Masked Goddesses: From Ugly Duckling To White Swan (Chapter Two)

By  Selina
Published on   Jun 06, 2022

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After the incident of you almost committing suicide, you finally found something that gives you solace.

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You are in your room looking at Mi Cha’s picture and talking to it.

Hi Mi Cha… It’s been three months since your death. I did a one-month therapy, and it was very exhausting, although I enjoyed it.

I miss you more every day.

Guess what!

I started watching makeup YouTube tutorials, and I am an expert at it. But I can't leave the house without it.

But I love the attention I’m getting. No one is calling me ugly or making fun of me again.

Door knocks…

You quickly turn to the door and see your parents standing there.

We finally got a good school for you.

You know you haven’t been to school since Mi Cha died.

We decided to change your school. The transfer has been approved and you can start tomorrow.

Feeling a bit conflicted, you say:

I don’t want to go to school
Finally! I'm tired of the indoors!

All you do all day is watch makeup YouTube tutorials and talk to Mi Cha’s photograph.

We know you went through emotional damage in your previous school hence the trauma. But you need to snap out of it already.

I need to get ready for tomorrow.

Very next morning...

The sun beamed through your window blinds, causing you to turn in the other direction. You swiftly get up.

Oh! I have to go to school today!

You quickly jump into the shower and have your bath.

Then, you sat to do your makeup by moisturizing your face and applying your foundation and powder.

After completing your makeup, you straightened your hair. At this point, you were looking like a beauty goddess.

You walked down the stairs and your parents were blown away by your new look.

Wow… Is this my daughter?

You look entirely different.

Your father drops you off at your new school.

As you walked along the hallway, all heads turned in your direction.

You enjoyed every bit of the attention until a tall boy blocked you from entering the class.

Hi, I’m Ji-Hoon! - Licking his lips seductively.

*Is he trying to be sexy?*

Still looking at him, confused you:

Introduce yourself
Ignore him

I’m Nira…

You are gorgeous.

He tries touching your face, and you move a step back, looking at him with a bit of anger.

I guess I’ll be seeing you around.

You look at him perplexed, trying to decipher what he wants from you.

You exhale and enter the class.

You are in the classroom, and your teacher walks in and introduces you to the class as the new transfer student.

You hear a distant voice saying, 'She’s really pretty'

Minutes into the class, you got the most significant shock. Sung-Ho entered the class.

Sung-Ho, you are late again.

I’m sorry I got caught up.

He is a student of this school.

What do you want to do now?

Hide face
Continue to look at him, hoping he recognizes you

You quickly block your face with your hands while praying in your heart that he doesn’t recognize you.

You continue looking at him while raising your eyebrows.

Sorry, do you need anything?

Uh… No.

Feeling a bit disappointed, it’s clear he doesn’t recognize you. You won’t blame him, though. You had drastically changed.

After the class, Sung-Ho rushed out of the course before you could get up from your seat.

You packed your things to leave, but someone held your bag from behind. You quickly turned and realized it was Ji-Hoon.

Kindly let go of my bag.

You walk out of the class, and your classmates mock Ji-Hoon for the rejection he just received.

You are at the school’s basketball court, and you see a group of girls bullying and beating a girl. Being a person that was always bullied, you defend her.

Let her go!

Who the hell are you?

Bong Cha was one of the most beautiful girls in the school and derived pleasure from bullying people.

One of the girls whispers in her ears.

You are the pretty new student everyone seems to be talking about.

What are you gaining from doing all these? Does it make you feel powerful?

Don’t meddle in my business, and I won’t interfere in yours.

Bong Cha holds you by your collar, and you push her away, and she hits her back against the wall. The whole school gathers and starts chanting “fight!!!”

Bong Cha storms out with two of her friends, waving their hair dramatically.

You walk close to the girl that was bullied and ask her what's her name.

'I’m Isuel', she says while coughing.

I refused to do her assignment, so she got angry.

You have to learn how to stand up for yourself, or else people will constantly torment you.

Iseul thanks you and gives you a tight hug.

One day passes.

The next day, you are by the poolside for extra-curricular activities.

Hey you!

You slowly tilt your head in her direction.

I told you not to get in my way yesterday.

Before you could say anything, Bong Cha pushed you into the pool.

You yelled as you fell into the pool.

The first thing that came to your mind was that your makeup would be ruined, revealing your natural face.

Feeling very scared you:

Stay in
Leave the pool

You remain under the water for some minutes while struggling to breathe.

Sung-Ho jumps into the pool and brings you out.

Oh, Nira?

For Sung-Ho to recognize you, it can only mean that your makeup has washed away.

Please take me out of here. No one should know that this is my natural face. Please…

Darn it! My makeup!

While running, you bumped into Sung-Ho. You bumped into him so hard that you both were on the floor. Your body was on his sweaty, shirtless body.

You? What are you doing here?

After spending minutes retouching your makeup, you change your clothes and come out of the restroom.

You look entirely different. I guess that’s why I didn’t recognize you in the class today.

Are you okay?

You nod and smile.

I must confess, I am thrilled to see you.

Is this the point where I say the same here?

You chuckle as Sung-Ho smiles.

Sung-Ho, about what happened earlier…

You don’t have to worry; your secret is safe with me.

Everyone is looking at us… It’s awkward.

Come with me.

Sung-Ho drags you to the music room.

Do you play any musical instrument?

Yeah … Piano.

I can teach you. It’s effortless.

You sit down as Sung-Ho directs and tells you which keys to press and what they signify. You both engage in a series of eye contact. You could tell that he was trying to conceal his sadness from his eyes.

Sung-Ho slowly takes your hand and places it on a piano key, and he slowly glides his fingers through yours.

The School bell rings…

You clear your throat as he moves backward.

I have to go now.

On your way home, you get drowned in the thoughts of what happened between you and Sung-Ho in the music room. You felt a strong connection when you had him close to you.

As days passed, you and Sung-Ho were spending more time with each other, and rumors of you having a relationship were slowly circulating in the school.

You and Sung-Ho are at the rooftop where you both met.

Our meeting was extraordinary.

You laugh as you sit down.

I was so scared that you would jump.

Are you going to ask your question, or are you going to keep looking at me?

You exhale and smile.

That night, you said you also wanted to end your life but went to hide when you saw me.

I just wanted to forget the night.

What night?

You look to your right and see a cockroach. Out of fear, you jump on Sung-Ho.

Sung-Ho bursts into laughter as he holds you tight.

Sung-Ho’s hands are wrapped around your waist. He draws you closer to him. Due to anxiety, your breath becomes irregular.

Your eyes are gorgeous.

He slowly kisses your forehead, and droplets of rain saturate your face.

While it was pouring heavily down, you both stayed in the building.

You start shivering because of the cold. Being a gentleman, he cuddles you.

You take a nice nap on his broad shoulders. After some time, he wakes you up with a kiss on your forehead.

The rain has stopped.

He escorts you home while holding your hand tightly like he is scared of letting go.

Do you miss her? Your sister?

That night, you kept mentioning her name and crying about how you felt alone.

I miss her more every day.

I also miss my brother.

You have a brother?

Yeah, but he’s in rehab. He got involved with a group of bad boys and became a drug addict. My father had to send him to recovery.

Well, my sister... a car ran her over and zoomed off. I hope the person that killed my sister never finds peace.

Sung-Ho immediately left your hand as he started feeling a bit uneasy.

After some minutes of walking, you finally get to your house.

See you tomorrow.

He whispers it and kisses you on the cheek.

You are in your room reminiscing what happened between the both of you. You lift Mi Cha’s picture.

Mi Cha, I think I’m in love. For the first time, I felt loved for being just me. I want this to last forever!

The next day in your class, Sung-Ho walks in and winks at you.

You blush sheepishly as you cover your face.

Ji-Hoon enters the class and intentionally hits you with his shoulders.

Ji-Hoon turns around and laughs at you in mockery.

Are you okay?

Nah, he hit my shoulder hard

Sung-Ho becomes wholly enraged as he squeezes his palm, trying to control himself.

He looks at you and turns to Ji-Hoon.

Are you sure?

Adorable love birds. So it’s true? You both are in a relationship.

Ji-Hoon… Apologize to her.

It’s a joke, right? You can’t be serious.

Sung-Ho slapped his right palm on Ji-Hoon’s face.

Ji-Hoon retaliated by punching Sung-Ho in the face. They both started hitting themselves as they landed on the floor. Sung-Ho kept beating Ji-Hoon as he continued to demand that he apologize to you.

This is your entire fault. Ever since you came to this school, everything has seemed wrong.

Have you told her already?!

Told me what?

That he’s a murderer!

Just like a scary lion, Sung-Ho attacks Ji-Hoon and continues punching him.

You see that the fight is getting very intense. You:

Separate them
Call the school security to separate them.

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