If You Were Caroline, Would You Choose 'Ghost Mom' Or 'Real Mom'?

By  Nidhi
Published on   23, 2022

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You are Coraline Jones and you have just moved into your new house at the Pink Palace Apartments.

Start To Test

'Where are Mom and Dad? I think they are at work. Like always!!

Gosh, I wish they would spend some time with me, their daughter!!'

'Hi Coraline! I am Wybie, your neighbor. Nice to meet you.

I saw you yesterday and immediately thought about a doll in my grandmother's trunk. Here you can have it.'

The doll creeps you out instantly but you are surprised at its resemblance to you. You take it and keep it by your bedside.

'Hmm, I am so tired. At least I love this new bed...

But that stupid noise coming from my bedside table won't let me sleep. What is it? Huh!! Is that.... the doll??'

Investigate the doll.
Go back to sleep.

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