I'm Mulan, And I Just Nearly Killed Cinderella's Boyfriend!

By  Lenox
Published on   07, 2022

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You are on your usual day looking for prey in the forest, until you meet the very unexpected figure in the midst of nowhere.

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You are Mulan. You are a teenage girl who loves to fight. Your father trained you to be a good fighter. Sometimes people mistake you for a boy because of how you dress.

One day, you were looking for prey in the forest, and suddenly noticed that there seemed to be some movement around you, and immediately hid and pulled the bow and arrow in your hand.--

This must be a very big animal.

Father will be so proud of me if I can kill it.

The movements get closer and you fire your gun. You hear a scream.

Ouch !

Ouch? Animals don’t say ouch. Oh my! Did I shoot a human?

You rush to the place you heard the scream and you see a man lying on the ground dressed in a royal outfit.

You choose to say:

Who the hell are you?
Are you hurt?

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