After Rejecting My Boss' Fiancé, I Was Maliciously Framed...

By  Selina
Published on   May 03, 2022

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You are Jade Wilmer. You live with your parents and younger brother. You are a high school graduate. Due to financial instability, you couldn’t attend university. To support your family, you work in a café.

Start To Test

You are currently in the café attending to customers.

'Good morning. What will you have?'

'I will have cookies and muffins.'

'Also add strawberry cake. It’s been a while since I had them.'

'Okay, sure.'

While you listen to the customers, a tall, light-skinned man with wavy hair walks in.


The man sits in a corner. A few minutes later, a lady joins him.

That must be his girlfriend. She’s lucky.

Mr. Grey walks in.

Mr. Grey is the fiancé of the owner of the Café you work in.

He has always disliked you ever since you turned down the offer of sleeping with him.

'Good morning, sir.'


He scowls at you and walks out.

An hour later, Miss Stacey, the owner of the Café, storms out.

'Where is my money?'

'Babe… I’m sure she’s the one that stole the money.'

'I kept $500 in the drawer, and suddenly it’s not there.'

'You are the only one that went to that drawer this morning.'

Yes, I saw the money
I didn't see any money

'But I never touched it. I just took the pen there and left.'

'You are lying!'

The customers gather around, and Miss Stacey opens your bag.

'This is my money!'

'That’s not my money.'

'You are the one who put the money in my bag, right?'

'How dare you accuse me?!'

Mr. Grey raises his hand to slap you.

The handsome man that walked in earlier stops him.

'And who are you?'

'A friend of the lady you were about to slap.'

'You are fired.'

Mr. Grey wears a vile smirk.

You leave the café and walk to a nearby park.

You sob repeatedly.

You look up, shocked.

'You are the guy from the café. Were you following me?'

Scott gives you a tissue and sits down beside you.

'What about your girlfriend?'

'The woman you were with at the café.'

Scott laughs.

'That was my younger sister.'

'How are you feeling?'

I'm fine
I feel bad

You just look down and sniffle.

You wipe off your tears.

'I have never felt so humiliated.'

'Now, I’m jobless…'

'Come, work with me.'

'I don’t even know you.'

'I am Scott Taylor from Chicago. I am the CEO of Taylor construction company.'

'I am currently looking for a secretary, and I think you are the perfect person for the job.'

You say:

Can I think about it?
I accept it!

'Yeah, sure, but don’t waste too much thinking about the offer.'


'We can talk about the details in my office tomorrow morning.'

'This is my card. It has my office number and address.'

Later that evening, you inform your family about everything that happened that day.

You arrive at Taylor construction company the following day and are blown away by the massive building structure.

You introduce yourself to the receptionist, and she directs you to Scott’s office.

'Mr. Scott, Miss Jade is here.'

'Jade, I’m glad you made it.'

'You will start working right away.'

'My former secretary, Ms. Garcia, will guide you.'

'I have a meeting now. I will hand you over to her.'

Scott introduces you to Mrs. Garcia.

'Good morning, dear. Welcome to Taylor Construction Company.'

'Why did you quit, if I may ask?'

'My husband and I are relocating to Europe. That’s why I quit.'

'That’s lovely.'

Mrs. Garcia takes you through the basics of being a secretary and also gives you the company’s files.

'Thank you very much for this. I will start working right away.'

'How is it going?'

'Pretty well.'

'That’s good. Feel free to let me know if there is an issue.'

'You have a stain on your cheek.'

Scott helps you wipe off the stain looking deep into your eyes.

The next day, you feel incredibly excited about going to work.

'Good morning, sir.'

'Good morning. I need the files for the seaport project.'

You email the project to Scott. A few minutes later, Scott comes to your desk.

'We are leaving.'

'We have to visit the seaport. As my secretary, I need you there.'

You both carefully inspect the seaport. Scott takes you on tour around the sea.

You notice the way Scott looks at you with so much love, making you a bit shy.

You sharply turn around and accidentally hit your head on the iron behind you.


You could see the sincere concern for you in his eyes. You could feel his intense care for you.

'You should be more careful next time. What would I have done if something happened to you?'

'I will be more careful next time. Thanks.'

As the weeks pass, the bond between you and Scott becomes stronger.

You are at your desk working, and Scott walks up to you.

'Don’t go anywhere after work hours.'

'I want to take you to a special place.'

In the evening, Scott takes you to a place decorated with roses and lilies.

'Wow… This place is lovely.'

'But not compared to your beauty.'

You blush.

Scott slowly takes your hand and places it on his.

'I am not the type of man that easily expresses his feelings.'

'Since the day I set my eyes on you at the café, you stole my heart.'

'I decided to keep quiet about my feelings for you all this while because I was scared.'

'But I decided to muster the courage and ask…'

'Jade Wilmer, will you be my girlfriend?'

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