After Rejecting My Boss' Fiancé, I Was Maliciously Framed...

By  Selina
Published on   03, 2022

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You are Jade Wilmer. You live with your parents and younger brother. You are a high school graduate. Due to financial instability, you couldn’t attend university. To support your family, you work in a café.

Start To Test

You are currently in the café attending to customers.

'Good morning. What will you have?'

'I will have cookies and muffins.'

'Also add strawberry cake. It’s been a while since I had them.'

'Okay, sure.'

While you listen to the customers, a tall, light-skinned man with wavy hair walks in.


The man sits in a corner. A few minutes later, a lady joins him.

That must be his girlfriend. She’s lucky.

Mr. Grey walks in.

Mr. Grey is the fiancé of the owner of the Café you work in.

He has always disliked you ever since you turned down the offer of sleeping with him.

'Good morning, sir.'


He scowls at you and walks out.

An hour later, Miss Stacey, the owner of the Café, storms out.

'Where is my money?'

'Babe… I’m sure she’s the one that stole the money.'

'I kept $500 in the drawer, and suddenly it’s not there.'

'You are the only one that went to that drawer this morning.'

Yes, I saw the money
I didn't see any money

Wait a moment, your result is coming soon