What Would You Do If You Find Out Your Boyfriend Is A Superhero?

By  Selina
Published on   May 12, 2022

Test instructions:

You are a journalist named Lois. You live in a city where criminals are not punished for their crimes. After your parents were unjustly killed by a gang in your town, you decided to expose the wrong people in the city.

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You are working in a news channel agency with your boyfriend, Clark.

'Clark, did you get those documents?'

'What documents?'

'The one for the drug trafficking agency penetrating the city'

Clark gives you the documents while adjusting his glasses.

'Who gave you these documents? I went through them, and the information is authentic'

'It's Superman'

Clark breaks down in laughter.

'You seem to be a very massive fan of him'

After some time, you notice that he’s a bit nervous, so you:

Ask him why he’s so nervous
Ignore him

'Babe, are you okay?'

Clark clears his throat.

You sit down, going through the papers.

'I was thinking… um…'

'Maybe we could have dinner… It’s been a while since we did that'

'I think it’s a good idea'

Clark accidentally hits his head on the door while leaving.

'Ah, ouch!'

You burst into laughter, and he joins you.

Immediately, Clark leaves your office, and your boss Mr. Jones walks.

'Good morning, Lois'

'Good morning, Mr. Jones'

'You released a story about a murder case last week, right?'

'Yes, I did. What about it?'

'I want you to take that story down'

'The people involved in that murder case have sent threatening messages to me'

'A lady was gang-raped and stabbed multiple times until she gave up the ghost!'

'I understand that you are trying to fight for justice, but I want you to remember that there are a lot of lives at stake here'

'Then they should come for me. I am the one who covered the story, not you'

'For peace, just put down the story'

Agree with him
Disagree with him

'You are right. I will put down the story'

'But on one condition'

'Which is?'

'You won’t interfere in the further investigation I will conduct for this case'

'Okay then'

'What’s the point of us being journalists if we don’t inform the people about the atrocities in our city?'

'You will regret this decision of yours'

'They'll try to kill you'

'Well, let them try'

Mr. Jones angrily storms out of your office.

Later that evening, you are on your way to the dinner location Clark had sent you.

You notice that a car has been following yours ever since you left the office.

You finally arrive at your location. You turn and see the same car parked across the street.

Clark hugs you.

'This place is beautiful'

You both have dinner and discuss everything Mr. Jones told you with him.

'I need to make use of the restroom'

Immediately after Clark leaves for the restroom, you start hearing gunshots all over the place. You:


You immediately take cover under the table.

You remain there vibrating out of fear.

A huge man pushes the table and lifts you.

'You are the one we are looking for'

'How dare you write those things about us?'

You raise your hand.

'Can I ask a question?'

'What question?'

'Um… Who are you?'

'I am… asking… because I wrote about many criminals. No offense though'

'We are the ones involved in the gang-rape case!'

'Let go of my girlfriend!'

You say yes! Let go of his girlfriend!
Tell Clark not to interfere

You swallow a huge spit while fidgeting. Another huge man grabs Clark from behind.

'You are right, babe. We sound very rude'

'I think you should try and be more … respectful with the request'

'Umm… Please let go of my girlfriend…'

Clark puts on a fake smile showing his dentition.

The hitman immediately gives him a resounding slap.

The hitman slaps and pushes Clark, and he hits the wall.

Immediately, Clark tears off his shirt.

The heavy wind begins to blow, and Clark turns into Superman.

'I’m sorry you found out about it this way'

Clark starts beating the two men to a pulp. He went as far as to pour hot pepper sauce on them.

They try to escape. One of them turned around and looked at you, and waved.

'Would you like to join me to beat them?'

Say yes
Say no

You join Clark to beat them to a stupor.

You grab a seat and watch how Clark beats them.

A few minutes later, the police arrive and take them into custody.

You and Clark are sitting in the corner of the restaurant.

'Are you mad at me for not telling you?'

You say of course!!
You say no

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