What Would You Do If An Evil Spirit Attacked Your Foster Home?

By  Selina
Published on   Jun 29, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are an orphan named Rose. You lost both parents to a ghastly motor accident when you were three years old. After the death of your parents, you were sent to live in an orphanage.

Start To Test

After staying in the orphanage for twelve years, a family finally adopts you. Mr. and Mrs. Johnsons are your adopted parents. They have two children, Billy and Nora.

'Welcome to your new home'

'Thank you'

You choose to:

Enquire about the house
Ignore the ambiance

'Is this where you live?'

'This is one of our houses'

'We are here because we came for vacation'

'This house belongs to my grandmother. May her soul rest in peace'

You continue looking at the house, feeling a bit scared.

Blackbirds start flying around, making chirping sounds around the building.

This house is beyond creepy.

Billy and Nora come out of the house to welcome you.

'Hi Rose… I am Billy'

'And I am Nora'

Billy and Nora are twins. They are three years older than you.

You enter the house and immediately feel goosebumps.

'I am sure we will get along'

You are in your room with Nora.

You turn to see an owl at the window. You scream.

'What’s wrong?'

You look at the window and realize that the owl has disappeared.

'I … I saw an owl just now'

'That’s not possible. I have been coming to this house since I was little and I have never seen an owl'

Later that evening, you have dinner with the family, and you get to know them better.

'How long are we going to be here?'

'We intend to stay here for the weekend'

'Is there a problem?'

You chose to say:

I just don’t feel comfortable here
Nothing wrong

'You don’t have to worry about it. We're leaving soon'

'Uh, okay…'

You look through the window and see the same owl you saw previously.

'Nora… Look! There is the owl'

Immediately Nora turns around the owl disappears again.

'There’s nothing there'

'Believe me, there was an owl there'

You spend the rest of the night thinking about the owl.

The next morning, you have breakfast with the family.

Billy and Nora take you to the basement of the house. You open a room in the basement and see different skulls hidden in the room.

You choose to:

Close the door quietly

You start screaming.

'What’s wrong?'

'There are skulls here'

Billy and Nora start laughing at you.

'These belonged to my grandfather. He was a hunter'

You leave trembling in fear.

Later in the evening, you, Billy, Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Johnson are in the garden.

A huge wind saturates the garden.

'What’s up with this wind?'

You have this strange feeling that something terrible is about to happen.

Nora immediately storms out of the house, holding a knife approaching you.

You look at Nora and notice that you can’t see her real pupils.

Nora’s screams and it echoes continuously.

Mr. Johnson tries touching her, and she gets furious and stabs him continuously.

'I told you not to touch me!'

'No!!! You… You killed him'

The owl you saw previously appears again and rests on Nora’s shoulder.

'What the hell happened to Nora?'

You all continue running and seek refuge in a small cot in the forest.

Mrs. Johnson breaks down, crying profusely.

'What’s today’s date?'

'17th of November, why are you asking?'

Mrs. Johnson’s eyes widen, and her lips vibrate uncontrollably.

'She’s back'

'Who is back?'

'The girl your great grandmother buried alive'

'Oh, what?!'

'Your father’s grandmother was a witch. Everyone was scared of her'

'You have never told me about this'

'I didn’t think it was important'

'Your father’s grandmother had a maid who lived with her. She loved the maid so much until the day she found out that the maid was pregnant. She later found out that the father of the child was her husband'

'According to your father, feeling very disappointed, she buried the girl alive with her child. She never gave the girl a chance to tell her side of the story'

'While she was burying the girl, the girl made a promise to kill her and possess the household. She eventually found out that her husband raped the maid and impregnated her in the process'

'The girl’s spirit comes once every thirty years on the day she was killed'

You choose to:

Get angry and yell at her
Give her a hug

'If you knew this house was haunted, why did you come here for a vacation?!'

'I don’t know. I didn’t believe him when he told me'

'What are we going to do now?'

You hug her.

'We will surely find a way to save Nora. She doesn’t know what she’s doing'

'Is there a way that we can save Nora?'

'There’s a way, but it is close to impossible'

'We have to bury Nora alive and make some incantations'

'The sorcery book is in the basement. It is hidden in the room of skulls'

'We have to be brave. Let’s go get that book and save Nora'

You all leave the cot later in the night. You all silently move in the dark to avoid getting Nora’s attention.

'There’s a way we can enter the basement through a tunnel Nora and I discovered'

'Okay… but we have to be fast. We don’t have much time'

Billy leads the way as you all follow the tunnel and finally enter the basement.

'I think it's best we split. You know where the book is right?'

'Yes I do'

'Billy and I will try to get Nora’s attention'

The light in the house shuts out and you all hear a scream following the mighty wind. Mrs. Johnson immediately tries to find the sorcery book.

You and Billy head out to find Nora.

'Nora! Nora!'

You head to the kitchen to make a salt solution.

'You like screaming… Let me remind you I am not Nora. I am Katherine'

'Show your face!'

The light immediately turns on, and Nora is standing in front of Billy.

Billy trips looking very scared. Nora starts strangling Billy.

'Let him go!'

'Oh hi! I don’t think you are a member of this family'

'I am now!'

You pour the salt solution on her, and she starts screaming continuously.

Billy hits her on her head and she immediately becomes unconscious.

'I am here. Let’s go'

You assist Billy to drag Nora’s body outside.

You all join Billy to dig the grave. After an hour of digging, Billy puts Nora’s body in the grave and Mrs. Johnson starts the incantation.

After minutes of incantation, there is a downpour of rain.

'Start covering the grave'

Mrs. Johnson continues the incantation and Nora starts screaming.

Mrs. Johnson continues with the loud incantation. You start still breathing heavily.

'That’s enough! I will go and never return! Ah!'

Immediately the rain stops.

'Oh, Billy'

'Nora? Is that you?'

'Why am I here?'

'Finally Nora is back'

'Finally… I missed you so much my dear sister'

The next day, Nora is told everything that happened the night she was possessed. Nora is left devastated when she finds out that she killed her father. Mr. Johnson’s body is buried, and the family leaves the house, never to return.

A few weeks later, social service workers visit you to know if you want to continue staying with the Johnson family.

You choose to:

Continue staying with the Johnson family
Return to the orphanage

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