My wife used to say that before I killed her'

'Wait, what!'

At this point, it occurred to you that Grant is a ruthless killer but what made you a bit calm was that before you came to the casino, you placed a tracking device in your shoe.

You also informed your team that they should track your location when they didn’t hear from you in four hours. You looked at the wall clock and realized that it was remaining thirty minutes for your team to track you.

What do you want to do?

Wait for your team to arrive
Give Grant a piece of your mind

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