I Almost Lost My Life Because Of My Owner

By  Selina
Published on   Jul 02, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are a dog named Bruce. You live with Jade on the outskirts of the United States. She loved you so much and always took care of you.

Start To Test

One day you are home alone, and you start smelling smoke.

You rushed toward the smoke and realized that the Kitchen was on fire.

Oh my! Fire!

What do you think is best to do?

Run away
Stand there barking

You immediately took to your heels. As you ran, all you could think about was how you could save yourself.

The fire was slowly damaging the whole house.

You continued running until you came to the back of the house and jumped through the mini-window.

You started barking, hoping that someone would save you.

The smoke was slowly choking you, and the fire was getting enormous.

You walked to the jar of water and dropped it, hoping it would reduce the fire but to no avail

A few minutes later, a huge explosion threw you to the other end of the house.

You watched the house burn to ashes because the fire service arrived late.

I wonder how Jade will feel. This would make her very sad.

You stayed in front of the house for hours after the firemen put out the fire.

Why hasn’t Jade arrived?

I should look for her
I'd rather wait here

You started walking along the lonely dark road. You kept on wandering so that you didn’t know you’d gone very far from the house.

Unable to recognize the landmarks, you stooped abruptly.

Where the hell I’m I?

You kept on waiting for Jade, but she didn’t arrive.

It’s very late, and Jade isn’t here. Does she even know what happened to her house?

You start walking aimlessly and don't realize you're in the middle of the road.

You turned around and saw a car coming in your direction at full speed.

Before you could do anything, the vehicle ran you over, and you fell unconscious.

After some time, you woke up and found yourself on a bed.

Where the hell I’m I?

You were so weak, and everything around you was blurry.

You looked up and saw two men standing in front of you.

Am I in heaven?

As you tried getting down from the bed, they instantly turned around.

'Oh dear, don’t do that. You will hurt yourself!'

'I am Dr. John, and this is my friend Tyler. You were brought here after a minor accident'

What do you think is best to do?

Bark at them
Lie down quietly

You started barking at them like a mad dog.

You felt very uncomfortable and continued barking, then you felt a sharp pain around your neck area.

You felt the pain because Dr. John injected you with sedatives, making you sleep for a very long time.

You kept on groaning because your body was in severe pain.

'I am so sorry, buddy. I didn’t see you, and I ran you over'

Deep down within you, you knew that Tyler was not at fault because you weren’t paying attention to the road.

You stayed in the hospital for some days, and Jade didn’t find you.

Tyler took it upon himself to take you to his house.

Oh my! It’s so cool here.

Tyler showed you around the house, including the pool and gaming room.

You kept on wondering how Tyler was living in this big house alone.

Days later, you are sitting by the pool watching Tyler swim.

'Hey Buddy, wanna join me?'

Bark in affirmation
Take a step back

'That’s more like it'

Tyler comes out of the pool and makes you wear swimming goggles.

You entered the pool, felt like drowning, and started barking.

'It seems like you don’t know how to swim'

Tyler held you and taught you how to swim. You both had a fantastic time in the pool.

You moved three steps back, and Tyler immediately understood that you didn’t want to swim.

'No problem buddy, but I must tell you that you are missing a lot'

Later in the night, you started sobbing because you missed Jade and wondered how she was feeling and what had happened to the house.

'What’s wrong, buddy?'

If only you could understand me, I would have told you how much I miss Jade and her bone meals.

'I wonder what’s wrong with you. Why are you crying?'

Tyler tried consoling you by stroking your hair. After some time, you felt relaxed and slept off.

The next day, you went for a walk with Tyler and saw Jade.

You started barking at her, hoping that she would turn around.

Fortunately, she did, and she ran towards you.

'Bruce! I have been looking for you'

Jade gave you a very huge hug. She explained to Tyler who she was.

Tyler then told her how you both crossed paths.

'Thank you so much for taking care of Bruce, but it’s time he returns home with me'

Do you want to continue living with Tyler or return home with Jade?

Living with Tyler
Return with Jade

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