You're A Baby Hyena Lost In The Woods: What Would You Do?

By  Selina
Published on   May 10, 2022

Test instructions:

You are a baby hyena named Kiraz. You live in the jungle with your family and are loved by everyone.

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'Today is your lucky day Kiraz, my dear sister'


'You and I will be going hunting.'

You repeatedly jumped with excitement.

Your brother and mother laugh out loud.

'That’s enough, Kiraz. You will hurt yourself.'

'I’m so happy, mother.'

'Kego, are you sure about Kiraz going with you?'

'Don’t be scared, mother. Nothing will happen to her.'

You and Kego head out to the nearby jungle to hunt.

'Now, the first rule of hunting'

'Make sure your prey doesn’t know you are close'

Ask how that's possible
Just say, Okay

'It would hear our footsteps.'

'If you are silent enough, it won’t.'

'Which means we have to be very careful'

'The second rule is the rule of camouflage'

'The third rule is the rule of speed'

'Speed! I love the sound of that'

'Your speed matters a lot in capturing your prey'

'You have to be fast and at the same time bright'

'Now, the last rule is the grip rule'

'Grip rule?'

'Yes… Make sure you grip your prey firmly because they can escape if you don’t'

'So what animal are we hunting today?'

'A gazelle. We're almost there'

'Look! There’s one over there!'

I see it!

'It seems like it’s the only one there'

'Just look straight ahead'

'We have to make sure that the coast is clear before doing anything'

'Stay here'

You stand still, feeling a bit scared, as Kego slowly moves around to ensure that the gazelle is alone.

'It seems like no one is with him'

The gazelle is engrossed in eating leaves, unaware that he is about to be killed.


'I'm scared'

'My father told me to not let fear get the best of me. I was scared my first time'

'The prey shouldn’t know that you are scared. I'm here to protect you too'

You both slowly move towards the gazelle.

'Kiraz, once you hear me giggle, grab the gazelle from behind, and I will attack'

I can't


'You can, just take a deep breath'

'The gazelle seems to be enjoying his food'

'Concentrate Kiraz'

Kego giggles loudly, and you instantly run and grip the gazelle from behind.

Kego immediately attacks the gazelle and bulges out his eyes.

'Good job Kiraz!'

You jump in excitement as Kego drags the gazelle with him.

'We have to go home now before it gets dark'

After some time of walking, you see heavy smoke ahead around the area you and Kego are in.

'Kego the forest is on fire!'

'Kiraz we have to leave here!'

You and Kego start running. Unfortunately, Kego’s foot gets hurt, and this affects his speed.

'Kego! You are bleeding!'

'Ah! Don’t worry about me. You have to save yourself'

'We will both die here if you don’t go'

You start crying.

'Look at me...'

'I promised mother that I would protect you'

'Don’t you ever forget that I love you'

'I… I love you too'

'Run Kiraz… Run!'

You run into another jungle and spend the night there.

The following day you wake up and see a Tiger looking at you.

Run away
Stand your ground

You start running, and Tiger chases you and catches up with you.

'Please don’t eat me'

'If I wanted to do that, I would have done that while you were sleeping'

'You are brave. I like that'

'I am Lamba. What’s your name?'

'I am Kiraz'

'Why are you here?'

'My brother and I came here to hunt, but there was a fire outbreak. The fire killed him'

'I am so sorry for your loss'

Lamba looks at you and notices that you are bleeding.

'Come, I will take you to my house and then have your wound treated'

Your tigers will eat me up!
Yes, thank you:

'You don’t have to be scared. No one will eat you'

'Besides, I live only with my wife and son'

You follow Lamba as he leads the way.

You get to Lamba’s house, blown away by the serene.

Lamba introduces you to his wife and his family.

'My parents are cool. You don’t have to be afraid'

You constantly hold on to the thought that you will reunite with your family.

As the months pass, you begin to lose faith in reuniting with your family.

You follow Lamba and Gael to go hunting in a nearby jungle.

Someone calls your name from behind you, and you look at the person.

'Oh, Mother?'

'My dear Kiraz!'

'Everyone believed that you were dead, but I knew you were alive'

'Lamda has been taking care of me'

'I am forever indebted to you for saving my little girl'

'Kiraz is a lovely and bright girl'

'She told us a lot about your family. It’s evident she was raised with so much love'

'You finally reunited with your family. It’s time to say our goodbyes'

Yes, it is
I’m not leaving this place

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