After Being Abused By My Husband, I Decided To Fight Back!

By  Selina
Published on   23, 2022

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You are Kelly Rolls. You are a popular chef in New York. You own a chain restaurant called Kelly meals. You live with your fiancé Damian. Everyone admires the relationship between you and Damian but they don't know about the emotional abuse.

Start To Test

You are in your apartment, and you decided to decorate the apartment with roses and prepare a lovely meal for Damian just to spice up the relationship.

You are wearing a sexy red dress while anxiously waiting for Damian to arrive.

Doorbell rings…

You adjust your makeup and dress and open the door.

'Hi baby…'

Damian pushes you away.

Damian walks in and looks around.

'Why are there flowers lying around?'

'I thought that we could have a romantic evening'

Damian laughs hysterically.

'Why would I want to have a romantic evening with you?'

'Damian you are my fiancé'

Damian immediately slaps you and hits your head on the wall.

'On second thought, I think it’s a good idea'

Damian drags you by your hair and forces you to eat the food you had served.

'Now… I am going to walk out of that door, and you will clean this mess'

You shake uncontrollably.

'Y… Yes…'

Damian storms out of the apartment, and you break down in tears.

A few hours later...

You are in one of your restaurants, ensuring things are going smoothly when Andrea, your bestie, walks into your office.

'Hey babe, how are you?'

'I am fine, you?'

'I’m good'

Andrea hugs you, and you feel pain in your back.

'What’s wrong?'

'Did he hit you again?'

You choose to:

Tell the truth
Lie to her
Change the topic

Wait a moment, your result is coming soon