How do you choose a new life when you become an abandoned dog?

By  Selina
Published on   May 01, 2022

Test instructions:

You are a dog named Esra. You live with an ill-tempered woman who enjoys venting out her frustrations on you. To be precise, your real owner is her mother but she passed away. After the death of your owner, you were left in the care of your owner’s daughter until you accidentally broke a flower vase and kicked out of the house.

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Being kicked out of the house, you don’t know where to go. You decided:

Bark at the door
Go out to find something to eat

After some minutes of barking, Lucy, your owner, storms out in rage.

'I can’t even have a peaceful sleep in my own home?'

You continue barking, hoping she will understand that you are hungry.

'You are hungry, right?'

'You won’t get any food tonight!'

Lucy gets back inside and locks the door.

What do I do now? I’m starving.

I’m so hungry. I wonder where I would get food by this time of the night.

You look ahead and see a trash can. You quickly go to the trash can to scavenge for food.

I think this piece of bone will be enough for the night.

You eat the bone and return home.

You pace around the house to see if there is a place to sneak in

I guess I have no choice but to sleep at the doorstep.

You squeeze yourself onto the floor of the doorstep and sleep.

The following day, Lucy wakes you by pouring a cold bucket of water on you.

Bark at her
Jump around the garden

You start barking at Lucy feeling enraged.

'Esra! You are ruining my flowers!'

'How dare you sleep here?!'

'What if I had visitors?'

She’s more concerned about visitors seeing me than my health?

Lucy throws two pieces of bone at you. Feeling very hungry, you quickly eat them.

'Wow… you sure are famished.'

Lucy goes into the house and brings more food for you to eat.

You wiggle your tail in excitement and start eating.

Immediately after eating, you fall into a profound sleep.

After sleeping for hours, you wake up feeling very tired.

You look behind you and see a white hairy dog behind you.

'Who are you?'

'I’m Lisa, your cage mate.'

'Where is this place?'

'You're in the biggest dog shelter in town'

'Dog shelter? Where's Lucy?'

'Who is Lucy?'

Lisa giggles and walks close to you.

'She must have gone.'

That's not possible
How did I get here?

'Trust me, it’s very possible.'

'From the way you were deep asleep, it’s evident that you were sedated.'

She must have added sedatives to my food.

'How long have you been here?'

'This will be my second week here.'

At this time, a woman stood beside you and whistled

'Why is she whistling?'

'It’s time for lunch.'

The woman pours the food into the plate in front of you. A bulldog is coming this way

'Darn it! Kala is coming your way.'

'She is one of the most feared dogs in this shelter.'

'Looks like we have a new member.'

Be friendly with Kala
Remain silent

'Hi… I’m Esra.'

Kala barks at you, and you move back swiftly.

Kala barks at you, and you move back swiftly.

Kala kicks your food away.

'Why would you do that?!'

'How dare you challenge me?'

Bark at Kala
Sit down quietly

'That was my food!'

Kala starts lunging forward, and you remain still and rigid.

'You are brave, and I like that.'

Kala turns around and leaves.

'No one has ever dared to talk to Kala the way you did.'

You show your teeth and growl, feeling very scared.

'Don’t you dare challenge me next time.'

'She is going to make my stay a living hell. She is worse than Lucy.'

A few weeks later, a woman visits the shelter to adopt a dog. The woman starts patting your head.

'You are such a lovely dog.'

She turns to the man she came with.

'Babe… I love this dog. I think we should adopt her.'

She looks at you.

'If you want to live with us, wiggle your tail.'

Don't wiggle
Attack her
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