Caroline's Choice: Ghost Mom VS True Mom

By  Nidhi
Published on   Apr 23, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Coraline Jones and you have just moved into your new house at the Pink Palace Apartments.

Start To Test

'Where are Mom and Dad? I think they are at work. Like always!!

Gosh, I wish they would spend some time with me, their daughter!!'

'Hi Coraline! I am Wybie, your neighbor. Nice to meet you.

I saw you yesterday and immediately thought about a doll in my grandmother's trunk. Here you can have it.'

The doll creeps you out instantly but you are surprised at its resemblance to you. You take it and keep it by your bedside.

'Hmm, I am so tired. At least I love this new bed...

But that stupid noise coming from my bedside table won't let me sleep. What is it? Huh!! Is that.... the doll??'

Investigate the doll.
Go back to sleep.

'Come Coraline, come here I want to show you something.'

You keep your eyes shut and try to sleep. Soon you fall asleep and start dreaming.

The doll leads you to your living room, where behind a cupboard it points to a portal. You step through it, and go to the Other World.

In your dream, the doll takes you to your living room where a portal exists behind a cupboard. As you pass through the portal, you realize it wasn't a dream but you were actually sleepwalking!!

You are in the Other World now!!

'Oh. My. God. I don't believe it!! Is this real? Am I really in a parallel universe?

This house looks like ours.... What is inside, I wonder....'

'Hello, my sweet Coraline! Why don't you take a seat? Dinner is almost ready.

Look, I made your favorite chicken roast....'

'Mother? What are you doing here? And why are there buttons in place of your eyes?'

'Darling, I am your Other Mother. I live here in the Other World, and I promise you I will take better care of you than your mother back in the real world.'

Let Other Mother take care of you.
Defend your real mother and argue.

'Okay, Other Mother! That chicken roast does smell delicious!! Mother is always busy working so she never has time to cook for me.'

'My mother takes very good care of me! Don't say anything about her.'

'I know, my poor child! But don't worry, I don't work so I can spend all my time cooking for you and taking care of you.'

'Then why is she never there when you want to spend time with her?

Come on now child, let's eat together. The food is getting cold.'

You spend a wonderful time with Other Mother and then go back to the real world. You wake up the next day still amazed by the happenings of the previous night.

You eat with Other Mother and have a great time. Then you go back to the real world and go to sleep. You wake up the next day still amazed at the happenings of previous night.

'I can't believe it wasn't all a dream! I wish to see Other Mother again. She was so kind to me.'

'Coraline, you're getting late for school! Let's go...'

'Mom, why do you always have to be so strict? I don't want to go to school today.'

'I am strict because I love you Coraline. I don't work all day for myself, both daddy and I do it so you will have a better future.

A good mother must save her child from going astray. Now get ready....'

'I don't care about all these parenting advice. I just want a mother who spends time with me and cooks me my favorite food and lets me do whatever I want!'

Go back to the Other World.
Stay in real world.

'Welcome again, my child! I am so glad you came back to see me. Your Other Father waits for you as well.'

'Oh how I wish I could see Other Mother one more time!

Maybe she would cook me something delicious again....'

'I have so much fun every time I'm here. Thanks for having me, Other Mother! Other Father!'

You fall asleep in your bed and start dreaming of Other Mother.

'You know Coraline, you can have fun all your life! Why don't you let me sow buttons on your eyes and then you can be a part of this Other World forever?!'

'Hello, my love. I came to visit you as you didn't come to see me...

I miss you too just like you miss me. I have a plan so you can join me forever.'

Other Mother grabs your hand and you realize she has pulled you into the Other World.

'Other Mother, I am scared. I want to go back to the real world. I want to see my mother again!'

'No! You shall not. You will stay here.'

She traps you behind a mirror, and you find yourself surrounded by several other ghosts.

'Don't try to escape Coraline, or Beldam will kill your parents.'

The Beldam is actually Wybie's long-lost great aunt, who created the Other World.

She makes a deal with you that if you find the essence of all the trapped souls then you and your parents will be released.

'I did everything you asked. Now release us.'

The Beldam and Other Mother trick you and release your parents back into the real world, trapping you forever.

But your mother returns and attacks the Beldam.

'Coraline, are you okay? I am here to get you. I won't return without you.'

Mother hits Beldam with the magical doll, overpowering her.

'Give me back my child. I won't leave without her!'

Grab mother's hand and escape Other World.
Stay in Other World.
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