Is It So Hard To Have A Career & True Love?

By  Selina
Published on   Jul 06, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Maria. You have just left the orphanage and living with your friend Carla. You have always had the dream of being a famous singer.

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You are preparing for a job interview to work as a personal assistant for the CEO of a fashion company.

'How do I look?'

'You look perfect'

You say:

I am so nervous
I think I should change

'I understand, babe, but remember you’ve got this!'

You made sure your file and resume were ready and with you.

'I think the color is too dull'

'Are you having color blindness or what?'

'The color is perfect. Don’t change it'

Carla stuffs a piece of pancake in your mouth as you rush out.

When you got to the interview location, you were blown away by the massive building.

Oh lord… I hope I get this job.

When you enter the building, you collide with a man.

'Oh shit! My papers!'

You looked up and were stunned by the handsome man standing before you.

'I'm sorry'

You say:

It's fine
Are you blind?

You stood lost in his beauty eyes. His hair looked like that of a silk fabric. Your heart skipped a beat.

Oh my! He’s so handsome.

'Sometimes, I can be really clumsy'

'It’s okay, I understand'

'Um, Uh...'

'I already apologized'

'Yeah, right…'

'Okay… you don’t have to be rude'

'I’m sorry I’m rude, but I’m just tense'

'You are here for the job interview?'

'Well, yeah'

'That’s nice … I…'

You immediately picked up all the documents and rushed out before he could finish his statement.

When you got to the office, you presented your documents with your hands crossed, hoping to be accepted. After waiting over two hours, you were informed that you got the job.

'Oh, yes!!'

The secretary informed you that you must meet with the CEO to sign your contract. To your greatest surprise, when you entered the office, the CEO was Luca.

Oh no… I bumped into the CEO… and walked out on him because I was in a hurry. I really hope he doesn’t make me regret it.

'Maria Salvador… We meet again. Have a seat'

You reply with:

Thank you, sir
I'd rather stand, sir

As you sat down, Luca kept on smiling at you. Your countenance made it clear that you felt a bit embarrassed because of what happened earlier.

'Congratulations on your new job'

'And quit the sir, just call me Luca. I'll have a look at your documents'

'Uh, okay…'

After a series of meetings with Luca, you kept avoiding Luca until it was time for you to go home.

When you got home, you narrated everything that had happened to Carla, and she kept teasing you about it.

'Suit yourself'

I think he is angry with me.

'From your resume, this is your first time working in the fashion industry'

'Yes, sir, but you don’t have to worry. I am a fast learner'

Luca smiles at you. He presents the contract, and you read and sign them.

'I have to go now, I have a meeting. I need you to come with me to take down the meeting minutes'

All through the meeting, Luca kept on looking at you. The eye contact was getting a bit intense that you both were lost in each other’s eyes. It was embarrassing because the person presenting had to clear his throat to get your attention.

One day, you went home after work, but unfortunately, you couldn’t get a taxi. Luca saw you and offered to take you home.

As he drove you home, you both talked about many fun things. At this point, it stuck in your head that Luca was very calm, and you both had much in common.

A few days later, the company celebrated its anniversary in Luca’s house.

When you arrived, everyone was blown away by your stunning look.

People couldn’t get their eyes off you, especially Luca. He drooled at you throughout the night.

After dinner, you went to the poolside, and Luca approached you.

'Wow… you look beautiful'

'You don’t look bad yourself'

'Thanks… Are you having fun?'

You say:

Yeah, I am
Honestly, not really

'It’s been a while since I had this much fun. When we had parties at the orphanage, it was nothing like this'

'You grew up in an orphanage?'

'Yeah, my parents died when I was two years old and forced me to live in the orphanage'

'I’m so sorry. You won’t believe it, but I grew up in an orphanage'

'What? Really?!'

'Yeah… I got adopted when I was fifteen. I am what I am today, thanks to my adopted parents'

'Unfortunately, no one adopted me'

'You are a powerful girl'

'I am not really a crowd person'

'So tell me, what do you do for fun?'

'I sing'

'Great! Come with me'

'I often come here to sing sometimes. Although I have a croaked voice, I can play the piano while you sing'

Luca starts playing the piano, and you begin to sing. You sang so well that Luca stopped playing the piano and swam in the beauty of your voice.

'You have a beautiful voice'

You and Luca are so close to each other. Your heartbeat started increasing, and his eyes lit up. He slowly moved his finger around your soft skin. He looked deep into your eyes as he stroked your hair gently.

'I will go crazy if I don’t do this'

Luca starts kissing you, so you chose to:

Kiss him back
Push him away

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