If You Were A Princess: What Would You Do When A Thief Breaks Into Your Room?

By  Selina
Published on   May 25, 2022

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You are Jasmine. You are the princess of Agrabah. You are the only child of your parents and therefore loved by everyone.

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Today is your birthday and you are with your parents on the balcony of your room.

'It’s my princess’s eighteenth birthday today!'

'How do you feel?'

You say, I feel happy!
You say you have mixed feelings

'Of course! You only get to be eighteen once'

'You were so tiny. I was so scared of holding you'

'It took me days before I learned how to carry you properly'

'I am also happy that you are here, father'

'What about me?'

Your mother widens her eyes, looking at you, shocked.

'Of course you too'

You and your father laugh and hug your mother.

'Being eighteen comes with a lot of responsibilities'

'You shouldn’t be scared. I believe in you, and so does your mother'

'You know when I was your age…'

'Whenever your father starts a sentence with this phrase, the next thing he says afterward is a lie'

You burst into laughter.

'Why are you laughing?'

Nothing important, father
Umm… mum told me a funny joke

'Are you sure?'

'Absolutely, father'

'She said…'

'It was a silly joke...'

'As I was saying… I was the most muscular man in this Kingdom when I was your age'

'Don't listen, Jasmine, your father is scared of spiders'

Your father rolls his eyes, and you start laughing at him.

'Like mother like daughter'

'Jasmine, you have to get ready for your party tonight'

Your mother and father leave your room.

A few minutes later, the maids come in to help you prepare for the birthday celebration.

Every member of the Kingdom is gathered in the palace's courtyard anticipating your arrival.

The servants walk you downstairs to meet your father.

'Oh my dear princess, you look terrific'

You put on a wide smile.

'It’s time. Are you ready?'

You say: I was born ready
You say: No, I'm not

'Now that’s my girl!'

'Those people waiting for you outside are your people'

'One day, you will rule them'

Your parents lead you outside, and you are shocked by the number of people wishing you well on your birthday.

'I can’t believe all these people came for me'

'Be happy. So tonight, we will drink and merry to our heart’s content'

'All hail the Sultan!'

'Hail! Hail!'

'All hail the princess!'

'Hail! Hail!'

You want to:

Address them
Wave at them

'My dear people of Agrabah, words can’t explain how loved I feel'

'I am truly blessed to be the princess of this wonderful Kingdom'

'Thank you for coming to celebrate with me tonight'

'All hail Agrabah!'

'Hail! Hail!'

You wear a huge smile while waving at your people.

You sit down as people dance to present their gifts to you.

'Now that everyone has given your gifts, I think it’s time I give you mine'

Your father removes his gold bracelet embedded with diamonds.

'This bracelet was given to me by my father'

'Father, this is beautiful. Thank you so much, father'

'I feel exhausted. I would like to retire to my room'

'Okay, my dear, have a goodnight's rest'

You are in your room, and you have the strange feeling that there’s someone else in your room.

Immediately you move a step forward, and someone holds your neck from behind.

You decide to:

Attack him

You instantly bite his hands and give him a heavy kick on his prick.

'Oh no!'

'You thief!!'

'Who the hell are you?'

'Hi, I’m Aladdin'

'I’m a thief'

'Yes, I have figured that out already'

'Why would you come to my room?'

'To steal'

'Why did you choose this palace to be your first place to steal?'

'I wanted my first stealing to be something huge!'

'Yeah, right. You are an amateur'

You start chasing Aladdin around your room.

'Not not my bed. Get down!'

'I’m sorry, princess'

You immediately collect the bag from him and pour out everything in it.

'You stole my toothbrush?!'

'It was pretty...'

'What the hell are you doing with my pillowcase?'

You laugh as Aladdin rolls his eyes.

'And my hairpins?'

'I wanted to give it to my younger sister'

You burst into laughter.

'You don’t know how to steal'

You continue laughing at Aladdin while he feels a bit ashamed.

You hear footsteps approaching your door. You:

Hide Aladdin
Expose him

'Someone is coming. Hide here'

'Jasmine? Are you still awake?'

'Yes, mom, I couldn’t sleep because of the noise'

'I just need to be left alone'

'Okay, dear'

'Has she gone?'

'Yes. You need to leave'

You give Aladdin some of your pieces of jewelry.

You help Aladdin escape through the balcony.

You start shouting.

'Mother! This thief broke into my room'

'Hey, guards!'

Aladdin immediately runs and jumps off through the balcony.

The guards see him jumping through the patio and apprehend him.

'What’s going on here?'

'He’s a thief, Sultan. We saw him through the princess’s balcony'

You and your mother immediately rush downstairs.

'Princess, are you okay?'

'I am fine, father'

'Since he broke into your room, you will be the one to decide what will happen to him'

'What do you want us to do to him?'

We should employ him
He should be punished

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