Masked Goddesses: How My Life Turned Upside Down (Chapter One)

By  Echo
Published on   20, 2022

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You are Nira Gok. You were brought up in a very strict family. You were always taunted for being ugly and often compared to your younger sister Mi Cha who is very beautiful. Because of this comparison, your self-esteem was greatly affected. You only wish you could run away from all these taunts.

Start To Test

You are on the road walking home with your sister Mi Cha when a car sped in your direction.

Mi Cha! ! !
Looking at the rushing car, you yelled at your sister!
ZZZZZZ! ! ! Duang! ! A sudden Brake sound followed by a huge crash

Two days earlier…

When you're looking in the mirror and making faces in your room····

Why the hell I’m I so ugly?

Mi Cha chuckles from a distance

It’s not funny···

I have told you so many times if you love yourself every other person will love you

Yeah right … You say that because you aren’t the ugly one

Come down and eat~

Your mother calls you both to the dining room and you rush out

Oh wow… Bulgogi!

You instantly felt very elated because it’s your favorite meal

If only you could be beautiful as this table

Your father taunted you as he sits down,In the face of your father's ridicule, you:

Talkback at him
Leave the dining room

Wait a moment, your result is coming soon