I'm Mulan, And I Just Nearly Killed Cinderella's Boyfriend!

By  Mohsinat
Published on   Jun 07, 2022

Test instructions:

You are on your usual day looking for prey in the forest, until you meet the very unexpected figure in the midst of nowhere.

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You are Mulan. You are a teenage girl who loves to fight. Your father trained you to be a good fighter. Sometimes people mistake you for a boy because of how you dress.

One day, you were looking for prey in the forest, and suddenly noticed that there seemed to be some movement around you, and immediately hid and pulled the bow and arrow in your hand.--

This must be a very big animal.

Father will be so proud of me if I can kill it.

The movements get closer and you fire your gun. You hear a scream.

Ouch !

Ouch? Animals don’t say ouch. Oh my! Did I shoot a human?

You rush to the place you heard the scream and you see a man lying on the ground dressed in a royal outfit.

You choose to say:

Who the hell are you?
Are you hurt?

Really? Is the question you are meant to ask me first?

Because you almost killed me just now! ! !

Isn’t it obvious?


I’m … I’m so sorry.

You examine his arm and find that the arrow has just bruised him.

Ouch !!

Why are you screaming? You have just bruised it's nothing serious.

You apply pressure on the wound.

Ouch! No! Don’t!

Stop screaming you are scaring the animals.

Wow… you are more concerned about the animals than me?

Yes I am. I don’t even know your name.

I’m Prince Williams.

I’m Mulan.

Wait… I think I know your face.

You stroke your jaw and think.

I know! You are Cinderella's boyfriend, that prince, she told me about you some time ago

Yes I am.

Oh no! I am doomed. She’s not going to spare me of her nagging!

Can you at least help me up?

You choose to say:

Your arm got bruised not your legs.

Don't touch me, I can go by myself! Please keep one meter away from me

He gradually gets up and follows you.

What brings you here?

I was on my way to the palace before you attacked me.

That’s strange, who goes to the palace from the forest?

Cinderella loves wildflowers; I thought that I could stop by and get her some.

How cute.You look at his arm and notice that he still bleeding.

Wait for me here.

You go to the forest and pluck some leaves.

These leave will help stop the bleeding.

You squeeze the leaves on his injury and you give him some to chew.

You have to eat this.

Nah… That’s gross.

You choose to:

Convince him to eat it.
Stuff it in his mouth.

You have to eat it to prevent fever.

You immediately stuff the leaves in his mouth.

Why did you do that?

I don’t want Cinderella thinking that I wanted to kill her prince.

The palace is very far from here. So we have to get going before it gets dark.

You and the prince start walking to the palace. It’s an hour and you both are yet to get to the palace.

You turn around and look at the prince and immediately scream.


Ah!! Why are you screaming?!

What happened to your face?

What do you mean?

Your face has swollen up.

You look like Shrek the only difference is that Shrek is green.

The prince immediately rushes to a nearby lake to see his face and he starts screaming.

What have you done to me?

I did nothing. I think it’s the evil stepmother’s doing.

You were the one that gave me a leaf to chew.

Yeah I did… but it’s not meant to cause any reaction.

Are you sure you gave me the correct leaves?

You scratch your head.


Mulan !!

You squint and move back.

You can’t blame me almost all the leaves in this forest are the same.

If you weren’t sure, why did you give them to me?

You widen your eyes and bite your lower lip.

I’m so sorry.

I just lost my good looks.

I look like a monster!

Not entirely… You look like a cute monster.

You start laughing at the prince.

It’s not funny.

You immediately stop laughing. The prince tries washing his face to see if his face will return to its normal size but all to no avail.

Just give it time. I’m sure you will heal.

You and Prince continue journeying to the palace. You are ahead of the prince in pace.

Mulan …

You turn around and see the prince upside down with his leg caught in a rope connected to a tree. You burst into laughter.

Stop laughing.

It’s a very funny view.

What the hell happened?

I accidentally stepped on a trap. I think the hunter must have kept it for animals.

But they caught a prince instead.

You start laughing again.

Please help me get down.

You choose to:

Help him get down.
Leave him there.

You cut the rope and the prince falls to the ground.


You walk away.

Mulan, please!!

I will give you anything you want.

You immediately turn back.

Anything ?

Yes !

I want a horse. Would you give me that?

Yes I will. I promise.

You carefully untie the prince.

You finally arrive at the palace with the prince.

Cinderella rushes to the door of the palace.

My prince! What happened to your face?

The prince looks at you.

It’s a long story.

Cinderella helps the prince.

I know you are the one that did this to him.

Well not on purpose though.

The prince narrates everything that happened in the forest to Cinderella and she bursts into laughter. The servants around also join her to laugh at the prince.

You soliloquize.

Well… this wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.

Thank you for bringing the Prince home safely.

You smile at Cinderella.

What’s on your shoulder?

You look to your shoulder and see a huge spider.

How do you want to react?

Start screaming
Hit it off your shoulder and kill it.

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