After Being Abused By My Husband, I Decided To Fight Back!

By  Selina
Published on   Jun 23, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Kelly Rolls. You are a popular chef in New York. You own a chain restaurant called Kelly meals. You live with your fiancé Damian. Everyone admires the relationship between you and Damian but they don't know about the emotional abuse.

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You are in your apartment, and you decided to decorate the apartment with roses and prepare a lovely meal for Damian just to spice up the relationship.

You are wearing a sexy red dress while anxiously waiting for Damian to arrive.

Doorbell rings…

You adjust your makeup and dress and open the door.

'Hi baby…'

Damian pushes you away.

Damian walks in and looks around.

'Why are there flowers lying around?'

'I thought that we could have a romantic evening'

Damian laughs hysterically.

'Why would I want to have a romantic evening with you?'

'Damian you are my fiancé'

Damian immediately slaps you and hits your head on the wall.

'On second thought, I think it’s a good idea'

Damian drags you by your hair and forces you to eat the food you had served.

'Now… I am going to walk out of that door, and you will clean this mess'

You shake uncontrollably.

'Y… Yes…'

Damian storms out of the apartment, and you break down in tears.

A few hours later...

You are in one of your restaurants, ensuring things are going smoothly when Andrea, your bestie, walks into your office.

'Hey babe, how are you?'

'I am fine, you?'

'I’m good'

Andrea hugs you, and you feel pain in your back.

'What’s wrong?'

'Did he hit you again?'

You choose to:

Tell the truth
Lie to her
Change the topic

Tears flow down your cheeks.

'He did. This time it was worse'

You chuckle.

'You are good at everything except lying'

'For how long will you remain in this abusive relationship?'

'Andrea … I love him'

'This isn’t love. This is torture'

'I don’t expect you to understand. You have never been in love'

'Wow… you are right, but at least I know what love looks like when I see it'

'You have to love yourself first for you to be loved'

'I want you to at least know how to defend yourself from him'

'What … what do you mean?'

'I want you to attend defense classes'

Andrea drops a card on your table.

'This is the card of a defense instructor. You can call him and set up a class with him'

You choose to say:

That's a good idea
This is the silliest idea I’ve ever heard

You smile and take the card.

'You have to protect yourself from Damian or he will kill you one day'

'I’m not calling anyone'

'I have a meeting in an hour; I must prepare for it, take care of yourself'

Andrea hugs you and leaves.

A few hours later...

You call the number and set up an appointment.

Andrea is right… I need to protect myself.

An hour later, you meet with the defense instructor.

'Hi… I’m Scott, the defense instructor'

'So tell me, why are you here?'

You decide to say:

I want to learn how to defend myself
I don't know

'I like the fact that you know what you want'

You sigh…

You turn around to leave, and Scott stops you.

'For you to have come here, there’s something you want, but you just don’t know how to ask for it. Follow me'

'Many people often ask me why I started this place'

'I grew up in a family of domestic violence. My dad often hit my mum'

'One day, I watched my father beat my mum to death'

You stop in your track and look stunned.

'I’m sorry… about your mom'

'It scared me'

'Since that day, I made a vow to my mum that I would teach women how to defend themselves from abusive men'

'I know that’s why you are here, Kelly'

'What makes you think that I am in an abusive relationship?'

'You have a bruise on your neck and your elbow. Your makeup didn’t cover it up adequately'

You feel ashamed and blink repeatedly.

'You don’t have to be ashamed. You should be proud of yourself'

'For you to be here means that you’ve had enough'

'Yes, I have'

'But we have to be discrete about this… I would like to have private lessons'

'That’s fine by me. I will send you the time and the location'

The next day, you meet with Scott in a mountain area.

'When you said location yesterday, I never imagined a mountain'

'This was the only private place I could think of'

You and Scott laugh.

'You should smile more often because you have a beautiful smile'

'Are you ready?'

'I am'

Scott starts teaching the basis of defense, which include forearm strikes, palm strike, elbow strikes, kick to the groin, knee strike, and many more.

From that day on, you You make sure that you are very consistent with the class.

You have been having defense classes for over a month now and you and Scott are slowly getting close to each other.

'I never got to ask you, how old were you when your mother died?'

'Well, thirteen'

'What about you… how long have you been dating your boyfriend?'

'Five years'

'Do you have any plans on leaving him?'

You say:

Yes, I do
I don't know

Scott smiles at you and places his hand on yours.

'I think you should. You don’t deserve to be treated like garbage'

'Kelly, people love you, including me'

You look at Scott, and he slowly strokes your hair and entangles his lips with yours.

You pause and look at him. You notice his eyes are closed, and he’s breathing heavily. You kiss him back. At this point, you feel alive, protected, and loved.

'What the hell is going on here?!'

You turn and see Damian standing behind you.

'How dare you kiss my woman?'

Damian punches Scott, and Scott hits back.

'Hey, stop!'

Damian pushes you away, and you hit your head on a stone.

Scott continues to punch Damian.

You choose to:

Watch Scott beat Damian
Join Scott in beating Damian
Stop them from fighting

You moan in pain as you watch Scott beat the living hell out of Damian.

You walk to Damian and beat him continuously.

'Stop it, the both of you!'

'Kelly, you will pay for this! I will make sure I deal with you when you return home'

You chuckle.

'You mean my house?'

'Damian, by the time I get back, I don’t want to see you or any of your things in my house'

'Does that mean you are breaking up with me?'

'Yes, and this time for good'

'Don’t you dare come close to me. I want us to end this amicably if you wish to; otherwise, I will have my lawyers get a restraining order against you'

Damian aggressively kicks the sand and walks away.

'You did the right thing'

A week later, Scott visits you in your restaurant.

'What a lovely surprise'

'Umm… I will go straight to the point'

Scott holds your hand.

'I have been feeling restless ever since that day we kissed'

'I have deep feelings for you, and I can’t hide it any longer. I know you like me too. I want us to make this work'

You choose to say:

I also want to be with you
I am not ready for any kind of relationship

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