After They Took Me Out Of The Zoo, I Was Sent Into Space...

By  Selina
Published on   May 22, 2022

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You are a monkey named Gila. You are living with your parents and brother in a zoo.

You are brilliant but mischievous. Your positive behavior always attracts a large number of visitors to the zoo.

Start To Test

You are at the highest part of the cage.

'Gila, get down from there. You will fall'

Get down
Stay there

You slowly get down.

You slip as you try jumping from one part of the cage to another.

'Oh, Gila!'

Fortunately, your father was fast enough to catch you.

'You are very stubborn'

'Don’t ever go to that part of the cage again'

'Okay, father'

'I noticed that the zoo has a lot of visitors today'

Your father jumps to the other side of the cage.

A woman gives you a banana, and you collect it.

Eat it
Give it to Gelo, your brother

You eat the banana and whoop in delight.

You give the banana to your little brother.

'Gila… Have you ever thought about the outside world?'

'What do you mean?'

'Ever since we were born, we have always been in this zoo'

'Haven’t you thought about where these humans live?'

'What it looks like and also get to see other monkeys that aren’t in the zoo'

You decide to say:

Sometimes I do
No I haven't

'Sometimes I wonder if their air is different from the one here'

'I wonder if the monkeys out there are well taken care of just like they take care of us here'

'I guess we might never get to find out'

'What’s the point of thinking about it?'

'We might never get to leave here'

More people throw bananas into the cage. You and Gelo jump from one end to another.

Later that evening, the zookeeper comes to carry you.

'Mother! Father!'

'Where are they taking me to?'

Your father instantly bares his teeth, displaying aggression.

You are kept in a small cage. You look around and see a group of people talking.

'This one is perfect for the experiment'

Experiment? What do they want to do?

'Her name is Gila. She is very strong'

'But be careful. She has quite a temper'

The zookeeper immediately injects you, and you fall into a deep sleep.

You wake up feeling very numb. You turn around to see a lot of monkeys jumping around.

'You are finally awake'

'Who are you?'

'Hi… I’m Kiko'

'I’m Gila'

You slowly try to get up.

'Don’t force yourself. It’s going to take a while before the sedative wears off'

'Where is this place?'

'Well, I don’t know the name of this place'

'But what I know is that they use us for some kind of experiment'

'What do you mean?'

'They often inject us with some types of drugs'

'Some of the monkeys survive it, while some die'

'And have you been injected before?'

'Yes, I have, twice, actually'

'It was hell. The first time almost killed me, but the second time I felt nothing'

'But why do they inject the monkeys?'

'They are looking for the perfect monkey to send to space'

You decide to say:

Wow, that's cool
What's space?

'I would love to go to space one day'

'Trust me, it’s not as easy as you think'

'It’s a place outside the earth'

'How did you know about it?'

'I found out about it from other monkeys that have been here for a long time'

'What’s that noise?'

'It’s time to eat'

A group of people enters the cage serving the monkeys food.

A woman drops a plate of food in front of you.

'Wow… This looks amazing'

'In the zoo, we never got to eat this'

A few hours later, you are carried to a laboratory.

You are stunned by the types of equipment and machines there.

'We have to check her vital signs and ensure she is ready for the test'

'She was brought from a zoo, right?'

'Yeah, but she’s very strong'

Dr. Tony takes a close look at you.

Maintain eye contact
Draw back in fear

'I like this one. She’s fierce'

'Don’t be scared. We are your friends'

They bring you out from the cage and keep you on a little bed.

'I checked the vital signs, and it’s terrific'

'I have this feeling that she might be the perfect monkey to send to the moon'

To the moon? Do they want to send me to the moon? Oh my!

'There’s a problem, though. Her heart rate is fluctuating'

'Which means we have to inject her'

Dr. Laura brings out the injection and walks toward you.

Sit still
Run away

You sit down quietly as she injects you. You grunt because of pain.

'Sorry, Gila'

'You are powerful'

You immediately start running.

'Laura! Lock the doors!'

You keep running around the laboratory as Dr. Tony and Dr. Laura try their best to catch you.

'Finally, I got you'

You squeak and screech as they inject you.

As the months pass, you undergo a series of tests and treatments by different doctors and scientists.

You are in the laboratory with some scientists.

'Gila has been able to withstand all the effects of her treatment'

'But there is one more drug we have to use on her'

'If her body withstands it, she will be the first monkey to travel to the moon'

'Gila, this drug has a severe effect, but I believe that you are strong'

Dr. Laura injects, and you grunt deeply in pain.

'Now, the last part, we have to know if she is ready to do this'

In the research institute, you have been taught the monkey-human communication.

'Now, Gila, are you ready to be the first monkey to go to the moon?'

'Wiggle your tail if you are'

Wiggle your tail
Don't wiggle it

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