I Was Lurking In My Father's House As A Nanny

By  Mohsinat
Published on   10, 2022

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You always wanted a father figure in your life. Growing up without a father, your life couldn't have been more worse. As now you decide, you gotta find him no matter what. Then every unexpected occurs and you are given the chance to meet your father face to face.

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You are Sally. You are from a humble background living with just your mother. Your mother walks into a restaurant.

One day you walked through the door in the back alley straight into the crazy restaurant kitchen. You spotted your mom stirring three pots while the head chef screamed at everyone.

This place is worse than a battlefield.

You walked up to your mom and tugged at her apron.

Mom I need to ask you something.

What is it? Spit it out already.

Where is my dad?

Suddenly the bowl your mother was holding dropped to the ground.

Oh my God! You stupid woman! That’s it. You are fired!

A minute later, you and your mother found yourselves out on the street.

Mom I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.

You wear an apologetic face.

You wanted to know about your dad huh…

Yeah. We had to make a family tree in school.

Well, he’s not your family. He’s a good for nothing loser who left us. I am your mom and your dad.

Look, just mentioning him made me lose my job He’s just bad luck.

Not a word about him ever again!

You choose to:

Continue talking
Keep quiet

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