When Bella Was Pregnant

By  Selina
Published on   Apr 25, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Bella Swan. You are married to one of the most powerful vampires in Forks, Edward Cullen, and also heavily pregnant from him.

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'Do you want anything?'

Nah I'm good

'I’m having this intense craving for human blood.'

'What! That’s not possible.'

'You are pregnant. You can’t take human blood.'

'You won’t insist?'

'Babe, you said you didn’t want anything.'

You break down in tears. Edward looks at you, completely perplexed.

'Babe… Please stop crying.'

'You don’t love me anymore.'

'That’s not true. I love you so much.'

'Your hormones are getting the best of you.'

Edward gently rubs your stomach.

'Don’t touch me!'

You storm out to the garden and see Alice, Edward's sister.

'Bella, what’s wrong?'

'I don’t know… I don’t even know why I’m crying.'

Alice joins you to start crying. You look at Alice.

'Why are you crying?'

'I don’t know.'

'I have a surprise for you.'

You and Alice instantly stop crying.

'Bella once told me that she would love to have a cozy house in the woods.'

'I did my research and bought one!'

'You are joking, right?'

'I’m not.'

'Oh my! You are the best!'

You hug Edward.

'Can you take me there?'

'Okay, fine. Let’s go.'

'Have fun!'

'Why don’t we spend the night there? It’s been a while since we’ve been alone.'

'Oh wow… that’s a good idea.'

Edward continues driving.

'Babe… It seems like we’ve passed this route before.'

'I’m meant to have turned right somewhere but still haven’t.'

Maybe it's still ahead.
You don’t know the routes?

'I don’t think so but let’s continue.'

'Of course I do.'

'We have already gone far. Is it possible to go back now?'

'I don’t even know where we are.'

Just continue

'It’s a prank, right?'

'I’m not joking.'

'Because of you, my unborn baby and I are lost in the woods.'

'Don’t you get tired of crying?'

Edward continues to drive but finds it difficult getting out of the woods.

You hear a loud bang from the car’s rear, and the car stops immediately.

'Amidst all places, the engine decided to stop working when we got to a cliff?'

Edward opens the bonnet of the car but looks confused.

Edward bites his lips and squints.

'How does a grown man not know how to fix his car?!'

'I’m a vampire, not a mechanic!'

'I’m sure my baby in the womb knows how to fix a car.'

'How would you know?'

You clear your throat and blink your eyes rapidly.

Um… Motherly instincts…
Don’t ask me that!

'Yeah, right.'

Edward blows out air through his mouth.

You and Edward search the trunk but find nothing.

'Oh fuck!'

'What’s wrong?!'

'My…My water just broke.'

'Let’s get you to the car.'

You and Edward turn around to find out that the car has gone missing.

'Where is our car?!'

'Stop screaming. You are going to force the baby out!'

You and Edward slowly walk to the cliff’s edge and realize that car rolled off the cliff when you slammed the trunk.

'I’m having contractions!'

'Hold my hand and relax.'

Edward brings out his phone but notices that there is no signal.

'I will have to give birth to the baby here!'

'Get the baby bag on the back seat.'

Edward quickly lays you on the floor and grabs the bag.

'Now, you will have to help me give birth to this baby.'

'Pff… No way. I don’t know how to do it.'

I know you can.
Do you want me to die?

'You’ve watched many videos, and you’ve read many books about it.'

'Of course not!'

'Um…I read something about the vertical and horizontal incisions.'

'Okay… Push!'

You scream and grind your teeth.

You use all your energy to push out the baby.

You immediately hear a loud baby cry.

'My… my baby.'

'She’s so beautiful.'

A few hours later, Edward finally gets a signal on his phone and informs Alice about the whole situation.

Alice finds you and takes you all home.

Everyone is astonished by the baby’s beauty.

After much consideration, you both announce the baby’s name to be Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

'So, do you still want to live in the woods?'

Of course!
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