If Snow White Was A "Road Idiot"···

By  Nidhi
Published on   Apr 21, 2022

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Test instructions:

I used to be the most beloved Snow White in the kingdom

Until the death of the mother, the father married a new wife and became the new queen···

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When my stepmother tried to kill me again and again, I was hidden deep in the forest by a soft-hearted hunter.

Hide kids! I can only help you so far

After saying this, the hunter left quickly, but...

Wait a moment! The whole kingdom knows that I am a 'road idiot', at least, please tell me where to go!!!

I am so scared! I just wish to be away from the Queen.…

I should…

Stay where I am!
Look around the forest
Hide in a tree like a monkey...

I'm sitting under a tree, but soon to hear a queen's soldier coming for me!
I have to leave quickly!!!

Walking deep into the forest, I felt like I was about to escape from the forest...
I'm such a genius, look! I feel like I'm leaving this damn place in no time!

But I'm a 'road nerd' and I've been lost in the deep forest all day.

Just when I was about to faint from hunger, I inadvertently came to a fork in the road...

Every intersection leads to a different place, and every road looks mysterious, even dangerous

Although I'm at a loss, but I have to make a choice! What should I do?

Go to the hut on the far left
Cross the river and go to the mansion
Choose the well-traveled path
Go to the relatively wide road on the far right

Your destiny has changed with your choice, click to view the ending:

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