I Got Married To A Man I Don't Love

By  Selina
Published on   Jun 30, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are a princess named Kala. After the demise of your father, your kingdom got under attack by the neighboring kingdom. The only way to save your people was to marry the King of the neighboring kingdom.

Start To Test

It’s your wedding night, and you have just moved into the palace of your husband.

I can’t believe that I’m married

I wanted a fairy tale wedding, but I got to a man I barely know

Door knocks…

'Who is there?'

'It’s me… Can I come in?'

Soli is your husband and also the most feared King in the country.

You choose:

Let him in
Tell him to go away

You immediately dry your tears.

When Soli opened the door, your eyes met with his. You just realized that he had the most beautiful eyes. That was the first time you were taking a good look at him.

'I came to check up on you. Have you been crying?'

You remained silent, drowned in his pretty eyes. He clears his throat, and you blink repeatedly.

'You seem distracted'

'Umm… No … I mean yes… Uh… No'

'I just came to make sure that you are okay. I will be leaving now. Feel free let tell the servants what you want'

Soli forces the door open and barges in.

'I told you to go away!'

'Let me remind you that this is my palace, and I can enter any room whenever I feel like it'

'Yeah, right…'

'I know you don’t want this marriage, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to live peacefully'

'Did you just say peace?'

'You were the one who threatened to destroy my kingdom if I didn’t marry you'

'I had valid reasons'

'And what are the reasons?'

Soli walked out on you and left your question unanswered.

Three days later, you were walking in the palace garden and saw Soli beating a man up to a stupor.

What do you think is best to do?

Stop him
Ask a servant what the man did

You quickly ran to him and pushed him away. Everyone in the palace looked at you, shocked.

'What are you doing?!'

'You can’t beat a man like that! That’s cruel! Don’t you have a conscience?'

'Do you even know who you are defending?! Do you know what he did?!'

'I don’t have to know him before I defend him'

'The man you are defending killed his sister in cold blood'

'Wait, what?!'

Soli moves you aside and continues beating the man as he bled profusely. Feeling very ashamed, you ran to your room.

'Why is he beating the man?'

'This man is a drunk and has the habit of bothering women. The King respects women and hates it when men try to take advantage of women'

That’s very noble of him

Because you couldn’t smell the blood anymore, you went to your room.

Later in the evening, you were sitting alone in the garden.

'A penny for your thoughts?'

What do you do?

Reply to him
Snub him

'That’s not a penny'

'Oh… I couldn’t find a penny'

You both burst into laughter.

'You have a beautiful smile'

Is he flirting with me?

Soli sits down beside you.

'I guess I just have to sit down until you are ready to talk to me'

Arrggg!! Why can’t he leave me alone?

Silence saturates the garden for some minutes.

'I know you never imagined being married to a guy like me'

'I feel like we should at least try to be friends regardless of everything. Remember, our kingdoms united through this marriage. The last thing I want is to build a toxic relationship with you'

You exhale…

'I really hope you get to think about it'

He hands you the flower and leaves.

As days passed, you and Soli spent more time with each other. You eventually discovered that you both have a lot of things in common.

The next day, Soli takes you sightseeing to one of the most visited waterfalls in his kingdom.

'It’s been ages since I last visited a waterfall'

'Wanna swim?'

You choose to say:

I would love to
I can't swim

You undress, and Soli is struck by your fantastic figure.

'Damn! You are sexy…'

'So the King can recognize a sexy woman. I’m impressed'

You both laugh and jump into the river by the waterfall. You both continue playing with the water.

'Oh! That means one of these I’m going to teach you how to swim. I'll put my clothes back on'

'I thought you wanted to swim?'

'Honestly, it will be boring if I do the swimming alone'

You and Soli sit by the riverbank very close to you.

You and Soli are so close to each other, making you a bit nervous.

Soli slowly caresses your cheek with his soft hands. You slowly bite your lower lip, and he steals a kiss from your succulent lips.

You both return to the palace and spend the night together. The night was magical, and you had never felt so happy.

Four days later, you find Soli crying by the balcony.

When you approached him, he was reeking of alcohol.

'Soli? What’s wrong?'

'Just hug me'

You hug him tightly.

'Kala … I don’t know how to tell you this, but I have to say to you'

'The reason why I got married to you was to clear my conscience. I came on the pretext of attacking your kingdom because that was the only way'

'What are you talking about?'

'My brother is responsible for your father’s death. Your father’s sickness resulted from the slow poison my brother gave him in the King’s gathering that was held a month ago'

'Wait! What!'

You immediately take a step back and…

Start yelling at him
Break down in tears

'What do you mean your brother poisoned my father?!'

'I didn’t know he did such. I found out a week later. My brother always wanted to be in control of your kingdom'

'How could you marry me despite knowing what he did?! You forced me into marrying you! You are the most selfish person I know'

'I hate you!'

Tears flow down your cheeks.

'Your family is responsible for my father’s death… I can’t believe I fell in love with the brother of my father’s murderer'

'I banished my brother from the kingdom when I found out what he did'

You run to your room and lock the door.

You were indoors for a whole day without food or water. On the other hand, Soli stayed at the door pleading that you should open it, but you didn’t listen.

Later in the night, you opened the door and found Silo sitting close to it.

'Oh, Kala...'

'I have made my decision, and you must respect it'

We have to end this marriage
I want us to leave the past behind us

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