I Think I Found Love But I'm Scared

By  Selina
Published on   Jul 08, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Ashley. You caught your best friend and fiancée in bed the night before your wedding. This shattered you; you decided to take a vacation to the Bahamas to forget the pain. Little did you know that you would find love in the Bahamas.

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You are by the beach side, lost in thoughts of how your dreams were destroyed in a minute.

Adam, your tour guide, comes to sit next to you.

'Are you okay?'

You reply with:

Yeah, I am fine
Why do men like making women sad?

'Are you sure? … Because you don’t seem to be okay to me'

'Let’s just say I am trying to find myself'

'I can help you… of course, if you let me'

'I will be fine'

'I see… It’s a matter of love. Wanna talk about it?'

'Just the same old story. A girl gets heartbroken the night of her wedding'

'Oh no! That’s really deep. What was his explanation?'

'He blamed the devil as usual'

'Come with me…'

'Where are you taking me to?'

'Just follow me and don’t ask questions'

Adam takes you to an open space with different statues.

'This place is lovely'

'I often come here to scream my frustrations, which really helps. Come on, try it'

You say:

Does it really work?
There’s no point in me screaming

'Yeah, it does. Just go for it'

'How could you, Mark?!!!'

'How could you sleep with my best friend?! Why did you betray me?!'

At a point, you stopped shouting and broke down in tears.

'It’s okay'

'Okay, but at least you can cry. My mother always said that crying helps'

You instantly remember walking into your fiancée and your best friend making love.

Tears flowed down your cheeks.

After some time, you and Adam left the place.

He took you to another location to try out Bahamas street food.

'The food here is fantastic!'

'Yeah… How are you feeling?'

You choose to say:

I feel better
I feel numb

'I am glad you do. I rarely know you, but one thing I know is that you are a strong woman'

'I really don’t know if I am'

'You are. You shouldn’t doubt that. You are just hurt for the time being. I am sure with time, you will heal'

'It’s normal. I also felt numb when I experienced my first heartbreak'

'What happened?'

'I realized she was just with me because of my money'

You look at him confused because he is just a tour guide.

'I am not just a tour guide; I own most of the lands in the Bahamas and am also a wealthy businessman. I decided to be a tour guide because it distracts me and keeps me sane'

'I am very shocked right now'

'A lot of people don’t believe it'

'Well, cheers to heartbreak'

The following day, you woke up to door knocks.

And who is it this early morning?

You opened the door, and it was Adam.

'Good morning! I came to invite you to the volleyball game'

You say:

I love volleyball!
I don't know how to play..

'I am the best when it comes to volleyball'

'We will see about that on the field'

You and Adam are on opposite teams. After about an hour of playing volleyball, Adam’s team emerged the winning team, and Adam came to brag about it to you. You laughed to your heart’s content.

'I am so happy that you finally got to laugh'

Adam insisted you come to watch the volleyball match even if you can’t play. You had no choice but to listen to him. You had so much fun watching the game, making Adam very happy.

The next day, Adam takes you on a tour of the historical places in the Bahamas.

You are in a flower garden with Adam.

'Do you know, Rick and I planned on coming to the Bahamas for our honeymoon?'

'Oh, the name of the scumbag is Rick'

'You have to stop thinking about him. It’s just going to hurt you more'

After some minutes of intense stare and silence, you broke the silence by clearing your throat.

The next day, you stayed in your room because you felt sick. Adam took it upon himself to take care of you. He took better care of you than Rick ever did. He was so attentive to your needs and made sure you had breakfast.

'You have to take these drugs. It will help you'

Adam hands you the medicine and lifts you up.

While Adam was in the room taking care of you, something unexpected happened. Rick barged into the room.

'What the hell is going on here?'

'Who the hell are you? And why didn’t you knock?'

'Rick! Who told you I was here?!'

'Your mother did. I insisted on seeing you, so she had no choice but to tell me where you were'

'Ashley, I am sorry… I really regret what I did. Please forgive me. Please, I just need five minutes of your time. Please'

You choose to say:

Okay, fine
There is nothing for us to talk about

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