I Was Doomed To Always Be Obedient Until He Saved Me…

By  Selina
Published on   May 16, 2022

Test instructions:

You are Ella. You became an orphan when your mother died while giving birth to you and your father died in an accident a month later. You live with your wicked aunt.

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You are in the dining room with your two cousins.

'Lizzy, let’s have a little fun'

'What do you have in mind?'

'Let’s have fun with Ella'

'Great idea! What do you think, Ella?'

You decide to say:

Um... it's a great idea
I don't think i'ts a great idea

Sophia twirls your hair.

'Good girl'

'Oh shut up!'

'Ella… Stand up'

You immediately stand up.

'Sit down'

You sit down.

'Hop like a frog'

You bend down and start hopping.

'Nah… start barking'

'Louder! Louder!'

You increase your voice and start barking loudly.

'That’s enough'

'Go do the dishes'

You immediately gather the plates and start washing them.

A few hours later, you go to the market with your aunt, Gazi.

'You're struggling with the bags? Why can’t you hold anything properly?'

You decide to say:

I'm sorry
There are so many bags

You look at your aunt apologetically.

'You are becoming a pain in the ass'

'Oh, shut up!'

'I am fed up with taking care of you!'

'Put down those items'

'Now listen to me carefully. Run into the forest and never look back. Keep running'

You immediately start running towards the forest.

Why can’t I disobey someone for once?

As you are panting, you continue running until you bump into a man.

'Wooh, ouch!'

Continue running
Jog in place

He starts chasing you, hoping to catch up with you.

You jog in spot as he looks at you weirdly.

'Please stop'

You stop immediately.

'Hi… I’m Gaston, and you are?'

'I’m Ella'

'Why were you running?'

'My aunt told me to'

'Sorry? Your aunt told you to?'

'And you started running without any bearing?'

Gaston breaks down in laughter.

'That was a nice joke. You are good, huh'

'I am not joking'

Gaston realizes you aren’t joking and asks you to come with him.

He asks you to sit under a tree.

'So you do everything you are told to do?'

'Yes, I do'

'Okay… Jump'

You get up and start jumping.

'Ok stop'

'How long have you had this issue?'

'Ever since I was born'

'What do your parents say about it?'

'They are both dead. I was forced to live with my aunt'

'To get rid of you, she asked you to run into the forest'

'I think I might know someone who could help you'

You decide to say:

Why do you want to help me?

'I am not sure if he can do it, but it’s worth trying'

'I want to save you from such a miserable life'

'I have an uncle who is a wizard'

'There hasn’t been any curse he hasn’t been able to break'

'I was actually on my way to meet him when you bumped into me'

'Okay, I'm in'

'My horse is over there'

'This horse is dressed exactly like the ones for royalties'

Gaston smiles at you and helps you climb on the horse.

'You are going to have to hold tight. It’s a bumpy road ahead'

You both travel on the horse for hours.

After a series of stop-overs to rest, you finally reach the allocated destination.

'Oh my! This place is very creepy'

You look around and see the skulls and dry bones lying around.

While trembling, you hold Gaston very tight.

'You don’t have to be scared'

Oz appears in front of you. You scream and faint.

Gaston and Oz revive you by pouring a bucket of water on you.

'Welcome back, my dear'

'Tha… Thank you'

'Relax… I don’t bite'

Gaston helps you into the cave. You are stunned by the interior decoration of the place.

'Wow, this place is beautiful'

'I have good taste, right?'

'You sure do.'

'So, my prince, why are you here?'

'My prince?'

'She doesn’t know?'

'Know what…'

'I am the prince of Lona kingdom'

'What! Are you the prince of my kingdom?'

'Now I understand why your horse was dressed like that'

'So tell me, prince, what brings you here?'

'I brought Ella to you because I want you to help her get rid of the blessing a witch gave her'

'Why would I get rid of a blessing?'

'Because it has slowly turned into a curse'

'And what could this blessing be?'

'Blessing of obedience. Because of this, I am forced to obey every instruction I am given'

'Hmm… Take that knife and stab yourself'

As you take the knife, your hands begin to tremble.

Your hands and getting close to your stomach, Gaston interrupts.

'Drop the knife!'

You immediately drop the knife.

'Uncle, I brought her here for you to cure her and not to finish her off'

Oz takes you and he starts saying some incantations.

'There is a way to get rid of the curse'

'You have to get married within twenty-four hours, or the curse remains permanent'

'How do I find a husband within twenty-four hours?'

'You can marry me'

'You are a prince. I am just a cursed commoner'

'We will have plenty of time to know each other after our marriage'

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