Masked Goddesses: How My Life Turned Upside Down (Chapter One)

By  Echo
Published on   May 20, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Nira Gok. You were brought up in a very strict family. You were always taunted for being ugly and often compared to your younger sister Mi Cha who is very beautiful. Because of this comparison, your self-esteem was greatly affected. You only wish you could run away from all these taunts.

Start To Test

You are on the road walking home with your sister Mi Cha when a car sped in your direction.

Mi Cha! ! !
Looking at the rushing car, you yelled at your sister!
ZZZZZZ! ! ! Duang! ! A sudden Brake sound followed by a huge crash

Two days earlier…

When you're looking in the mirror and making faces in your room····

Why the hell I’m I so ugly?

Mi Cha chuckles from a distance

It’s not funny···

I have told you so many times if you love yourself every other person will love you

Yeah right … You say that because you aren’t the ugly one

Come down and eat~

Your mother calls you both to the dining room and you rush out

Oh wow… Bulgogi!

You instantly felt very elated because it’s your favorite meal

If only you could be beautiful as this table

Your father taunted you as he sits down,In the face of your father's ridicule, you:

Talkback at him
Leave the dining room

You really don’t have to remind me every single time about how ugly I am. Thanks to you I can’t forget that

How dare you talk back at me?!

Your father yelled as he hits his hand on the table making the glass cup of water fall

You are my father!

I highly doubt that. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You are Ugly!

That’s enough!

Utmost silence saturates the dining room and Mi Cha takes a loud gulp of water

Everyone turns and dramatically looks at her as

Um… Sorry


Feeling aggrieved, you didn't speak again

Door knocks…

May I come in?

You blink at her as you tilt in her direction

You know you shouldn’t disrespect food. That’s why your sister and I brought you your dinner

Come on just eat, remember you have to go to school tomorrow

Okay fine

The next morning, you arrive at school and unlike every other student, you hate going to school because of the gibes you often get from your schoolmates, especially Dong-Hyun

Hey Ugly!

You continue walking paying no attention to him

He drags you by your bag and you look at him feeling very infuriated.


He continues shouting mockingly as some of your classmates laugh while pointing at you. You run to the restroom and lock yourself. You fall to your knees weeping profusely.

When will all these tauntings end? Why can’t I have a normal life?

Door knocks…

Who is that?

It’s me… Open up, please

You and Mi Cha go to the same school and you are just two classes above her

You slowly open the door for her and she walks in.

I heard what happened...

She slowly dries your tears like a caring sister

Instead of you crying here, I suggest we give Dong-Hyun a taste of his own medicine.

She looked at you wearing a vile smirk.

Whenever you look at me like that, I feel very scared. What do you have in mind?

I have the pepper spray dad gave me. It’s almost time for the swimming lessons. How about we spray it on his swimming trunk?

You look at her in surprise and decide:

You are the best sister on this planet!
Geez No! We can’t do that···

You and Mi Cha give each other a high five and head out

Remember, we have to do this without anyone watching!

Look over there… Dong-Hyun is on his way to the bathroom

You and Mi Cha follow him making sure he doesn’t notice

You and Mi Cha follow him making sure he doesn’t notice

He drops his backpack and heads to the bathroom.

You take the backpack and bring out his swimming trunk and Mi Cha quickly sprays the pepper spray on it.

Let’s go!

You both quickly run out of the changing room.You both stand at the corner of the swimming pool, waiting for the magic to happen

I am so excited!

Mi Cha holds your hand anxiously

He’s here!

Why the hell I’m I so itchy?

He continues to scratch as you and your sister giggle in the background

Dong-Hyun jumps into the swimming pool but a few seconds later the scratching increases and he comes out of the pool scratching his body like a mad person. His body was slowly turning red due to the effect of the pepper spray.

In a matter of minutes, he became the laughing stock of the whole school

That serves you right

But…Are you going to put up with him forever?

I said no, we can’t stoop to his level. Let’s just let it be

You are such a killjoy

You chuckle at her and dry your tears

Later in the evening, you and your sister go to your mother’s store to help her out. Your mother owns a restaurant that isn’t too far from your school. Most times after school. You and Mi Cha go to her restaurant instead of going home

How was school today?

Feeling a bit sad you reply:

Just the usual…
Dong-Hyun got on my nerves again

Mum she was bullied in school today

You widen your eyes at Mi Cha for her to stop talking

What happened?

Mom… Mi Cha might have exaggerated a bit

No I didn’t!

What did he do this time?

You narrate everything that had happened in school to your mom

I think it’s time we involve the school in this. They will caution him

He’s father is one of the major stakeholders of the school, that’s why he always gets away with everything···

You sit down and bite your lower lip in distress

Everyone was silent, the next day...

You and your sister are sauntering home

Sometimes, I wonder what my life would have been like if I wasn’t ugly

I will tell you for the last time, you are not ugly

Darn it! I just remembered that I have a test to write tomorrow and I haven’t prepared for it!

You chortle and she instantly puts on a sad face

Okay sorry~~~

At this point, you decide to say something to make her happy:

I will help you study
You still have some hours to prepare

You are the best sister ever!!!

Mi Cha hugs you very tight making it difficult for you to breathe

We have to walk faster. I don’t have much time!

You both start walking expeditiously as you pant irregularly

You both are just a few meters away from your house when a car came speeding in your direction····

Mi Cha!!!!!!

You screamed out her name but unfortunately, it was too late because the car had already hit her and zoomed off······

Seeing Mi Cha covered in blood made you very confused and you:

Scream for help
Chase the car

Ahhh! ! ! ! Help us... Please call an ambulance for us! ! ! Please·····

Don’t worry Mi Cha nothing will happen to you. I won’t let anything happen to you!!!

You continue to scream for help

Help me! My sister is dying! Help!

You start crying uncontrollably as Mi Cha starts coughing out blood.

No! Help!!!

You instantly went hot on your heels and chased after the car that had run your sister over but unfortunately, you couldn’t catch up

Finally, a man driving in his car helps you to rush your sister to the hospital. While in the man’s car all you could think about was how life would be without your sister

I won’t be able to make it

Mi Cha continued coughing blood

Don’t say that. Please be strong!

You all finally arrive at the hospital covered in sweat and blood

Emergency! My sister is dying!!

Some doctors and nurses rushed out immediately carrying stretchers. As soon as Mi Cha was put on the stretcher, her breathing stopped. The nurses look at you regretfully. Doctors checked her vitals, but it was too late······

What’s happening?

I'm sorry, your sister has lost her vital signs...

That’s a lie. Mi Cha… wake up, come on we still have to prepare for your test!

You start shaking her dead body hoping that she will react. It was more like you were in complete denial

Mi Cha… come on, I know you are joking. Just wake up. Wake …

Wake up!! Wake up!

You continue crying while shaking Mi Cha’s body vigorously. The doctors and nurses hold you as you struggle to break free from their grip

An hour later, you are seated at the side of the reception looking at Mi Cha’s backpack when your mother and father rush in.


You turned and look at your mother with your eyes very teary


Where is your sister?

You point to where her dead body was kept. Your parents quickly rush to the place and slowly open the cloth that was used to cover her. Your mother looks at her and screams in agony and anguish. Your father, being the man that he is tries to stay strong but that didn’t last for long as he also joined your mother in weeping

I couldn’t protect her. It’s my fault······

It’s not your fault. You don’t have to blame yourself

Of course, it’s her fault!

Your father comes close to you looking at you furiously

I would have preferred it if you died instead of her. You should have been the one to die. The ugly ones always refuse to die!

Your father aggressively pushes you against the wall and leaves the room. Your mother gives you a warm hug to console you. You both continue to grieve over Mi Cha’s death

One day, you plod along the streets at the night wearing a hoodie. The screams of the night Mi Cha died came rushing to your head like a wildfire

Tears roll down your cheeks as you remember the way she was lying lifeless

Mi Cha!

You, who were immersed in painful memories, unknowingly came to the rooftop of a high-rise building

You look up to the sky and start talking to yourself ,It felt like you were conversing with Mi Cha

Mi Cha… Can you remember when we usually came here to play hide and seek? It was always fun

But now we can’t do that anymore. You are gone. I miss you

I feel so incomplete without you here. What’s worse is that father keeps on blaming me for your death. The painful part is that he’s right

What’s the point of living? I should die······

You stagger and stand on the edge of the rooftop as you weep profusely

What are you doing?

Who are you?

He tries coming close to you.

Don’t come close!!

Sorry … Don’t jump

I said, who are you?!

You ask at the top of your voice while panting uncontrollably

I am Sung-Ho

I have never seen you before

I don’t stay here. I just came here to cool off my head

He anxiously strokes his hair and takes a step closer

I said stay back!

In a matter of minutes, some people were already gathered on the ground floor of the building pleading with you not to jump

You take a step forward

No! Suicide is not an option

Yeah right! You can only say that because you don’t know what I’ve been through these past few weeks

You continue talking while crying

You can’t imagine the amount of humiliation I’ve gone through. Every day of my life, people taunt me for being ugly. You have good looks so I don’t expect you to understand

A person’s life shouldn’t just be based on their physical features

I’ve never had the chance to be genuinely happy for a whole day. I am bullied at home by my father, bullied in school, and even bullied on the streets!

The person I always shared my sorrow with is gone. I am all alone!

I understand!

No you don’t!!!

I actually came here to end my life but then when I saw you I ran to a corner. I came to realize it wasn’t worth it

Maybe you were just being a coward

Ending your life without fighting your fears is what makes you a coward

Just get down

While speaking, he stretched out a hand to you, hoping to help you

You look down and see the crowd gathered pleading for you not to jump. You continue looking and your mother and father rush to the scene

Nira! Please don’t. I can’t afford to lose another child. Please…

Your mother starts crying

Nira! I know I have been the worse father. I know I was too hard on you. I am sorry! Please don’t do this to us

You look around and the police and ambulance arrive at the scene

I promise to rectify my mistakes. I will never taunt you again. I love you!

Tears roll down your cheeks because that was the first time your father told you that he loved you

Nira… just get down. You have a family waiting for you. Look at me

You slowly tilt your head in Sung-Ho’s direction as he walks closer to you

It’s not worth it. Come on… Just hold my hand

Ignore his hand and jump
Hold his hand

Episode 1: The Ending

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